Reader Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Do You Favor Right Now?

white-house-north-2007-djIt was quite a summer in the 2016 presidential race.

Right before Memorial Day in May we asked which presidential candidates our readers favored at that moment.

With Labor Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to check back in.

There has been quite a bit of movement these last few months in the polls, so the candidates won’t be the same as last time. Additionally, despite what you may think of Joe Biden or someone else, we’re only going with declared candidates.

To reach these ten, we took the top two Democrats as well as the top eight Republicans in the latest national Quinnipiac poll. Therefore, your favorite may no longer make the list (sorry, Rand Paul fans).

So dear readers, whose your favorite right now?  

Reader Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Do You Favor Right Now?

  • Bernie Sanders (26%)
  • Hillary Clinton (22%)
  • Donald Trump (13%)
  • John Kasich (10%)
  • Marco Rubio (9%)
  • Ben Carson (5%)
  • Carly Fiorina (4%)
  • Jeb Bush (4%)
  • Scott Walker (3%)
  • Ted Cruz (3%)

Total Voters: 1,211

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49 Responses

  1. You left out the obvious winner, Rand Paul! Your poll just proved that you are financed by the same money as the corrupt MSM! Rand Paul is the only candidate that I will receive my vote!

  2. Guys and gals, it’s a ‘reader poll’–even more meaningless than the real polls at this point. That being said, I LOVE the current anti-establishment trend. Do worry about a Republican food fight handing the White House to Hillary or . . . gulp, Joe Biden . . . but it will all play out over time.

  3. Whoo. “You’re favorite?” And then “Whose your favorite?” People who can’t use the language correctly take a real hit in terms of the credibility of what they attempt to say. Yes, yes. We all make mistakes. But it is our job to not let linguistic glitches get in the way of the substance of what we are trying to say. This posting gets a big fat “Fail!”

  4. Why do you feel the need to censor Paul? He’ the only serious candidate in the race, so there’s really no point in voting in this poll since all of the other candidates are mostly carbon copies of each other.

  5. So the GOP is playing to lose again huh? Ignoring Rand Paul will make sure you lose the National Election.

  6. Who chose to leave out Rand Paul??? The only guy who supports liberty! I am writing in RAND PAUL for President 2016

  7. I’m the best candidate than everyone and will be the president ever! Anyone who disagrees is looser! Reading comments from people like you complaining all the time I can’t help but laugh hysterically while I shit in my golden toilet. Hahahaha! God I’m sooo filthy rich and you are all serfs…um sorry… wait a minute…vote for me and I’ll make America great and again! Now, I go to get my hair glued on…

  8. The only reason the Green Party has not been elected because the Two Party system doesn’t want any equal coverage to Greens at all. All the two parties care about is power and third parties are a threat to their power. Go ahead gulagPittsburgh at laugh all you want, I do not care in the slightest. Your scorn is my strength. Will my party win in 2016? Probably not because the system is rigged so that only two parties stay in power and give people the illusion of choice. You can spill any kind of partisan rhetoric and talking points to me all that you want, it’s all bs to me. Laugh at me all you want but the reality is that more and more people are leaving both parties because they realize that Washington no longer serves the American people. They don’t give a rats @$$ about you or what you want. Laugh it all up and call me a loon because that only fuels people like myself to vote against the system and fight for real change. The scorn of Dem and Rep voters only gives the Green and Independent movements strength. In the end people, your vote is yours to do what you wish as is mine.

  9. I’m still laughing at that guy who will vote Green Party, because no Dem or Rep will do anything to improve the country. Neither will a Greenie, because you have to get elected first.

  10. Neither party deserves my vote and they won’t get it. I am fed up with the corrupt and corporate owned two party system. None of the candidates from either side will do anything to make America better. All they are doing is saying pretty things and making bs promises to make you feel good and give you false hope. Whether a Dem or Rep wins in 2016, America will continue its downward spiral to hell. The Green Party gets my vote because they don’t take any money from corporate donors or wealthy billionaires and they never will. The Green Party supports taking control of the government away from the corporate elite and back to the people where it belongs. Greens demand that our rights and liberties be restored as well putting peace and the environment before profit and war. My vote is not being thrown away or wasted because I am voting my conscience. I do not buy the “lesser evil” argument either because evil is still evil and both parties are full of scumbag politicians. One more thing, good luck with 2016 and picking the next fool that promises “to make America better” from the two party system. I promise you that after four years you’ll be angry at the new president and search for another savior to “fix America”. Rinse and repeat.

  11. I can’t vote. You didn’t put all the candidates up there and the one I would vote for is not on the list. This poll is not realistic if you don’t include everyone.

  12. James T Smith-

    Cruz is pretty much the lowest common denominator. He rejects science and wants to run the country like a theocracy based on his interpretation of the Bible. He appeals to the extremes of the right-wing. He’s a Bible-thumping buffoon.

  13. Clinton has more experience and knowlege than the rest of them all put together!!!Q! Get with her!!

  14. Whow Dave Diano, calling people stupid? How very Liberal of you. You are just afraid of a small government conservative not in the establishment of winning and doing something to make this country better. You Liberals claim to be open to other ideas yet call people stupid who disagree with your ideas. Insults like that show what a small person you are! You need a lesson in speaking others, no matter how stupid. Like things the Dems have said. Real Conservative 2016!

  15. Paul, Cruz,Fiorina, Carson. Pull out your liberal trash, and you will see how the party is going.

  16. Amen to anyone but Bush or Clinton. But I don’t think any but Sanders will address the root issue:
    TheBern says the system is broken. He says that no matter what you do, the ultra rich will get even richer and you will stagnate if you are very lucky. Because they own and rig the system. While Trump at least acknowledges it, no other candidate but TheBern will fix the root problem: that it is only possible by us allowing for-profit funding of our public servants’ campaigns, by those who then take us to the cleaners. In. Broad. Daylight.

    The time has come when more voters will start caring who funds a campaign. Enough to decide it? Probably not yet, but maybe. We are not far from that point though; the insatiable greed of The Political Class has left almost everyone behind now, and soon even the most distracted will notice. I believe enough have now.

    Bernie Sanders has over 400,000 different donors. Average contribution: under $34. 77% donated under $200, and 100% (that is: all of us), under $2,700. See how your candidate stacks up. You’ll likely be disappointed.

  17. rsklaroff-

    Cruz is such a terrible candidate that anyone stupid enough to support him, is too dumb to recognize why the entire GOP field is weak and terrible.

  18. Let us hope we have a choice of Anybody(s) but Bush or Clinton. The Nation needs better than a weasel like Bush or someone as corrupt and cold like Clinton.

  19. Andy Borowitz had a posting this morning about the Koch Brothers putting Scott Walker up for sale. I’m pretty sure they are gonna take a loss on that purchase…

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