Reader Poll: Who Do You Currently Support in the Treasurer Contest?

PA TreasuryThere are quite a few major statewide elections this year.

We’ve already sounded out our readers on the Presidential, Senate and Attorney General contests.

Just like with those elections, we’re going to be doing periodic polls of our readers to see how (or if) this race changes.

In case you forgot, former Treasurer Rob McCord was forced to resign thanks to a scandal that is still having repercussions across the state. Now, Democratic nominee Joe Torsella and GOP nominee Otto Voit are battling to assume the office and restore the integrity it once held.

So we leave the question to you.

If the State Treasurer Race Was Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?

  • Otto Voit (86%)
  • Joe Torsella (14%)

Total Voters: 3,535

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11 Responses

  1. Like the last guy who is headed to prison, whoever hooks the Pa. Treasury to the mafia will follow the same path. I would love to see that shoe drop but the Effen – bee- eyes always give Da Black Hand guys a good leaving alone and take out the facilitators only.If money can be made selling kids for cash, nothing is sacred and no one is safe, except the guys who, even now, are still getting the cash.

  2. The guy with a really odd name is going to win 80-20. Yeah, no. Otto (isn’t that a German motorcycle?) supports Trump.

    How about this site stops running polls because they’re obviously inaccurate.

  3. I’ve known Otto Voit for many years. He is a solid citizen, a Vet and member of the Muhlenburg School Board and a businessman with a clear record of financial management. He is honest and a solid leader. I fully support his candidacy and believe Pennsylvanians that want to break the cycle of corruption in PA will support him as well.

  4. I didn’t know Voit endorsed Trump (or really anything about him), but that should be enough information for anyone. I suspect he’s hitched himself to a lead wagon with concrete blocks for wheels.

  5. Otto Voit will be destroyed in November. Except for his staff, who are groovy, no one thinks this gentleman farme will be victorious. Trump all the way, everyday! Otto is a Voit, don’t beebop your top, keep your Republucan at da top fools!

  6. Don’t know much about mr. voit but i do enjoy his basketballs and volleyballs.That being said, this guy endorsed donald trump.

  7. The last PA Treasurer, Democrat Rob McCord had to resign after pleading guilty to extortion. It IS VERY important that we elect someone who is honest and capable of running the Treasurer’s office. The best person is Otto Voit.

  8. I believe Otto Voit is a Medal of Honor recipient who fought in the battle of Little Bighorn under Custer and died in 1906. It appears he was born in Freiburg in Germany.

  9. What’s an Otto Voit?

    I see the Republican staffers all have nothing to do today, again, as they cast their multiple votes.

  10. We need an honest person and one to tell the truth. Otto Voit is the man to fill those shoes.

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