Reader Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Do You Favor?

white-house-north-2007-djIt’s nearly time.

We are less than a week away from the Iowa caucus.

Periodically, we’ve asked you how you felt about the 2016 field of presidential candidates. It began in 2014, continued through the beginning of the campaign last spring, and again on the cusp of Labor Day weekend.

Now feels like another appropriate time to gauge how our readership feels. Like our last survey, 10 choices are included, consisting of the top two Democrats and top eight Republicans.

Once more, we ask you our readers.

Which Presidential Candidate Do You Favor At This Moment?

  • Rand Paul (37%)
  • Hillary Clinton (19%)
  • Bernie Sanders (18%)
  • Marco Rubio (8%)
  • Donald Trump (7%)
  • John Kasich (5%)
  • Ted Cruz (2%)
  • Jeb Bush (2%)
  • Chris Christie (1%)
  • Ben Carson (0%)

Total Voters: 2,297

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January 26th, 2016 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Poll, Presidential, Top Stories | 25 Comments

25 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Do You Favor?”

  1. Moderate R says:

    Looks like Rand Paul’s one supporter in PA has an awful lot of time on their hands.

  2. tommyd says:

    So how many time did that one guy vote for Rand Paul?

  3. Observer says:

    Nice job of Freeping by the libertarian wackjobs – they seemed to have figured out the publishing cycle. Now, if they would only learn how Ayn Rand lived off of Social Security for decades…

  4. Craig says:

    Pittsburgh-born Dr. Rand Paul has my vote! He’s the only fiscal conservative in the race.

  5. Tim says:

    Rick Santorum is a joke wrapped in a farce. Mr. “Anti-Abortion” married a woman whose first “boyfriend” was her sugardaddy! What did he do for a living? He was an ABORTION DOCTOR! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!

  6. Ches-Mont Dem says:

    I’m proud to support Martin O’Malley. Wish that PoliticsPA wouldn’t discriminate against a candidate who’s qualified for every single debate so far.

  7. Susy Quesy says:

    TED CRUZ is the only one to vote for. He is the real deal

  8. Susy Quesy says:

    What’s wrong with our state!!!? You morons truly do have a mental disease. Keep voting the same and expect a different result! Liberal democrats are progressive socialists for big government! Wise up and vote for a conservative.

  9. Jane says:

    ” Like our last survey, 10 choices are included, consisting of the top two Democrats and top eight Republicans.”
    Why not be a little more fair and use the top 3 of both Parties?

  10. Henry Frank says:

    I would have voted for Martin O’Malley, if you had been inclusive.

  11. FedUp says:

    I refuse to vote because “None of the Above” is not an option. The whole damn field of candidates in both parties make me sick. I trust none of them and I especially don’t trust the s**tty two-party system. I have no hope for America at all with the “choices” that are presented. America is f**ked regardless of who is elected. I am not dumb enough to fall for the bulls**t promises these politicians give us every election anymore and I sure as hell don’t trust them.Good luck picking our next moron-in-chief.

  12. Adrienne Cordova says:

    I refuse to vote I. your bogus poll that doesn’t list all the candidates. This is how you perpetuate the notion that some don’t matter. For the record, Rick Santorum has been in Iowa working from before sun up until midnight most days greeting voters at Town Halls and House Parties. You surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s because polls like yours don’t list him. Shameful.

  13. kelly johnston says:

    I was hoping to vote for my home state Senator, Rick Santorum, in your poll but alas, I could not find him. Why not list all the candidates who are on the ballot in all primary states? The only one you should exclude is Jim Gilmore. Disappointed.

  14. stopmcginnis says:

    Trump is the result of the rightwing media’s pandering to its most extreme and dim-witted. He’s exposed the bigotry and cluelessness of the GOP, and in doing so, divided the party to a point that it will no longer be able to field winners on a national basis.
    OF COURSE, Trump scores low on this poll. OF COURSE, America will not elect Trump, anymore than they would have voted in Michelle Bachmann, or Rick Perry, or Sarah Palin. Being loud and gullible doesn’t make you a majority, people. And this time, your friends and family will remember what side of history you are on, and you won’t be able to deny you supported him, like you do with George Bush. A year from now, Don Trump fans will be pretending they didn’t support him.

  15. Tim says:

    Bunch of brainwashed blue state trolls lurking on this site. Trump will win in a landslide. Clinton is physically incapable of the job and Bernie says he’ll jack up your taxes though the roof – that means one thing, more spending and trillions more in debt. Okay, drink the kool-aid, it’s your grandkids future you are destroying. When you idiots have completed turning this country into a third world nation with your massive immigration and massive debt and deficits, you can all pat yourselves on the back and congratulate yourselves and say, “Well Done!”. Idiots!

  16. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    Oops! I share this computer and a vote was cast. My bad!

  17. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    So, where do I vote? There is no link or other means of voting that I can see.

  18. Philadelphian says:

    Moderate R:

    The GOP set this brushfire of populism, fear, and anger starting in 2000, and now acts surprised that it’s burning out of control. Look what you’ve done in Congress: Warmongering, voting to bankrupt the government (not raise debt to pay our bills), failing to fund our government, the gun and tax-cut obsessions, voting hundreds of times to defund the same program, and one crazy, irresposible thing after another. How are Trump and Cruz any different?

    One difference is that Trump says out loud what the rest of the GOP tries to say with “dog-whistle” language. Everyone knows the immigration issue is about hatred/fear of Mexican Americans, and the Syrian immigrant issue is about hatred/fear of Muslim Americans. Trump merely says it.

  19. HaHaHa says:

    The next POTUS will be Hillary.

    Will Bill be the “First Husband”? “First Gentleman”??

  20. Stuart says:

    Could have at least put Carly Fiorina in your ballot. Only GOP female candidate . And, ahem, the one Pennsylvanian running too.

  21. hmmmm says:

    Kathleen Kane.

  22. Moderate R says:

    The fact that as of right now, the bottom 3 vote getters are Carson, Cruz, and Trump, brings an enormous smile to my face. Are the voters finally understanding how insane those 3 are?! We can only hope.

  23. PhillyPolitico says:

    tommyd: Is that an existential question about the Maryland governor’s candidacy, or a practical question about the poll?

  24. Rollo thomassey says:

    Ahead of Steve Zappala

  25. tommyd says:

    Where is Martin O’Malley?

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