Reader Poll: Which GOP Superior Court Candidate Will be the Top Vote-Getter?

pagopThe primary is fast approaching and campaigns want to finish in the top spot to secure a good ballot position.  

So we put the question to you, which GOP Superior Court candidate will be the top vote-getter?



Which GOP Superior Court candidate will be the top vote-getter?

  • Craig Stedman (34%)
  • Judge Wade Kagarise (32%)
  • Judge Emil Giordano (30%)
  • Judge Paula Patrick (3%)
  • Judge Mary Murray (2%)

Total Voters: 3,413

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33 Responses

  1. Wade Kagarise is a person of true integrity. He follows the laws and the constitution, does not see race, color or religion and will represent all Pennsylvanians equally. He seeks no fame nor fortune but believes and follows through with what is right and just. He has incredible experience and is versed in all aspects of the law. All Pennsylvanians should believe in this candidate as he is truly a very good and decent person who will serve us well.

  2. Emil Giordano is the type of person that we need on the Superior Court, he is ethical, fair, hardworking, and just an all around great guy. It is very rare that you find a man as smart and knowledgeable about the law but also down to earth and fun to hangout with. The people of Pennsylvania would be crazy not to elect Judge Emil Giordano to the Superior Court.

  3. I am a student of Judge Giordano. I’ve learned so much from him and about him by taking courses taught by him. I’ve learned that not only is he reasonable and ethical, but he cares about people. I can say this because of the way he talks about his experiences and teaches us students. This is why I believe he’s a great choice for PA Superior Court.

  4. Karen let them use the ads and put more false information out there about the man and make fools of themselves. When the information is so fake like this, it will end up being laughable. His record on animal issues speaks for itself and he has even been honored and given awards because of it. This is a sad example of misinformed people who are distracted by the shiny object and fake website loaded with false information. And no experience, that’s why the PA Bar “Highly Recommended” him??

  5. Martha, fake news? I don’t think so. This is going to hit the tv ads in October and Stedman is done. Look at what happened to Mike George a few years ago. The Republican Party should have known this before endorsing him. This will also bring down the other candidates. If you think the Dems are not going to run with this, you’re crazy. He should not be in this race, in my opinion. He has absolutely no civil experience.

  6. I’ve known Judge Giordano for ~15 years; ‘knew him to see because he was always at his childrens’ athletic games & I have children the same age. I then had experience with him on a personal level in the civil/family courtroom. He worked diligently to “do the right thing,” and followed the rule of law to a T. And you are hearing this now from someone who didn’t like his decision. After this, I continued to see him with his family in the community and he was always cordial an courteous. As a professor, a decade later, I asked and he agreed to take the time out of his busy schefule to come and speak with my business students about how their education could help them if they chose a career in law. As a wife and mom, educator and small business owner, I could go on and on about this man: He is a judge who is trustworthy, intelligent and honorable. We need him as our next superior court judge…

  7. I met Judge Giordano when he worked for my office, the Northampton County Public Defender’s Office, he was professional, kind, understanding, thoughtful and dedicated Attorney. He worked hard and his clients liked him. When he became a Northampton County Judge his professionalism and thoughtfulness was shown while he sat on the bench. Judge Giordano is the type of person/attorney that we need in the Superior Court. He will be fair, impartial and an excellent choice for Superior Court Judge.

  8. I met Judge Giordano when he worked for my office, Northampton County Public Defender’s Office Office, he was a professional, kind, understanding, thoughtful and dedicated attorney. He worked hard and his clients liked him,. When he became a Northampton County Judge his professionalism and thoughtfulness was shown while he sat on the bench. Judge Giordano is the type of person/attorney that we need in the Superior Court. He will be fair, impartial and an excellent choice for Superior Court Judge.

  9. Emil Giordano – Respected, Dedicated, Experienced, Honest, and the list goes on. He will always have 100% of my support.

  10. I have known Emil Giordano for 25 years and I have always known him to do the right thing and be fair to everyone. He does everything with 100% effort. He is the best Jugde we have in Northampton county.

  11. I have known Judge Wade Kagarise for over 25 years and know that he is a man of integrity and will be a great Superior Court judge.

  12. STOP THE FAKE NEWS! Craig Stedman is a great man, all this bs about is FAKE NEWS. The man got the head of the Lancaster County SPCA removed for not convicting people of obvious animal abuse cases. Yet he doesn’t like animals… hmm makes a lot of sense.

  13. I have known Judge Emil Giordano for over 40 years, and found him to be fair, impartial, dedicated and hard working. He has a strong devotion to family and the community. Without a doubt, Judge Emil Giordano would be an excellent Superior Court Judge. He has the background and experience to serve on the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

  14. People, you can pump your favorite person until you’re blue in the face — it doesn’t matter! This is all about money — not integrity, not credibility, not what they do for their community, and not if they are a Christian. This whole election process is about corruption, greed, and pay to play. Just look at Val Digiorgio and his connections with the Senators. Look at Sallie Mundy and what her money bought her….an endorsement. If anyone thinks this is a fair game and the best people get on the court, you need a reality check.

  15. I have known Judge Giordano for the past 44 years. I have the utmost respect for him and confidence that he would be the best candidate in the May election. His integrity and credibility knows no bounds and his concern for each and every individual in the state is Pa. is his top priority. We all win with Judge Giordano on our Superior Court.

  16. I have known Wade Kagarise for over 20 years and I can tell you he is all about the law, justice and serving his community. He is a great Common Pleas Judge and I feel that he would do the same on the Superior Court. I plan on voting for him and know that he is the best choice.

  17. Whoever wins this election should have a huge Keg party, I will bring the Titos Vodka!!!!

  18. David, Blair County is one of the smallest counties in the state. The elected officials there have absolutely no juice when it comes to statewide politics. Kagarise will not get votes in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. I’d like to see how much money he has raised so far. He needs to be on TV all over the state to even have a remote shot. Follow the money and that’s who will be on the Superior Court. It doesn’t matter if he is the right fit or not. This is a rigged game.

  19. I have spoke with several elected Blair County Officials and fine they all believe Wade Kagarise is the right choice for the Superior Court.

  20. I have met and talked to Judge Giordano. He understands the role of the judge versus the legislature and the executive. If we are to preserve our form of government, including protection for our individual rights, Judge Giordano should be the top vote getter on May 16.

  21. I served with judge Kagarise in the U.S. Army Reserves. He is a great man that has dedicated his life to serving the citizens of Pennsylvania. He will do a great job.

  22. there are no republicans anymore!

    there are only SCUMBAGILICAN Judges…. Russian traders one & all

    got torch ?
    got pitch fork?

    got deer hunting AK47 or AR15 with silencer… oh wait that the offical toy of real scumbagilicans

  23. Paula Patrick is the strongest candidate in my opinion. She is powerful and a good Christian woman. Kagarise has little to no experience and absolutely no statewide name recognition. He never won a contested election. Patrick will get the female and minority votes on her way to being the top vote getter in both the primary and general election. She can also raise money. The Republican ticket is weak and the party missed the boat by endorsing three middle-aged white male candidates. Females win judicial elections. Look at the history and the make-up of the Superior Court. Murray is also going to steal votes from the tea party and anti-establishment people. If she has money, she could challenge Stedman for the 4th spot.

  24. I knew Judge Kagarise when he was very young. He stood out among all of the others his age. He was very respectful of others at all times. He thought before he spoke, which is something you need in Superior Court Judge. With dedication and hard work he pushed hard through life to achieve his success. There were no handouts for him. He was not born into an affluent family. He is self made. I do not live in Pennsylvania, so I don’t have any stake in who you elect. But in all my life I have never meet a person so thoughtful and full of knowledge at such a young age. It would be a shame not to have a person of his character on the Superior Court. All of the people in your community would be winners with Judge Kagarise.

  25. My name is Caden Giordano and I’m the son of Judge Emil Giordano. It may be seen as a bit biased as I am his son, but let me say this. My father is one of the best male role models in my life. He is hardworking and will not put half effort into anything. Anything he does, he does it at 110%. He will be a fair judiciary who does not believe in strong judicial activism but believes strongly in ruling on what the constitution says.

  26. Mi names es Jose Jimenez. I scrub the pool and corte la grassa por todos los judgies. Each one is a cheapo who no give a damn for anybody. All GOP bastards. No vota nunca.

  27. My name is Coroner Patricia Ross I have worked with Wade for over twenty years. He respects life and the law. He works for his community and justice I gave him my full support

  28. My name is Timothy Teltow. I worked directly with Judge Kagarise. His honesty, integrity and credibility are absolutely impeccable.He is without a doubt, the type of Judge we need on our Superior Court.
    Thank You.

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    • Mark Rozzi (27%)
    • A Republican TBD (5%)

    Total Voters: 315

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