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Reader Poll: When Do You Think We’ll Have a Budget?

wolf-budget addressGovernor Tom Corbett made delivering his budgets on time a crusade.

Despite sacrificing treasured proposals and racing to beat the clock, the ex-Gov did miss the June 30th deadline in his final year.

That was when we had an united government in Harrisburg. What will happen now under a divided government?

Apparently, Governor Wolf is not as concerned with the deadline as his predecessor and views a delay as likely.

“I’m planning on spending the summer here,” Wolf told Angela Couloumbis earlier this month. “And the fall, and the winter.”

Yet, as Brad Bumsted recently chronicled, Gov. Wolf’s outreach to legislators has so far been much more persistent than Corbett’s and could ultimately prove more effective.

Given the current situation, we decided to ask our readers when they believe a budget will finally be signed by the new Governor.

When Do You Think We’ll Have a Budget Signed?

  • September or later (35%)
  • August (28%)
  • July (28%)
  • June (9%)
  • May (1%)

Total Voters: 449

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2 Responses

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  2. If the Republicans cave on another tax increase after the Highway and Marcellus Shale tax increases, I think they may find a very annoyed base. Tom Wolf appears to me to be an principled Leftist ideologue and cannot, in his good conscience, back down.

    So the non-essential part of government closes; who will notice or care? In fact, those of us who have to pay for government may see this as an effective to reduce government spending. Who knows? The Governor may have figured out that if he shuts down government, and does not pay retroactively, he can save enough to pay for his favored programs and reward his favored donors. No one has said the Gov is stupid.

  • Do you agree that ByteDance should be forced to divest TikTok?

    • Yes. It's a national security risk. (60%)
    • No. It's an app used by millions and poses no threat. (40%)
    • What's ByteDance? (0%)

    Total Voters: 30

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