Reader Poll: Which Dem Will Win AG Nom?

Republicans won’t have the statewide primary action completely to themselves on April 24. Democrats must choose between Kathleen Kane, a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County, and Patrick Murphy, a former Congressman from Bucks County. Who do you think will prevail?

The GOP candidate will be Dave Freed, the District Attorney of Cumberland County.

Who will win the Dem primary for Attorney General?

  • Patrick Murphy (71%)
  • Kathleen Kane (29%)

Total Voters: 995

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25 Responses

  1. We need an attorney general who will both support a woman’s right to choose and has a good chance at winning a general election. Murphy has just as much litigious experience (in JAG), but also has grassroots fundraising support!

  2. MURPHY for A.G.! Hands down, he is best qualified to go up against the Republican candidate and win.

    He has the integrity, spirit and energy to win the race, and then get right to work for the people of Pennsylvania. I like his motto: Tough. Honest. Effective.

    Murphy will be great for PA.

  3. When Patrick was in Congress proud and glad he was from my state-Pa. Obviously for ALL persons:: Alice in Pgh

  4. Patrick Murphy is, and always has been, nothing more than a Soros/Progressive/Unions-owned front person. PA needs an honest AG, not a “yes man” to special interests.

  5. Lois,

    Refusing to vote for an Ethics investigation of Kuchera Industries on SEVERAL occasions is precisely why Mr. Murphy should not be attorney general. He lacked the fortitude to vote in favor of investigating his friends, for whom he earmarked millions of dollars. As you know, Kuchera was barred by the Navy.

    This type of behavior is unacceptable in the AG office.

    This same type of behavior would assuredly con

  6. Murphy served honorably in both the military and in congress. However, I am confident that Kane is the better candidate for this position because of her experience in the Pennsylvania justice system and her personal perspective on matters facing the people of Pennsylvania. I am not confident that Murphy is truly after this particular position; I fear he is being used by the powers that be as the currently anointed darling of the party without appropriate respect for the office he is seeking or his electability in the general election.

  7. Murphy demonstrated he is exactly the wrong guy for the job by some of his actions in Congress.

  8. Patrick Murphy has consistently stood up for progressive values. Kane’s husbands company is anti-union. Can we trust her to stand up to Corbett and the GOP if they try and take a page out of Scott Walker’s play book? And as for prosecutorial experience, Kane claims to have prosecuted over 3000 cases. This is a fabrication since most of her time as an ADA was part time. She handled mostly open and shut cases. The idea that she can beat Freed is comical. Murphy knows how to win a tough race and has the name ID, organization, and record to do so. Kane has her personal wealth. You can’t buy the election. At some point you to show you have the skill to win it.

  9. Anyone who elects the Attorney General based on their prosecutorial talent is horribly misguided. The Attorney General needs to hire good prosecutors, manage them well, and set an agenda that fits the goals of the office and will of the people. This idea that we need an AG who can win a case in the courtroom with their bare hands is incredibly short-sighted. We need vision, passion, fortitude, and solid management. Murphy is the only candidate of the three in this race who’s proven he can accomplish all four in the big leagues.

    Tom Corbett was an ineffective manager with misguided, political priorities. I believe that the accomplishments of Patrick’s short-time in Congress illustrate his abilities to surround himself with good people and get the job done for everyone. I believe Kane is a competent prosecutor who Patrick should hire, as we can hire great lawyers, but we need to start electing better leaders.

  10. TJ – Murphy is a blue dog democrat. Murphy’s supporters seem more concerned about having their own political shill in the AG office.

    One of the problems with Murphy is that too much of his “experience” is outside the state, including his Bar Exam.

    Murphy is the pick of politicians who expect him to look the other way.

  11. Pat Murphy wouldn’t have given the AG office a second thought if he had won his last Congressional election. He is a career politician who is supported by career politicians. I am tired of seeing these insiders take our state for a ride. Kane is a prosecutor who can actually win in the General election.

  12. Anyone who thinks Patrick Murphy does not have the experience in Pennsylvania as the best candidate to be the next Attorney General of Pennsylvania has not done their research. Kathleen Kane’s experience does not go beyond the borders of Pennsylvania; whereas Patrick Murphy’s experience has been within the State and the borders extending around the World as a Veteran who served in Iraq, and fighting for justice in Washington, D.C.

  13. Not one elected Attorney General has tried a case as Pennsylvania Attorney General in more than 30 years (Kelly, Corbett, Pappert, Fisher, Preate, etc.). The District Attorney does not try cases in the larger counties either. Kathleen Kane won’t try a single case, neither will David Freed.

    The job of Pennsylvania Attorney General is administrative and deals with criminal justice policy. Let’s be honest, Kathleen Kane was but a line prosecutor in one of the counties and nothing more. She has basically no administrative or criminal justice policy experience.

    If she wants to be a Deputy Attorney General, great for her, I’m sure she would do fine. But that isn’t what she is running for. If not for her husband’s personal wealth, she wouldn’t be a serious candidate. Even with her husband’s wealth, she will lose the primary by 20%.

    That’s just the way it is.

  14. Patrick Murphy is by far the Democratic Party’s best best candidate to defeat Dave Freed in the general election and finally win the AG’s office for the Dems. Clearly the party is energized around Murphy because he’s out raised Kane 3 to 1. Murphy is a proven DEMOCRAT. Kane still has to answer some questions regrading her party loyalty. And lets not forget, Patrick Murphy has prosecuted tough cases before and he’s consistently defended the people of this Commonwealth and our country.

  15. Tom, serving in military does not qualify Murphy for AG. He needs real courtroom experience as a prosecutor.

  16. I will have to wait until I hear from the NRA.

    Being Gay I lean towards Patrick Murphy but I have no idea of his stand on Gun Rights. I also have no idea of the stand on the others and how they will support the rights of gun owners.

  17. Patrick Murphy all the way! As a woman and a military family, there isn’t a candidate out there that shares the same values!

  18. Patrick Murphy never did a trial in PA because he was never stationed here. He did trials in New York, North Carolina, Bosnia and Baghdad – that’s good enough for me!

    Besides, the AG doesn’t try cases themselves. Kane won’t, Murphy won’t, Freed won’t. The AG manages the office and sets the priorities. I like Murphy’s priorities, so he has my vote.

  19. To those who say Murphy isn’t qualified to be AG because he didn’t serve as a local DA, sorry that serving his country makes him unqualified…. ’cause that’s what you’re saying. Instead of going to work as a local DA, Patrick VOLUNTEERED to serve his country in the military. That’s where he got his prosecution experience. I’d rather have that kind of experience than just about any other experience.

  20. I am hoping that Ms. Kane wins this race. She has the credentials for the job. Mr. Murphy talks as if this job is the same as being a legislator.
    He also taylors his message instead of being straight forward with his beliefs. Having witnessed this first hand; I am not impressed!

  21. Patrick Murphey enjoys STRONG support among young Democratic voters because he was instrumental of moving the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” through the house. He is also our proud Iraq War Veteran.

  22. Patrick Murphy is by far the best candidate for AG – I hope he wins the nomination!

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