Reader Poll: Which Dem for Guv Will Go Negative First?

democrat_donkey_logo-240x30Lots of Democrats have wonderful things to say about their own records, and none is shy about criticizing Gov. Tom Corbett, but which one is likely to take the first shot in the primary?

We’re not talking about a few sharp words here and there. We’re talking about a concerted, sustained effort by one candidate against another specific candidate. Maybe even with some money behind it.

What do you think?

Which Dem for Governor Will Go Negative First?

  • Allyson Schwartz (40%)
  • Rob McCord (23%)
  • Tom Wolf (11%)
  • John Hanger (9%)
  • Katie McGinty (6%)
  • Mike Stack (4%)
  • Ed Pawlowski (4%)
  • Jo Ellen Litz (3%)
  • Max Myers (1%)

Total Voters: 409

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7 Responses

  1. I don’t get it. Schwartz is unknown outside of the Philly area. Ask an average voter who she is in Western Pa and they don’t know. Western Pennsylvania voters are different than Philadelphians, it’s about time someone recgonizes that and you need to stop thinking that delco and montgo counties decide elections in this state. There are 65 other counties in this state with different voters. It’s about time you start to evaluate whether Schwartz has appeal in Western Pa.

  2. McCord would be able to get things done as a governor. Shwartz will not, her Gosnell Bagagge will hound her and hurt her thru the “T” in a primary. Also SWPA is leaning farther to the red then it has ever before so her leftist record will turn that region off. Without a massive turnout in Phialdelphia and Pittsburgh she will struggle. This is on top of the crowded field will give McCord a great shot at the nomination.

    More importantly McCord is respected in Harrisburg and is a guy that both parties can work with. Unlike Corbett he could really get an agenda to pass.

  3. The biggest reservation supporters of McCord have is that he will be “nice” and not go negative enough. (Though, I’ve brought this up directly to them and been assured Rob is not afraid to get tough.)

    Schwartz’s team strikes me as more aggressive, so I think they’ll go negative earlier to “clear the field”.

    Also, Allyson gave up her seat and is “all in”. If Rob loses the primary, he’s still Treasurer. So, she’s got more at stake.

  4. Why would Allyson Schwartz go negative being the front-runner with not even a close 2nd place candidate behind her? Name recognition for the win!

  5. McCord has the most to lose, and is the only serious challenge at this point to Schwartz.He will have to knock her down early or she will keep on leading the race.

  6. Hanger has already gone negative against Max Myers, but since both of them don’t count as legitimate candidates, I’ll say McCord

  7. Tom Wolf because he has the most to gain. I am still not totally sold McCord will enter the race or bow out early.

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