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Reader Poll: What’s Next for the General Assembly?

pa capitolGovernor Tom Corbett signed the $2.3 billion transportation funding bill last week, freeing up the General Assembly to dive into another legislative battle.

Republicans decried the tax increases and Democrats bemoaned the change in prevailing wage law, but once they are done licking their wounds, they’ll have to take up another bill.

Could it be another juggernaut, like liquor privatization? or pension reform? Or will they go after socially touchy subjects, like the 20 week abortion ban? or require schools to display “In God We Trust?”

We want to know what you think, vote below.

What will be the next major legislative item for the General Assembly?

  • Pension reform (36%)
  • Liquor privatization (26%)
  • UPMC/Highmark resolution (16%)
  • "In God We Trust" requirement (11%)
  • 20 week abortion ban (5%)
  • School vouchers (5%)
  • Electoral College changes (3%)

Total Voters: 399

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12 Responses

  1. Surely people voted based on what the legislature should do, rather than what it will do. Election years and controversial or expensive fixes are never compatible. “In God We Trust” is a hot button issue for right wingers and a safe priority for Republicans. Rick Saccone, the moralist of the House, will be a popular man in right-wing circles for his “courageous” stand for God (LOLOLOL, in case you don’t get the joke). Typical Republican strategy, focus on hot button issues for the right and ignore the many critical issues facing Pennsylvanians. PA House mirrors the U.S. House in its do-nothing strategy. Hopefully voters respond and boot them out!!

  2. For M.R. Birkos – you need to look at the Gallup poll again. The real number is 30% who drink at least once a week not the 10% you claim. Any bias for using a false lower number?

  3. TJS… that wouldn’t happen to stand for Thomas Joel Smith, former candidate for United States Senate, would it?

  4. They probably will go back to doing what they have done best, that being nothing. They will spend the next two months congratulating themselves on the passing of the Transportation Tax Increase

  5. The Franklin & Marshall polls from 2013 show school funding and jobs are at the top of the list for the majority of Pennsylvanians. Liq priv is a concern for less than 9%, which figure dovetails nicely with Gallop polls which indicate less than 10% use liquor more than once/week. So why is liq priv on top of this poll? Any bias here?

  6. Might I humbly suggest a legislative rescue for the PAGOP in Montgomery County. Why after recent unfortunate circumstances hasn’t the MONTCO GOP been able to find a qualified woman to lead the GOP in this voter rich county filled with Universities, fund managers, and Law firms (OOPS!). The answer friends is that PAGOP WOMEN whether they are COS GROMIS-Baker, PA First Lady Suzy Corbett or PAGOP CommitteeWoman Christine Toretti have alot of RINO blood in them. They can’t be trusted. You heard of the GODFATHER-Did you ever hear of the GODMOTHER? Females in Montgomery County are unreliable Republicans. Quite frankly, they can take all the Anstine classes that are offered by duped PAGOP donors but these Cavegirls are barely one step above Log Cabin Republicans in the PAGOP evolutionary table. POWER, POWER TO BabyCaveman Mike Vereb. Montco lawmaker expected to become GOP chairman

  7. Pension reform will never happen.
    The abortion ban should happen but won’t.
    School Vouchers should also happen but won’t.
    Electoral colleg changes are foolish.
    Only thing more foolish than electoral college changes is the “in god we trust” bill.

    I think Liquor is on tap (pardon the pun) with Chuck McIlhinney’s bill making it thru 1 house and never being brought up for a vote in the house. The pressure is on Turzai to accomplish anything positive for Corbett. He fumbled liquor before with a bill for the big box retailers and will need to get something passed. The McIlhinney bill would accomplish the one thing most people have said they want, convenience.

  8. Let’s see, what’s next for the Harrisburg General Assembly…

    – Right-Wing Wet Dream No. 1
    – Right-Wing Wet Dream No. 2
    – Right-Wing Wet Dream No. 3
    – Right-Wing Wet Dream No. 4
    or Right-Wing Wet Dream No. 5

    Notice how none of the options listed are “jobs” or “health care” for more people. It’s to the point now where there’s little use fighting Harrisburg’s backwardness, because they’re just going to do it anyway. The only thing to do is brace for the impact and hope that they’ll either mess it up themselves or that it won’t be as bad as it seems (although it’s usually worse). Until there’s a Democratic governor that can veto all of this BS, there’s nothing we can do about any of it.

  9. Pension reform is certainly the most important but the citizens have wanted rid of the PLCB for at least 4 decades. At some point you have to listen to the people. It isn’t like reinventing the wheel, take the best parts of what the majority of states are doing, better regulate and enforce the other and allow Pennsylvanian’s the freedom of choice that they deserve.

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    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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