Reader Poll: What Does the Future Hold for Chaka Fattah?

Chaka-FattahCongressman Chaka Fattah has found himself in a bit of trouble lately.

Last summer, his ex-Chief of Staff plead guilty to campaign finance fraud. In October, the Daily News published an in-depth study showing Rep. Fattah steered $5.8 million in government funds to his associates.

Finally, the Inquirer published this week an investigation into one of the Congressman’s non-profit schools.

While no fire has been found, there is plenty of smoke.

Already rumors have surfaced that the Congressman could resign although it’s not clear he would give up his seat so easily.

Given all that’s transpired and been revealed over the last few months, we ask our readers whether Congressman Fattah will survive the year.

Will Rep. Chaka Fattah still be in Congress one year from now?

  • No (72%)
  • Yes (28%)

Total Voters: 499

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December 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Congress, Features, Front Page Stories, Poll, Top Stories | 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Reader Poll: What Does the Future Hold for Chaka Fattah?”

  1. DayLight says:

    So now the Republican candidate Armond James has to lie in wait until the next election. But at least he’s not idle:

  2. Doug says:

    sharing a room with his son perhaps?

  3. Upson Downs says:

    “Should be” and “will be” are different – this is PA after all.

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