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Reader Poll: Who is your Favorite Former PA Governor?

PA-Governor-Mansion2Well, we once again find ourselves in the midst of a gubernatorial race.

Given that we’re stuck in that summer lull between the end of primary season and Labor Day, it seems like the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the past occupants of the Governor’s Mansion.

Since the 1968 State Constitution, PA’s leaders have been able to run for a second term. Therefore, this makes sense as a logical point to start with. Additionally, since incumbent Governor Tom Corbett is still in the midst of this tenure it wouldn’t be fair to include him.

Finally, we’ll only include chief executives who were elected to their position (sorry Gov. Schweiker).

So, dear readers, which former Governor is your favorite?

Who is your personal favorite former PA Governor?

  • Dick Thornburgh (27%)
  • Ed Rendell (26%)
  • Tom Ridge (24%)
  • Bob Casey Sr. (17%)
  • Milton Shapp (6%)

Total Voters: 1,405

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11 Responses

  1. thornbird was a good guvenor but he almos lost wen he runned for a nother term a few years ago. some guy name Arthur artale a senator in state collage was the demcrate nomnee and he almos beat thorbird.

  2. Thornburgh broke a longstanding law when he was responsible for buying steel from foreign countries. The law states that Pa. Steel must be purchased when needed for building and repairs. Wonder who paid him off?

  3. Re: Shapp, I believe he still holds the record for most top-level aides indicted/convicted. He chose those people, and, like federal President U. S. Grant, he bears the responsibility for their misdeeds.
    Thornburgh, like Rendell, was a leader. Unlike Rendell, Thornburgh was fiscally responsible, reformed PennDOT, etc.

  4. People in Pa are possibly too young to remember the great things that Milton Shapp accomplished.
    Handicapped and the elderly have free transportation on busses and subway because he started the Lottery to provide those services. He stopped a major strike by negotiating with the union and management. He bailed out the peaceful protesters who were jailed when they legally marched against the Vietnam War. Our economy, schools and jobs flourished during his terms. He hired minorities and women in larger numbers than before. He established the first Commission for Women. And battled his own party when necessary to accomplish his goals.

  5. tom corbitt aint gonna be a exguveonor until the end of his secand term in for years. hes doin a good nuff job to warrantt a nother term as guvnor. john wolfe is gonna run aginsts corbitt but corbitt gonna win a land slide.

  6. Ridge—–Reallly!!!!!! He caused the current pension crisis by signing into law a bill that gave increases to state employees, teachers and whopping increases to yes the LEGISLATORS—— shocking I know. By the way, the Legislative and Executive branches of state government were controlled by Republicans. These are facts not partisan ranting.

  7. Rendell!!!!!!! After November though it will be Tom Wolf. I think its funny if they take this poll after Nov. Tom Corbett will be the last place candidate

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