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Reader Poll: Who Do You Think Would Win a Casey-Meehan Senate Contest?

meehan-casey2018 is set to see several high-profile elections, chief among them the Governor’s contest.

That race, however, has somewhat obscured another major race.

Bob Casey will be seeking his third term in the Senate while the GOP is looking for their nominee. Speaking of which, we recently learned that Congressman Pat Meehan is weighing a bid.

Rep. Meehan has done a solid job winning four terms in a competitive Congressional seat in the Southeastern part of the commonwealth. As a result, he could be a formidable opponent for the incumbent.

We leave the question up to you readers.

Who Do You Think Would Win A 2018 Senate Contest Between Bob Casey and Pat Meehan?

  • Pat Meehan (50%)
  • Bob Casey (50%)

Total Voters: 1,323

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29 Responses

  1. @ The_New_Liberal_Lion:

    Addendum…Instead of “advising” me to self-censor, you may wish to weigh applying that standard to yourself when, for example, you falsely project a religious component [of whatever ilk] to public-policy debate.

  2. @ The_New_Liberal_Lion:

    Diatribes don’t work with me, particularly those that are based upon ignorance and projection; for example, I’ve not been a member of the AMA during this entire millennium.

    ObamaDon’tCare has grown from an unconstitutional redistribution of wealth by big-government into a trillion-dollar entitlement that requires dismantling because it’s imploding; repeal/replace will manifest the type of erudition that Rep. Price demonstrated during our half-hour chat 6 years ago @ Toomey’s swearing-in reception.

    Name-calling is the type of behavior that you-progressives have used to bully people into compliance with your elitism; that’s also why populist revulsion yielded The Donald.

  3. @Sklaroff

    I got news for you and your so called “Obama don’t care”.

    You look like a real *ss being a so called “doctor” coming on here and making childish comments in order to justify your greed of you and your precious AMA which is what they wanted in the form of that bill.

    The ACA as it’s properly named, saved my life you jerk! I thought you had Jesus in the Republican Party as I recall people like you and Santorum intertwining religion with government.

    Do yourself and everyone else on here a favor and stay off this site until you learn how to have some compassion for others who have suffered in this country from 40 years of Austerity.

  4. @ Isaac L.:

    Read the hyperlinks I provided earlier and either refute them or withdraw your claim that Ellison isn’t anti-Jewish.

  5. Keith Ellison racist? Sometimes I forget just how ridiculously far-right and out of touch you guys are. Ted Cruz, Reagan, and Bush 43 must look like a bunch of pinkos from where you’re standing.

  6. Meehan should stay in the house. He has no teeth in western PA. Gerlach should run for this seat. He is the only one who will slam Casey and he has western PA roots and has a great populist story. We need someone who is a tough and runs great campaigns!

  7. @ Katy Otto:


    It is necessary to counterpoint your claims.

    I think Casey will NOT also have a continued advantage as Trump and the GOP will have two years of INCREASING SUCCESSES [PARTICULARLY REGARDING JOB-CREATION], DECREASING late night rage tweets [AS OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS EMERGE], and the RESCUE of things like Medicare by THAT point in time [BY REPLACING MOST OF OBAMADON’TCARE].

    Additionally, the electorate will have EVOLVED demographically, and I think a lot of younger people will be more motivated to vote FOR THE DONALD – especially seeing as Trump has RAPIDLY INCREASING favorability ratings of an incoming prez, AT LEAST MATCHING OTHERS in modern history and A PERVASIVE [NATIONAL, STATE] mandate having lost the popular vote [ONLY IF ILLEGALS ARE INCLUDED].

    He’ll RENEW THE gop. Also Meehan is very charismatic, PARTICULARLY COMPARED WITH CASEY.

  8. Mark Cohen, could you please list Senator Casey’s accomplishments in the Senate? I have a post-it note that it should fit on…..

  9. Keith Ellison is not an anti-Semite for having nuanced views re: Palestine and not being owned by AIPAC. That is silly propaganda. I think Casey will also have a continued advantage as Trump and the GOP will have two years of embarrassing failures, late night rage tweets, and the decimation of things like Medicare by this point in time. Additionally, the electorate will have changed demographically, and I think a lot of younger people will be more motivated to vote – especially seeing as Trump has some of the lowest favorability ratings of an incoming prez in modern history and no mandate having lost the popular vote. He’ll drag the party down. Also Meehan isn’t very charismatic.

  10. SE Repub-

    The GOP has a 50% to 36% registration advantage in the district. The Delco GOP pulls out all the stops to cover the polls (and makes it clear to the nearly all GOP courthouse staff that they are expected to vote, and bring their spouses to the polls, and their jobs are at risk for non-compliance). And, they make sure he has millions of dollars.

    The moderate Republicans in the district lean more Dem in President and Senate, but foolishly pick a local boy, like Meehan, who voted against their interests.

  11. “he supports a racist and anti-Semite named Keith Ellison; he turned his back on Israel and sold out USA interests to the butchers of Tehran.”


  12. Run Casey Run. As far far away from Wolf as you can. He smiles but lies. Smiling faces tell lies.

  13. Unlike bob Casey SR- junior is a political pimp who stands for little . In our opinion he supports a racist and anti Semite named Keith Ellison- he turned his back on Israel and sold out USA interests to the butchers of Tehran.
    Bob Casey Jr STINKs- many dems will support any primary challenger or a republican like Meehan.

  14. First of all, Casey continues to project the image of a nice guy sporting an empty suit; for example, he attended Toomey’s swearing-in 6 years ago, but hasn’t accomplished anything notable in the Senate except for having voted against the interests of his pro-life R-supporters [who shudda known he’d vote straight-D once elected].

    Second, it’s not at all clear that Cawley would run, as per serial-chats with him during the past 4 years [in myriad venues]; he’s so much more interactive than was Corbett, but he may very well prefer to enjoy his current position.

    Third, Wagner is a major-league force, and Kelly may not wish to risk his seat [nor, for that matter, would most others…other than off-year state-senators] to compete for the gubernatorial nomination.

    Fourth, Meehan started with tremendous respect [particularly regarding Homeland Security’s legal thicket] and has built upon it as he has functioned in Congress; if called-upon, he would expend energies to befit the opportunity/responsibility a Senatorial nod would entail.

    Thus, entering “Pennsylvania Society” Weekend, it would seem to be unclear as to who may become the favorite to run against Casey…who is eminently beat-able.

  15. Cawley????? better take a look at how good he’s got it! those plum jobs don’t come around a third time.

  16. Meehan has been winning by 20+ points in a district that Romney took by a hair and McCain lost. Dems blame redistricting for everything — but the truth is that Republicans won the 2010 races under the old lines by double Digits too. They win because they run strong candidates and good campaigns — something Delco Dems wouldn’t know if it bit them in the face.

  17. Or is Kelly going to run against Wagner for governor? What a race…can’t figure out who is the bigger ass there.

  18. I understand that the district shape looks like a puzzle piece, but given that the Cook PVI for PA 7 is only R+2, how does one conclude that the district is heavily gerrymandered and a “lopsidedly Republican district?” R+2 is very competitive, correct?

  19. Cawley is the best option for a run against Casey. He has statewide recognition and southeastern ties. He is the only one witha chance against Casey.

  20. Hon. Mark Cohen-

    Meehan is out of his league in Delco too, but the district is so gerrymandered that Anthony Weiner could run on the GOP ticket and win.

    Meehan is just plain lazy and in the past has declined even to show up at debates. Running for Senate is hard work and Meehan doesn’t do that.

  21. Bob Casey has statewide name recognition, many thousands of friends throughout Pennsylvania, a record of accomplishment in the Senate, and well-honed political and governmental skills. Pat Meehan has merely won a lopsidedly Republican district: he offers a resume but not intimate ties around the state that Casey has. Certainly Casey should campaign as though Meehan could be a serious threat, but, when the dust is settled, Meehan is likely to suffer the defeat that has typically come to Delaware County Democrats with statewide aspirations. Quite simply, Meehan would be out of his league against Casey.

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