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Reader Poll: Who Do You Believe Will Be the Democratic Nominee in PA-7?

PA-7Ever since Pat Meehan was first elected to Congress in 2010, the Democrats have struggled to find a candidate to run against him.

In 2014, Democratic nominee Mary Ellen Balchunis lost 62% to 38%. Nevertheless, she is giving it another shot.

It looked for a time that Lindy Li would be her primary opponent but she swiftly switched to the PA-6 last month.

That void has been filled by pastor Bill Golderer, who entered the race in November and subsequently had an impressive fundraising performance.

With the field (seemingly) set, we want to ask our readers who they think will win the Democratic nomination.

Who Do You Believe Will Be the Democratic Nominee in PA-7?

  • Mary Ellen Balchunis (65%)
  • Bill Golderer (35%)

Total Voters: 461

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15 Responses

  1. If the Democrats are so upset with the Republican religious right wing people running for elected office in huge numbers, why would they want to nominate their very own pastor . Especially since he never was involved or knowledgable about Delaware County or the Democratic Party. His church is in Philadelphia. I have been involved in party politics for fifty years, and never heard of the guy. It is kind of a kgiven that when you run for office as high as Congress you should put in time and work and get to understand the people in your district. At least run for local position as a committeeman. Or Local commissioner, or even school board.

  2. People are loyal to Mary Ellen because they know her, they know where she stands on the issues and she has been a consistent presence in the district. Unlike Bill who thinks he can just call some of his rich friends and some how make up for the fact he has been absent in getting to know the people of the 7th and the things they care about. Perhaps a foreshadowing pattern if he gets elected? Only coming around when its convenient to him. We need actual representation for a change. You have earned my vote Mary Ellen.

  3. How can anyone think Mary Ellen is a good candidate? She cant raise, cant get votes, and has a terrible operation! Crazy to think she could unseat Meehan. If Dems don’t want to repeat the mistakes of their past, they’d avoid Balchunis like the plague

  4. David Landau sent me flowers once, years ago. It’s good to know he’s still thinking about me. Maybe he really is warm for my form.

  5. Idk what the fuss is about, objectively, Bill is a new candidate so I’m not surprised that he is behind on endorsements and name recognition. Simply, Mary Ellen Balchunis can’t raise the money necessary to beat Pat Meehan. People who support her aren’t being loyal to the Democratic Party, they’re being loyal to Mary Ellen.

    Even if you don’t like or know Golderer, he’s the more electable candidate. It will just take time.

    Golderer’s warchest will propel him to at least a 70-30 victory over MEB in the Primary – period.

  6. Delco blue-

    The most awkward part was when the meeting convened and the chairman had to “fill” time while the credentialing was tabulated from the committee sign-ins. He went into this rambling bit about how Delco was like Star Wars and Charlie Sexton was like Darth Vader. It was like having our very own Jar Jar Binks presiding over the convention.

  7. Mary Ellen has $10k in the bank, gonna take a lot more than that if she wants to do better than 38% vs Meehan.

  8. Watching Mary Ellen get delco’s endorsement puts a smile on my face. I haven’t seen anyone so excited since Bob Barker said ” COME ON DOWN” on the price is right.

    Even after David Lowdown the party chairman refused to acknowledge 2 people endorsing Mary Ellen and chose to allow a Golddigger supporter call for an open primary.

    No wonder the Republicans kick our butts in delco. It’s because of lame moves like that.

    Go Mary Ellen!!!

  9. Apparently Plenty of Voters know her, she has the endorsements of the 3 biggest counties. Endorsements from Montco DFA, Sen Andy Dinniman, Judy Schwank, Art Haywood III, and many others.

  10. gulagPittsburgh

    Brady pushed for the redistricting. Got the legislators he controls to vote for it.

    If you redraw the 7th, you have to redraw the rest, including Brady’s.

  11. How does this blatantly gerrymandered district pass muster? Why have the Democrats not sued for a properly drawn district? Then Dems might win, or at least have a fair chance.

  12. Golderer has a great profile?

    1) He doesn’t live in the 7th district
    2) He votes less than 50% of the time
    3) He is pastor/reverend funded from Philly churches. What’s his stand on Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights?

    Mary Ellen is a political science professor and long time Democratic activist in Delaware county. She’s far more informed and qualified on the relevant issues to Democrats.

  13. Mary Ellen has no money and no voters know who she is. Golderer has a great profile and the ability to raise lots of $. She will get creamed, it won’t even be close.

  14. You fail to mention that Balchunis picked up the endorsements of the Chester, Delaware and Montgomery County Democratic Committees. This is a tremendous advantage for her.

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