Reader Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Modern PA Senator?

Us_senate_sealThe Keystone state has had its fair share of notable Senators represent it in Washington, D.C.

We want to find out, though, which of the state’s recent Senators is our readers’ favorite.

Like our recent poll on Governors, we want to find out what you all think of the state’s modern crop of Senators. Unlike that instance, however, we’ll include the current occupants as neither is up for re-election this year.

We start with Senator John Heinz (of ketchup fame), who served from 1977 until his tragic death in a plane crash on April 4, 1991.

Next, Senator Arlen Specter who came into office as part of the Reagan Revolution and left as an Obama Democrat. Along the way he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and secured historic levels of cancer research funding.

Harris Wofford had the shortest tenure, filling the remainder of Sen. Heinz’s term from 1991 to 1995. Nevertheless, his public career dates back to his work as a civil rights advisor in the Kennedy Administration.

Rick Santorum was perhaps the most noteworthy Senator in the commonwealth’s recent history. His “social warrior” persona grabbed headlines and powered his 2012 bid for President where he finished in second.

Finally, there are our current Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey (knowing our readers, no further introduction is necessary).

So, which of these Senators is your own personal favorite?

Who is your favorite modern PA Senator?

  • Pat Toomey (28%)
  • Bob Casey (25%)
  • Rick Santorum (15%)
  • John Heinz (14%)
  • Arlen Specter (11%)
  • Harris Wofford (8%)

Total Voters: 1,750

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16 Responses

  1. I wish that Senator Casey and Senator Toomey would support the photo ID for voting purposes. We have to stop the fraud in voting. Last election very prevalent in North Carolina. Also in one of the voting districts there were more votes than registered voters. It’s up to you guys to put a stop to this dishonesty. Some clowns say that there is no proof of voter fraud. They are saying that because they benefit from the cheating.

  2. Pa has a Senator? When did this happen? If anyone considers Casey or Toomey a Senator then I am Master of the Universe. Fact is Pa does not have a Senator or a Congressman. They refer to themselves that way but the proper description is overpaid, underworked MORONS!

  3. Cant help but wonder if this editor is biased for Toomey? Toomey is a poor Senator. He supported McConnell who is a terrible leader against Obama. Toomey caved on both 2nd Amendment and taxes–simply put, he lied going against what he stated on campaign trail. California can have him- he is one term Toomey—not a man of his word and an example of why Republicans will keep losing.

  4. Toomey is the junior senator because of Sestak–no other reason–and he’s going to get knocked off if the Democrats can pull it together. The best thing that could happen to this state and country would be to send Toomey back to the family diner in the Lehigh Valley to flip burgers and continue to complain about having to match his employees contributions to social security.

  5. And what is it that you ‘love’ Gwamma? Tax cuts for oil companies, banks, and insurance companies because that’s all the republican party is. Looks like YOU need to go back to high school, hon.

  6. Senator Toomey is the best we have had in the Senate for many years. He remains loyal to his campaign promises and follows our Constitution, our law of the land. I would be very disappointed if he compromised on issues that would be contrary to the rule of law. The democrats cry “compromise” only to their issues. They ignore that word when it comes to an issue offered by the republicans. I thank God for Senator Toomey and pray we will elect more candidates of his moral and ethical persona.

  7. If you don’t appreciate Senator Toomey, we sure could use him in CA! Pay attention or you too may find your state bankrupt with fewer and fewer willing to pull the cart.

  8. The Founding Fathers set up our form of government, not to “work” together but for checks and balances. Go back to high school.
    Although I voted for Santorum none of the above would be best. Its interesting, you lefties demand the right to reach across the aisle but fail to do so on what we love..

  9. I refuse to believe that Pat Toomey is anything but a corporate shill damaging our country with his bought and paid for ideology. He spouts “bipartisan” all the time but is a far right idiot whose voting is as bad as Santorum’s who I would consider our worst Senator in recent history.

  10. Toomey and Casey must have had staff members on the computer non stop to get those numbers! Those guys should be at the bottom of the list!

  11. The only time Toomey reaches across the aisle is to drop a hand grenade. People have short memories–he was one of several right wing conservative Senators who penned a letter to the Tea Partiers in the House to vote against the debt ceiling legislation several years ago–that’s reaching across the chambers not the aisle. Toomey’s a loser and a mistake Senator. Hopefully the Democrats will rally around a solid candidate and send this fraud back to the Lehigh Valley.

  12. I pick Senator Toomey because in my opinion he is the perfect balance, He is conservative on the right issues but also shows an ability to reach across the aisle to govern and get things done. Proud he is in the GOP.

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