Reader Poll: Which Gubernatorial Candidate Has Released the Best Ads?

tvWell, it’s campaign finance report week once again and we know that much of that money, for better or worse, will be going towards TV ads.

With the premiere of Allyson Schwartz’s first commercial last month all four Democratic challengers and the incumbent Governor have all made it onto the airwaves.

Therefore, this week we decided to ask you our readers which candidate has made the best TV spots so far.

To be clear, we’re not asking whose ads have been most effective overall as Wolf’s barrage of commercials have clearly moved his numbers the most at this point. Nor are we asking who your favorite candidate is but rather which one you honestly feel has made the best advertisements for their campaign.

We’ve tried to keep up with each new ad, so comb through PoliticsPA articles to refresh your memory of what’s run on TV thus far.

So, which candidate do you think has released the best TV ads?

Who Will Be Speaker of the PA House on February 28?

  • Joanna McClinton (68%)
  • Mark Rozzi (27%)
  • A Republican TBD (5%)

Total Voters: 315

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14 Responses

  1. In this thread: people misreading the poll question as “why do you like your favored candidate’s ads the most and why do you think other candidates(‘ ads) are terrible?”

  2. Frank-

    “what has schwartz done that you ever liked?”

    Umm… given up her Congressional seat?

    To whom is she “exposing” Wolf’s past? She is not making any accusations in any ads. I haven’t seen any banner headlines in the newspapers.

    Wolf comes across as a down-to-earth regular guy looking out for ordinary people in his ads. McCord comes off as a qualified guy with the right experience to do the job of Governor.

    You are kidding yourself if you think Philly turnout is going to be enough. Philly is going to produce about 16% of the total Dem vote. Schwartz will barely beat Wolf in Philly (if at all). Out of 160,000 votes, she will be lucky to come out of Philly more than 25,000 ahead.
    She will get slaughtered in the Philly suburbs and do progressively worse across the state.

    I stand by my prediction she comes in 3rd overall.
    There are going to be a million votes. Wolf is so far ahead in the polls, that if they hold true, there aren’t enough votes in all of Philly to put Schwartz over the top (since Wolf might well beat her by 20% = 200,000 votes statewide).

  3. @david what has schwartz done that you ever liked.rob mccords ads are the best i think.wolfs ads look like a bad country video riding around in a jeep.mcgintys ads sound like a papa john still predicting schwartz wins with her ground game in philly,and the next few weeks of exposing wolfs past will hurt him.

  4. I saw Schwartz’s ad. The problem is that it feels unnatural/awkward in that she’s speaking in a completely different style than is typically used when speaking at a podium. I guess their intent was to sound like she was having a one-on-one conversation, but it contrasts with the visual, and feels odd.

    Rob needs more talking directly to the camera/voters.

  5. Typing in all caps….great strategy. Wolf is all fluff and has shown no real substance besides seeming like a good driver and knowing how to make rice.


  7. I agree that Allyson Schwartz’s ads are not good. It looks like she’s talking to a mostly empty hall and she’s literally talking down to her audience. The visual is not good and yes, the CHIP support is a great thing for her, but she should be touting more recent actions or plans.

    The thing is, in group shots, Rep. Schwartz does look great. She’s warm, intelligent, and can get things done and seems to care about others. That comes across when she’s interacting with others, but it doesn’t come across when she’s standing on a podium.

  8. Might be fun to also poll/ask who’s are the worst. I vote for Schwartz. I think she is a fantastic Congresswoman, and I have nothing but respect for all she has accomplished in the PA and federal legislatures. So why do her ads seem so cold and impersonal? CHIP was a great idea, but it was so long ago it leaves me asking what has she done lately? Whatever the answer is, she had better find it fast.

  9. Rob McCord’s ads are the best. He has a plan for Pennsylvania and he outlines it very well in his ads.

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  • Who Will Be Speaker of the PA House on February 28?

    • Joanna McClinton (68%)
    • Mark Rozzi (27%)
    • A Republican TBD (5%)

    Total Voters: 315

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