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Reader Poll: Who Should Dems Nominate for U.S. Senate

You’ve read their positions … now we’d like to hear your opinion.

Who do you think should be the Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Pat Toomey?

John Fetterman is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Conor Lamb is the current U.S. Representative to Congress in the 17th District.

Malcolm Kenyatta is the current Pennsylvania state representative in the 181st District.

Kevin Baumlin is a former Perelman School of Medicine professor and chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Alex Khalil is a liberal activist and a member of the Jenkintown Borough Council.

Needless to say, this is one of the most closely-watched Senate races in the country in 2022 with the balance of power in Washington possibly at stake.

So, who do you like? The poll remains open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 28.

Reader Poll: Who Should the Democrats Nominate for U.S. Senate?

  • Conor Lamb (47%)
  • John Fetterman (33%)
  • Malcolm Kenyatta (12%)
  • Undecided or Not Sure (4%)
  • Alexandra Khalil (4%)
  • Kevin Baumlin (1%)

Total Voters: 569

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22 Responses

  1. In his first term, Lamb voted with Trump 65% of the time. That is disqualifying, and evidence that Lamb has NO morals, only Ambition.

  2. They are all clowns I should be the nominee but I have to much integrity and believe in this country. God bless America.

  3. That’s why Malcolm is the best candidate. He is real and speaks in real language rural and urban voters can understand. And he is inspirational, and better on the issues for Democrats. He’s not as well known, but don’t underestimate him.

    1. The most left candidate in the race will appeal to rural voters. That makes sense ????

      1. It’s not about left vs right or conservative vs progressive. It’s about the message resonating with the voter, and Malcolm’s message is universal and inspirational.

  4. Lamb is the obvious choice. He is a veteran, from western PA, articulate and center left. Fetterman is an ivy league trust fund child who had decided to adopt this image of a blue collar guys who looks like a wrestler to fit in with the folks of Braddock. Pulling a gun on an unarmed black man will not play well in the Dem primary and Lamb should play it up because the Republicans surely will.

  5. Fetterman. He is doing a good job as lieutenant governor, e.g., pardons board, sense of humor, political independence (LGBTQ flags).

  6. Lamb is a wimp. He votes as Pelosi tells him to vote. He has done nothing in 7 years as a congressman. We already have one wimp in the senate, Bob Casey, we don’t need another one.

  7. Wake up Democrats!!! Lamb all the way! He will pick up this vital U.S. Senate seat, while Fetterman will lose handily. If it is going to be McCormick on the R side, he has shown that he will go negative fast and Fetterman has many many targets on his back that McCormick will exploit. Sure he will attack Lamb too, but there isn’t that much that will stick as Lamb has been attacked over and over again by the Republicans who have tried to beat him for his congressional seat – and Lamb has won each time. Fetterman has never faced the no holes barred Republican smear squad, he will be destroyed by it if he is the Dem nominee.

        1. Look at other Senators, like Jon Ossoff, inexperienced, and Ralph Warnock, also inexperienced. Also strong on Democratic party values. Lamb voted with Trump 70% of the time, and Fetterman is too arrogant and doesn’t show up for debates or forums, almost like he thinks he has it in the bag. We need someone inspirational and someone who can get the underinformed lazy voters in Philly out to vote. Malcolm can do that.

  8. Fetterman can win over Eastern PA with his politics and Western PA with his height and beard.

  9. Lamb would be tough to beat by the R’s. He’s smart and a tough political target. Fetterman is not a good debater. If the polls are right, Lamb is far behind but he still a better candidate.

    1. Debates rarely make any difference in a presidential race with millions of people watching, let alone a Senate race. Fetterman’s debate skills are completely insignificant. Besides, if we are talking about the best orator in this race, it would be Kenyatta, not Lamb. Lamb is stiff and talks too much like a politician. Rural voters don’t want that. They’d rather see a guy in jeans and a t-shirt talking blue-collar issues with them.

    2. If Fetterman wins the primary it will be the same as the Sestak Toomey faceoff and that folks will result in the Right Wing having a victory in the fall. The left will never understand that in the General Election they will never win, maybe in certain pockets they will win but overall they cannot prevail.

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    Total Voters: 231

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