Reader Poll: Which Dem Commonwealth Court candidate will be the top vote-getter?

seal_commonwealth - 001469The primary is fast approaching and campaigns want to finish in the top spot to secure a good ballot position.  

So we put the question to you, which Dem Commonwealth Court candidate will be the top vote-getter?


Which Dem Commonwealth Court candidate will be the top vote-getter?

  • Todd Eagen (50%)
  • Judge Joseph Cosgrove (29%)
  • Judge Ellen Ceisler (12%)
  • State Rep. Bryan E. Barbin (4%)
  • Irene McLaughlin Clark (3%)
  • Timothy Barry (1%)

Total Voters: 996

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15 Responses

  1. Still wondering if all of these are licensed and listed on the state’s website for attorneys. Some must have changed their names.

  2. Well State committee is a joke. As is the statewide party @voteeagen. Go to the northwest and see if they care if the State party endorsed…. They don’t…

  3. The State bar association has Highly endorsed Cosgrove- the only Dem to get that endorsement. Because Eagenn has such a good backing from labor groups I suggest a Cosgrove- Eagen vote.

  4. @study the race. 2015 had a singular candidate from SWPA and the tide was different then. Eagen has support in Allegheny Co. and many other SW counties (one of which mine) which he did not in 2015. I have never seen a candidate (Eagen) travel so much across the Commonwealth not only during this cycle, but for the past 2 years. After the 2015 Primary, where he lost, he was the only candidate to show to Summer Committee and promote the primary ticket. That is heart!

    He is doing what a state-wide should, ask for the people to vote for him face-to-face – something some of the ‘west’ candidates are not doing. “Look it up”….is all I got to say to that one…

    This race will be close, but it has to be defined on which candidate is best for the court, not from where they live. that is silly. If PA wants change, wants promise and wants to ensure that our values are protected then look at bio’s, look at numbers, look at what the State Part thinks (via slate) and look at your gut! It’s time that PA chooses qualified and endorsed candidates. Period. This should have been decided at State Committee, but it wasn’t, so now its our choice – I say choose Eagen and Ceisler.

  5. Todd Eagen was endorsed by State Committee by 85% of the voting body. He has been endorsed by numerous counties across the Commonwealth of PA. He has been a Labor Attorney for over 20 years representing 35,000 union members and working families. He is recommended by the PA Bar Association. He is respected by his peers for his hard work and civility. He is moral fit and has the integrity that we need to represent all of us as a member on this court. We need to go out and tell our family and friends and neighbors and people we meet in the grocery store at the gas station and everyone we meet everywhere that we know Todd Eagen and he is the one to elect. I’m Voting for Todd Eagen.

  6. Eagen deserves to be one of the two Democratic Candidates. He is experienced, and he is working hard for this. I look how hard they work and he has exceeded my expectations. He was the only one endorsed at State Committee, that speaks volumes.

  7. I’m voting for Eagen and Cosgrove. They are knowledgable, hard working, and both have high integrity.

  8. All of these are licensed attorneys, listed on the state’s website? Or not all?

  9. Dont you guys realize that Clark and Barry are going to win? look at any election where it is West v. East (not Philly during a mayoral).look at 2015

  10. I’m voting Eagen and Eagen only. He deserves every Democrats vote. I never saw a candidate work so hard, plus he is qualified and the only one endorsed by State Committee. He got the morals ad integrity we need in a judge.

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