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Reader Poll: Who Should Dems Support for Pittsburgh Mayor?

Pittsburgh Registered Dems
Registered Democrats in Pittsburgh. Map via Labels & Lists

There are just about 6 weeks between now and municipal primary day and the Pittsburgh mayoral primary is heating up. Who should Democrats support?

Several potential candidates have dropped out in recent days and weeks. Remaining on the ballot are:

Bill Peduto is a City Councilman; A.J. Richardson is a school bus monitor and activist; Jack Wagner is a former Pa. Auditor General; and Jake Wheatley is a state Representative.

Who Should Dems Support for Pittsburgh Mayor?

  • Jack Wagner (57%)
  • Bill Peduto (37%)
  • A.J. Richardson (4%)
  • Jake Wheatley (3%)

Total Voters: 430

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6 Responses

  1. Something I saw on pgh
    Funny stuff and true dat

    Anonymous said…
    Jack Wagner has spent the last 18 years working in Harrisburg. He has not been a decision maker or policy maker in Pittsburgh. Bill Peduto has spent the last 18 years being an active decision and policy maker in a Pittsburgh. And yet Wagner in a short two weeks has overtaken the presumptive leader in the race with little effort. Menawhile Peduto seems to be stuck at 30 %. Honestly, if you’re not sure of Peduto after he’s spent the last 6 years being the the the face of mayoral opposition, you’re not going there. I haven’t even seen or heard a commercial yet, but it looks like voters are settling in early !

    April 7, 2013 at 3:16 PM

  2. Any poll where AJ pulls 5% of the vote is hard to take serious. And if Jake W is only polling 1% he should probably resign from the house and go back to Detroit! Wagner wins this by 10 pts. And all the liberal progressive dolts will say Bill got screwed. Well maybe he was due!

  3. Got me there. However I am “comprehending” that your candidate can’t crack 30 or 31 seemingly. Any insight as to why?

  4. Nice reading comprehension. Teamsters did not switch from Peduto to Wagner, they switched from LAMB to Wagner:

    “The decision to back the former auditor general reflects the twisting course of the mayoral primary. The labor group had originally decided to support city Controller Michael Lamb in the race, but Mr. Lamb, despite also having the endorsement of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, dropped from the race last week. “

  5. Jon,

    Looks like your online campaign over at Keystone Politics for Peduto is headed south.
    I do agree with your projection on young people.

    Switch the Teamsters to Jack Wagner, as they’ve withdrew their endorsement of Peduto for Wagner.

  6. There’s only one real choice in this election and that’s Bill Peduto. Jack Wagner has offered exactly zero reasons to vote for him. He has no platform on his website, despite gearing up for this race all year. Apparently people are supposed to back him because he’s a party old head. Contrast that with Bill Peduto who’s released 52 (and counting) detailed and creative ideas for improving Pittsburgh on his campaign blog. One candidate has an actual plan for the future, and the other is hoping he can win based purely on celebrity and name recognition.

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