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Reader Poll: Who is the Strongest Republican Senate Candidate in a General Election?

Seal_of_the_United_States_Senate.svgThe race to challenge Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey is drawing more and more Republicans into the race, and is expected to be one of the most watched in the country.  

The field currently has five declared candidates, State Representatives Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) and Jim Christiana (R-Beaver), businessmen Paul Addis and Jeff Bartos, and RNC Delegate Andrew Schektor.  Congressmen Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) and Mike Kelly (R-Butler) are both considering bids for the race.  

So we want to know, who is the strongest Republican Senate candidate in a general election?



Who is the strongest Republican Senate candidate in a general election?

  • Jeff Bartos (36%)
  • Andrew Shecktor (24%)
  • Rep. Mike Kelly (15%)
  • Rep. Lou Barletta (11%)
  • State Rep. Jim Christiana (6%)
  • State Rep. Rick Saccone (4%)
  • Paul Addis (3%)

Total Voters: 3,601

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108 Responses

  1. Paul Engelkemier works at the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.
    Very interesting indeed. Makes me rethink the meeting we had on Monday in Harrisburg —– Maybe?? Time will tell…

    1. I have to make an apology to the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. Paul no longer works for them. He was with the previous administration.

  2. Why is the candidate Bobby Lawrence not included? He is the candidate I would choose.

    1. Robert “Bobby” Lawrence is not a good a candidate, I’m sorry to say. He has a police record and dockets sheets in 2 other states, lied about his credentials and even used Veteran Suicide Awareness on Memorial Day as a campaign ploy. The proof is all out there, just gotta look for it.

      1. AMY was removed from our campaign for lying to the group and making false claims about her contacts with news organizations. This is the only place you could have gotten this False information. As to to the Docket sheets. Traffic tickets and Divorce Records. I have been through Secret Service background checks and FBI check and Have been Licensed Bonded in several states. I also served on the Presidential Inauguration Committee as a Staff Volunteer. Thus the SS background check.
        I never claimed to have Credentials on suicide prevention. I posted the official prevention hotline operated by the VA. Our campaign number was there to offer other resources to veterans. Amy Lynne went off the deep end on the post. She even refused to speak to with our campaign advisor on veteran supportive measures. He is a 24 year combat veteran and is trained by the VA in supportive measures for veterans. He has helped hundreds of veterans in the last 11 years. AMY was dismissive to him when he offered to help her understand that one of the duties of a US Senator is to help constituents get the appropriate resources they need.

  3. One assumes that there was a good reason for omitting the names of two declared candidates who had actually filed their papers.

    What was it?

    The inclusion of people who are “considering” running (where there is a reasonable chance that they will actually run) isn’t as objectionable as the exclusion of people who are actually running

  4. I can’t help having noted the multiple postings favoring pro-Trump Bobby Lawrence but, even after skimming the internet, it is difficult to discern what he has done to merit running for Senate.

    1. Check out
      and the facebook group protect your vote.
      Thank you for asking rsklaroff

      1. Hi Amy You were removed from our campaign. It was your actions that caused it. The committee felt it best to remove you.

  5. So what on earth is this nonsense. How can you have a poll without Bobby Lawrence. He is by far the Conservative candidate 4 PA. The people of PA need to send Bobby to drain the DC swamp!!!!!

  6. Bobby Lawrence is not on this poll. I vote for Bobby!!! Some of the people you have listed on this poll haven’t even filled out their paperwork yet to run.

  7. This poll is FAKE NEWS???? You need to add the greatest Senate Candidate ever…Bobby Lawrence. He has filed all of the required paperwork to be a valid Republican Senate candidate. You beed to publish a new poll that includes Bobby Lawrence, if you dare!

  8. Really? This is FAKE NEWS! ???? You don’t list the strongest Republican Senate Candidate ever …Bobby Lawrence is a valid candidate who has filed all the required paperwork to be a candidate. Put out the real news poll that includes Bobby if you dare!

  9. Paul Engelkemier, Managing Editor. Are you going to add Bobby Lawrence a Republican FEC registered candidate for PA US Senate to your poll? Or are you out to suppress the vote in violation of election law? And why does your poll include supposed candidate’s who are not registered candidate’s for this election? The absent malice defence will not work in this case.

  10. Bobby Lawerence is the best candidate by far and he isn’t even listed! It makes me question the credibility of this site!!

  11. This is a crowded field, and the name of THE BEST CANDIDATE is not listed! That candidate is BOBBY LAWRENCE! If you love PRESIDENT TRUMP, you will also love BOBBY LAWRENCE for U.S. Senate!

    1. I do not endorse this LOOOOOSER. LOW I.Q. Bobby Lawrence with a criminal record!

  12. I don’t see Bobby Lawrence listed here! How can this be an accurate poll when you’ve left out the name of the STRONGEST candidate! Please correct this mistake immediately!

  13. Bobby Lawrence for US Senate! The ONLY option for PA and America!! Bobby Lawrence!! A true Republican! A true Patriot, a man with not only Intelligence and Heart, but is NOT a liar! Bob Casey has an I.Q. of about 12 like Hillary and all her cronies! Senator Bobby Lawrence is owned by Noone! All you Dumbocrats, Republicrats, Oxymoron “Democratic Republicans” Moderates, are nothing more than mere Socialist scum! You’ll never win! Because you suck! Because you’re stupid, vile, wrong, disgusting, pukes and a waste of Oxygen on the Planet! Get a clue! Your lies are not working anymore!! WE THE PEOPLE are pissed off and will make sure of it!

  14. As far as I can ascertain, judging from his Facebook page and his website, the reason Bobby Lawrence isn’t listed is because he’s an uneducated doofus with no chance of winning.

    1. C’mon Chris…we Deplorables have heard this song before…slow beat, lousy lyrics, can’t dance to it! BOBBY LAWRENCE FOR U.S. SENATE!

    2. I diagree. I have met with him regarding many issues I would like addressed, and he even offered to help me propose a bill to my current senate leader. He is fabulous, and really cares about his people.

  15. Why are you running a pole as to who is the strongest Rebublican Senate Candidate when you are missing the strongest running candidate, BOBBY LAWRENCE! Bobby Lawrence is definitely the best man for US Senate he speaks the Truth unlike this False Fake News Poll.

  16. I guess I’m a little confused why the best candidate isn’t listed on your poll.

    Bobby Lawrence is the man

  17. This is a fake poll! Where is Bobby Lawrence? He is officially running for US Senate in Pennsylvania..If you want to do polls get it right!

  18. Where is Reoublican Bobby Lawrence he is by far the strongest candidate.

  19. Why is Bobby Lawrence not listed as a candidate?! Do you fear his grass roots approach and principles? His wanting to return sovereignty to the people? Just for once I want to see some honesty and integrity in a political announcement. Bobby Lawrence will provide this. And if people pay attention, he will win.

  20. I would like to know why Bobby Lawrence is missing from this list? Is this an attempt to place one ahead of others that are running? This is corrupt and we demand to have him either listed or discuss this poll immediately. Or we will expose this as fake news! The person that created this poll should be fired and integrity questioned. This should be a bipartisan poll and not intended to disclude other candidates. I am disgusted as are many others. I challenge everyone that if this kind of partisan effort continues to not show up to the primaries! Why vote in a rigged system? Place Bobby Lawrence in the poll or this goes viral.

  21. Leaving off registered candidates is a fake poll. #BobbyLawrence4PASenate

      1. I was wondering the same. Bobby Lawrence is the candidate our groups are strongly behind. Im not sure why he would be left out on this poll. This is exactly why I don’t trust polls anymore.

  22. I would appreciate a response as to why Bobby Lawerence name was omitted and many if not all are NOT DECLARED CANDIDATES

    Personal and Confidential Communication: The Information transmitted herein may contain privileged and/or confidential material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon information herein by persons or entities other than the intended recipient(s) is prohibited. Any misdirection or other error in the transmission of this information is not and shall not be considered a waiver of any applicable privileges.

  23. You’ve seemed to omit
    Bobby Lawrence. Why is this?
    Could this news site be issuing false propaganda, again.

    1. Why are you putting out fake news? Bobby Lawrence is our choice. You left him off the poll. Bobby Lawrence will be our Senator. Try being honest for a change.

  24. What a ridiculous attempt to lie. This is completely false and utter propaganda. Not all candidates have even filed yet. This spinning of the facts will not work.

  25. This poll is FAKE NEWS! You have not listed every Republican Senatorial Candidate who is currently in the race. Where is Bobby Lawrence? Also, why are you including people like Lue Barletta when he’s not even running?!?!

    1. I would like to know that too. Bobby Lawrence is the only honest candidate. Vote Bobby Lawrenceaw

  26. Bobby Lawrence is not even on the list. You also have two names on the list that have no FEC paperwork filed. This poll is fake news.

    1. Agreed Bobby Lawrence! Fake news, fake polls, Americans are damn sick and tired of it! I support you 100%!

      1. I wouldn’t even hire him to install the glass on my glass bottom boat!

  27. I don’t know how anyone could take this poll seriously. Barletta has Trump’s support and with his record as a Mayor and in Congress, he would be the clear front runner to beat Casey.

    1. Lou did not support Trump until March. That was after he was the clear front runner.

  28. Perhaps off subject but close. . . notice Bobby’s left turn?Been coming for awhile and now it is a sharp left. Does he see or not see a primary challenge? After all he’s ‘pro-life’ and the DNC chair says there is no room in for them.
    One never knows–see Phillie spring results. Mayor Peduto, of Pittsburgh not Paris? That would be sweet.

  29. Met Jeff twice and appears to be “tanned and ready” [and, thus, I voted for him, here]; yet, this poll is a bit problematic because – were he to declare – Lou would probably be a stronger candidate [recalling his brave efforts as Hazleton Mayor regarding illegals and, candidly, his strong debate performance @ Temple Law School thereafter].

    1. Don’t know the others, but do know that [per piece elsewhere on this site] Addis shouldn’t become the nominee.

      1. And why is that? Because he’s sane, level-headed, and won’t pander to the alt-right, religious, ultra conservative factions of the party? Oh no we can’t have that. God forbid someone pragmatic with the ability to compromise and get things done ever get elected. We already have nut job Ted Cruz in the Senate, we don’t need another obstructionist.

        1. Hey PA-7
          Addis is quoted as “being critical” of President Trumps healthcare agenda. Just what we need, another Republican taking shots at President Trump. I think not my friend!

  30. Kelly married the Philips petroleum heiress, bought his dad’s car dealerships for a song, is a rah, rah Notre Dame alum and a total fraud. He plays a good game, but it’s all showboating. His health is rapidly declining and he won’t live out the next 6 years. Too bad Kelly supporters. You get the glitter but not the gold.

    1. Says you? Who the hell do you think you are to spin such bs about my Congressman? Kelly will mop the floor with snowflakes like you. Sounds like your a little jealous….and let’s not forget the candidate making his way into this race…Bobby Lawrence. Bobby is a constitutionalist and will not back down. He stands for President Trump’s agenda in keeping #AmericaFirst. Look out Pittsburgh and Philly…your dimm wit ideology ways of continued slaughter of the American way days are numbered! #Lawrence4PASenate

      1. The term “snowflakes” nazigirl, referred to the ashes that descended from the sky at the nearby crematoriums of the nazi concentration camps you cuck!
        Don’t go huck-a-buck hillbilly on me you yokel from Erie. Kelly is ill, very ill and his life expectancy wouldn’t last a full 6 year term in the Senate. He’s done nothing for the city of Erie, so why are you such a big supporter of his you idiot?!
        Bobby Lawrence is a fringe candidate who is glamorized by Hollywood as the “peoples choice”, he would be eaten alive by the Ivy league politicians in Washington then spit out.

        Too bad the state currently lacks leaders with that rare combination of leadership, intelligence, integrity, honesty and foresight. We have a bunch of amateurs running the show and this is reflected by the sad state of the state of affairs in the keystone state because idiots like you and your ilk think the likes of Mike Kelly+ Bobby Lawrence are so great. You’re a blithering idiot!

        Take THAT!

        1. Tim
          I have no ties to Hollywood. I am a working class MAN and have no fear of DC Ivy League Politicians. And for sure NO fear of you. Answer me this simple question, if you can. What is the first duty of a U.S.Senator?

          1. Mr. Lawrence, The first duty of a US Senator is to represent his or her state in the best manner possible and advocate for that state in all matters that the Senate deals with. That sir, is the first and foremost duty of a US Senator in my opinion. You can throw all the bloviating platitudes out the door. A US Senator MUST be a fierce defender of their home state first and foremost,

          2. Interesting, did you read that off my website?
            noticed how the reply option is not showing on your last comment. The disdain in your comments make me wonder about your stability my friend.

  31. Bob Casey Jr. Needs To Go, He Doesn’t Listen To The Will Of His Constituents, He Votes Along With His Alt-Leftists Libtard Party, He’s A Puppet Of Schummer, Pelosi, Waters Etc. He Needs To Be Out Voted, n That I Never Voted For Him, Ever!!! My Vote Goes To Andrew Shecktor, He’s Pro- America, Pro-Life, n Pro-Family, He’s Not Bought n Paid For By This Party Lines, Nor Is He A Puppet On Strings That Takes Orders From Others!!! He Is An American Loving Patriot, & A Good Hearted Person, Who Is Loyal To His Word, As Well To His Constituents!!!

    1. “Marie Steve is without a doubt the WORST political commentator in PA. She’s a low energy loser and a hater. Sad. #FakeNews”

      1. Isaac, You don’t know me, so, I’m entitled to comment about however I please, so if you don’t agree with what I said, you can just agree to disagree, but you don’t know me to be calling me nasty names.

        1. Good call there Marie. I would like to know who you are. Call me 717-254-7891 so we can get to know each other. Would love for you to interview me.

  32. I say Andrew Shecktor is the best candidate. He cares more about the people than any big politician and doesn’t care about lining his pockets. He’s one person who can not be bought no matter the offer shown to him. He wants to give the people their voice back and help the state. Would the big name politicians truly care about any of that? Probably not. All they care about is money and taking down other candidates. The Presidential election is proof enough of that.

    1. I Totally Agree With You Anna, I Know Andrew, n He Has A Heart Of Gold, I’m Voting For Andrew!!!

    2. I 2nd this! I have known Andy for many years at work and we always talk politics. Which he is very passionate about and wants a fair system for all people. He has some really good idea and always thinking of something new. We need change and this is it! Andrew Shecktor has my vote next year!

  33. 7 white men as candidates? Typical GOP.

    None of them because they are all religious, right wing wackos.

    1. Andrew Shecktor is not a religious right wing wacko. I should know, he helped bring me into this world and raised me for 26 years of my life. He also walked me down the isle and gave me away last month for my wedding. He’s loving and cares about the well being of the people and wants to give the people their voice back in this Country.

      1. Andrew is a stand up guy and many sides of the political realm like him and his ideas! To bad he is too “white” for you to vote for him! smh!

      2. Anna, Much Respect I have for your words. I salute you and your Father. Best of luck to you and your family.

        Bobby Lawrence,
        Candidate U.S.Senate, PA

  34. Alternative Question:

    How many staffers for these candidates read PoliticsPA?

  35. Jim Cawley is the best chance. He is the only one who can swing Bucks. Disappointed that he is not on here.

    1. Just because PA voters were dumb asses does not mean we need to elect one to be Senator.

    1. Why dont you have Bobby Lawrence Candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania listed? Bobby Lawrence is a great choice. This is a FAKE POLL that list people that have not even filed papers to run.

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