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Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

While chatter among Democrats has been quiet so far for Pennsylvania’s 2022 Governor’s race, a few Republicans have already formally joined the race and several more are mulling a bid for the statewide office. 

The race for the open seat is well underway among Republicans and has heated up in recent weeks. 

Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

  • Dan Meuser (35%)
  • Charlie Gerow (15%)
  • Scott Martin (15%)
  • Dan Laughlin (11%)
  • Jason Richey (9%)
  • Lou Barletta (8%)
  • Doug Mastriano (4%)
  • Someone Else (1%)
  • Bill McSwain (1%)
  • Nche Zama (0%)
  • Joe Gale (0%)
  • Jason Monn (0%)

Total Voters: 60,212

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Former Congressman Lou Barletta, Charlie Gerow, CEO of Quantum Communications and Vice Chairman of CPAC and the American Conservative Union, Jason Richey, an Allegheny County resident and partner at Pittsburgh’s K&L Gates law firm, Dr. Nche Zama, former Corry Mayor Jason Monn, and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale have all formally announced bids for the statewide office. 

State Sens. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) and Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) announced exploratory committees for Governor earlier this month, while Congressman Dan Meuser (R-Luzerne), state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin), and former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain, are also reportedly weighing a run for Governor.

Although the field is still forming, national outlets agree that the race for the governor’s mansion in 2022 in Pennsylvania is one to watch. 

The Cook Political Report rated Pennsylvania’s Governor’s race as one of three Toss-Ups in the nation in 2022 in its latest ratings, while Sabato’s Crystal Ball has the Keystone State listed as one of five states in their Toss-Up category for 2022. Inside Elections also has labeled PA’s race under it’s “battleground” category.  

So we ask: Who Should Republicans nominate for Governor in 2022? 

The poll will close at 2:00 PM on July 1.

153 Responses

  1. Charlie Gerow would make an amazing gov. He is the only candidate on this list that could both unite the party and have a chance of beating Josh Shapiro in the fall. Lets go Charlie!

  2. Dr. Nche Zama is a womanizing asshole. Just a matter of time everyone will see through his fake smile and lies. He could care less about Pennsylvania. This is all about popularity, his inflated ego and a power trip. He would rather be on the beach with one of his big butt whores like the one he now has on his arm.

    1. These written comments are actually worse than the alleged behavior of Dr. Zama (whom I never heard of).These public comments are an example of the overall moral decline of our society and proper manners. The writer is a hypocrite.

  3. Fascinating that the ranking member of the House Ag Committee, GLEN THOMPSON chose not to endorse either his current or former colleagues, Meuser or Barletta! He endorsed CHARLIE GEROW at the GEROW announcement last week. That says a lot.

    1. GT is an amazing judge of character. His endorsement of Gerow speaks volumes about the mans integrity. I hope Gerow is the nominee!

  4. How many staffers does Meuser have rigging the poll? For someone who was so against voter fraud he seams to utilize it to great effect.

    1. MEUSER IS NOT RUNNING. PERIOD. He already told Barletta he is not running, which is why Barletta is full steam ahead. They are both from the same area so if they both ran they would destroy each other in the Primary. This poll is all about Meuser’s people doing this to give him credibility.

      1. It’s a poll 11 months out…there will be many.Obviously a lot of Meuser supporters participated. What does that say. ?Not sure but apparently a lot of supporters r voting. I do not believe he is not running. I understand redistricting and which seat we lose is a big concern, but there’s time. Lou is not getting traction. Ask around.

  5. This is an easy one! The disgraced Tim Murphy. He doesn’t believe in abortion. There are no exceptions, unless your mistress needs one.

  6. Not one former Meuser staffer has nice things to say about him. A Governor needs to inspire the people around him… not piss them off to the point of them never wanting to return.

  7. This poll is so ridiculous. Clearly only a few people aren’t cheating and having staff flood this thing with votes. Gerow, Mastriano and Martin are the only candidates with consistent vote growth.

    1. Meuser needs to remember John Kennedys advice… “Don’t buy a single vote more than is necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.” Clearly Dan has went on a spending spree to look like he is ahead of candidates who are actually running like Barletta, Mastriano, and Gerow.

  8. Hello, Team Martin4PA!

    Politics PA is conducting a Reader Poll on who the Republican nominee should be for the 2022 Pennsylvania Governor race. Please take a minute to vote for Scott as your favorite potential Gubernatorial candidate!

    1. McSwain is a never-trumper! He kept saying he wasn’t sure he would support President Trump back in 2020. NO MORE NEVER TRUMPERS!

  9. Mcswain all day everyday. He’s got what it takes to take on these crook turds in Philly. Took on soros puppet kkkrasner like a champ. Marine veteran…can’t be bought and paid for. MCSWAIN FOR GOV

    1. You play with your Pickle too much. I say Chicklet mouth, Sweet Lou Baretta.

  10. Anyone of these is better than Wolf’s stooge, AG Josh Shapiro. Shapiro would be just four more years of Tom Wolf.

  11. Doug Mastriano for Gov. Veteran and untiring fighter for the Constitution and freedom from this freakishly oppressive leftist government agenda, watch his videos on fb, proof of everything you’d demand of a true patriotic American and Trump supporter, A return to law and order in PA, respect for life and liberty.

    1. Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office.

  12. Bill McSwain is the perfect candidate. He will bring the same integrity, guts and accountability he brought to the U.S Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He didn’t take any bullshit from the Philadelphia Democrat machine. He never backed down from make Krasner and Kenney accountable for their woke policies and lax enforcement of laws.

    1. McSwain waisted $75,000 of taxpayer money on a personal vanity project — billboards with his face in them around Philly. He also refuses to support the President who appointed him when things got rough and it could hurt his political future in the Southeast. He is a swamp creature if there ever was one.

  13. What a total loser. Dan Meuser Is having his campaign people vote over and over again. Wow! This is so pathetic. Dan’s daddy paid for Dan to become a congressman. We don’t need another trust fund turd in the Governor’s office.

      1. Because he has his family and his interns voting for him repeatedly. We have the texts from one of them asking for more help and how to do it. We will make sure to publish those when the time comes. Absolutely loser.

  14. We’ll see where this race goes. Lou, while a nice guy, had his chance to make a case in the US Senate Race. He could have run hard and lost and be the front runner. He ran a horrible campaign against Bob Casey, who has been a back bench Senator moved from moderate to left winger since getting elected. Lou sees this as an easy primary win, I have yet to hear him say anything of substance.

    1. Agreed. Lou is a good man who, unfortunately, voters have rejected. He had his chance, with every advantage possible, to win state wide and he still lost. Its time for the party to move on to someone who is more in the vein of Toomey than Trump.

      1. Think someone needs to do their research before accusing someone of being an insurrectionist.

    1. Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office.

  15. We have to think ahead to the general. No chance nut jobs like Lou or Doug could possibly win. Need a level-headed guy like Meuser or McSwain.

  16. I live in Berks County and I believe that my Congressman Dan Meuser should run. Dan has fought for the America First agenda and has been successful in the private sector. I would hate to lose Dan in Congress, but he would be an impactful Governor.

    1. Meuser complains about voter fraud while asking people to flood this poll. Hypocrite of the highest degree! We need someone who is actually MAGA not a trust fund career politician who only pretends to be MAGA to win votes.

  17. Lets go Charlie Gerow! I can’t think of a better person to take on Shapiro in the general!

  18. I would encourage everyone to consider Dan Laughlin. He’s got private sector, small business experience and routed his Wolf-backed, Wolf-funded opponent in a blue leaning district. He’s a Republican with wide appeal and would be a refreshing antidote to Shapiro or whomever else they throw our way.

    1. So far, he is the only one not worshipping at the altar of the Orange Traitor, you know, the King of the Golden Showers….. He who is soon to be indicted.

  19. Good grief. If the field is this crowded, we might as well hand Sharpiro the keys to the Governor’s Mansion. In my opinion, we need a moderate candidate to bridge the deep political divides. It seems like we may have more in fighting amongst ourselves though.

  20. Funny, they said the same thing about Stacy Garrity & we see how that turned out. A true conservative, Trump supporter can ( already did – see above) win a State wide Race. That old, tired “Establishment” argument no longer holds water.

  21. The state spoke clearly last year: Far right Republicans won’t win a statewide race anytime soon. Barletta has 45’s kids of death, and Mastriano is in a similar situation. I am curious about Laughlin though. He won re-election last year and outperformed Trump in his district by a substantial margin.

  22. The state spoke clearly last year: Far right Republicans won’t win a statewide race anytime soon. Barletta has 45’s kids of death, and Mastriano is in a similar situation. I am curious about Laughlin though. He won re-election last year and outperformed Trump in his district by a substantial margin.

  23. If we actually care about results, Scott Martin will be our nominee. Senator Martin’s bill ended the Governor’s power. I realize many gave good Facebook Live updates but that is not work and it is not getting things done.

    Scott holds the most bills that became law in the senate in under 4 years of Scott being there.

    When Scott was a county commissioner he actually did reform government and Lancaster County has one of the best financial standings in the entire state because of what Scott got done.

    Scott does NOT take a pension. While others talk about how conservative they are, ask them why they are ok taking a pension when they know the pension system is crippling the state? Republicans love telling everyone else why their pension should be reduced or taken away but they certainly do not walk the walk.

    Scott Martin is a Lancaster County 1st son and that is a huge republican voting block for a primary. Basically, whoever the candidate is will need to tread lightly because even Lancastrians that despise Scott’s politics will not support anyone that attacks him.

    I am sure the other guys are so wonderful and everything else. But if we want to win, we need to vote on results and not feelings. This election is ours to lose and too many people are banking on people that will never win a general election.

    1. Scott Martin is extremely well qualified and would be an outstanding governor. My concern is that he doesn’t have a track record of winning swing votes in general elections. How would he fare against Shapiro in the Philly burbs?

      1. Good question. Scott Martin’s district is a swing-district because it includes all of Lancaster City. Scott actually increased the number of Dems and Independents that voted for him. The press said Scott’s seat was so close and ripe for a democrat candidate. Millions were thrown to the democrat candidate because polls had the election at 2 points. Scott Martin won by 11 points which is a total blow out.

  24. Out with the old in with the new. Dr Zama is not only very respected in the community but also compassionate in his job as a surgeon. His ideas are a fresh start to this failing state. Please vote for him.

    1. No thanks. We don’t need a Narcissistic Dr. We need someone who can get the job done and a true Patriot. Will be voting for Lou.

  25. Doug Mastriano would be Pennsylvania’s best choice for Governor. He has done so much as a Senator and will continue to work for the people.

    1. Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office.

  26. The Republican party needs to unite around one candidate. Mastriano, Gerow, and Martin will take votes from each other in the Primary and none of them will win because of this. They are all from the same area and their Primary vote will be diluted. Barletta has already been around the state and is locking up a ton of endorsements (look at his social media presence). He is outworking all the other candidates and will get the GOP endorsement, which will put him in the driver’s seat going into the Primary. The question is can he beat Shapiro. Time will tell, but he will emerge as the leader amongst all the candidates. The poll is accurate. MEUSER IS NOT RUNNING, BTW.

    1. I am trying to broker these candidates by having John Ventre try to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

  27. Running statewide is great experience and an advantage. It’s obviously helpful in raising money and making contacts for a campaign. Lou Bartletta certainly has a good chance. The poll is close to reality and if you are polling at 6 percent on this poll don’t think others don’t notice. Politics is perception.

    1. Ahh yes this logic holds up well. Let us apply it to other careers too. I love when my pilot previously crashed an airplane, at least they already have experience in the sky! I also get excited for Doctors who have killed patients on the operating table. At least they kept them alive for a little bit. The voters rejected Lou. He lost by over 600,000. I like him a lot but he proved he wasn’t electable. The party needs to move on.

  28. This poll is a JOKE. Campaigns flooding it with votes to manipulate the outcomes. Clearly whoever ends up winning simply spend the most time refreshing their page instead of actually meeting voters.

    1. Wrong. You are like a coach that is losing and is working the refs by saying the polls are wrong. When you find yourself howling about polls you are losing. Any potential candidate polling here at say 6 percent is losing as other political people see the bad numbers which impacts fund raising and getting support in the state.

  29. Charlie Gerow is the clear choice! He has spent his life fighting for conservative values across the country. He is the ONLY candidate in this poll who can beat Josh Shapiro. #CharlieForGovernor

  30. Charlie Gerow is a principled Reagan and Trump conservative with national recognition and who assisted as an attorney in the Texas A.G. election law suit in 2020. He is the one candidate who Shapiro would hate to see in November, and I believe the best fundraiser in the race.

  31. Does anyone actually believe that Scott Martin and Jason Richey are beating Mastriano and Gerow? Seriously? This poll is a JOKE.

    1. Scott Martin is the only person on this poll except Dan Laughlin that dominate in extremely competitive primaries.

      Scott Martin’s bill ended the Governor’s power.

      Thinking that Mastriano or Gerow could win a general election is the JOKE

      1. Fair point on Doug’s electability. However, Gerow is the most bipartisan candidate in this list. He is pro-weed legalization, worked to pass criminal justice reform, and has pledge to support an amendment to limit governors powers.

        1. I mean, Gerow and Martin are probably both decently competitive. Though, Gerow’s immigrant background and Latino roots would make him WAY more competitive statewide. Especially against a silver spooned guy like Shapiro

          1. Gerow will not win over suburban women. Gerow is old and boring. I like Gerow and I agree with most of what he says but he is not appealing.

            Martin wins hands down because the guy is solid and the soccer moms will enjoy watching him speak.

            I don’t make the rules people.

  32. Doug Mastriano has been in the forefront of the pandemic fight. He also went above and beyond to defend and help President Trump. Where have Barletta, Meuser, Martin been during the past 18 months ? I’ll vote for a candidate who served our country honorably, has 4 Masters Degrees, a PHD in history and has published three books. #Mastriano4Governor

    1. Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office. He worships at the altar of the ORANGE TRAITOR….. THE ONE WHO LOVES MOSCOW GOLDEN SHOWERS.

  33. Senator Doug Mastriano is the only choice for Pennsylvania! He is the only one who has stood against the lies and corruption from the left this past year alone. His actions and what he has done for this country (for 30 years) speak much louder than the words of these candidates who are just jumping on board now. We have been in the biggest battle for our country in history and I haven’t heard their voices defend our country or constitution even once. Coming in at the end of the battle after the bloodshed is too late!

    1. Mastriano voted to approve mail in voting. He lied about getting President Trump’s support. Trump’s staff said he hasn’t picked or backed a candidate. He is a 90 day wonder and nothing more.

      1. THIS weak and tired so-called ‘argument’ again. ???? Please tell us which Senate & House Republicans DIDN’T vote for Act 77? ???? Now tell us who else besides Mastriano has introduced Legislation to Repeal no-excuse mail-in ballots? Shall we talk about how he Co-Sponsored the Resolution for a Constitutional Amendment to bring Voter ID to PA? Who set up the Gettysburg hearing which prompted other States to conduct their own hearings? Who flew to AZ to learn from their audit? Who else is calling for a full investigative and forensic audit of the PA election? ????????

    2. Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office.

    1. Barletta lost by over 600,000 votes! He can’t win. We need someone who can bring people together.

      1. Barletta is a joke! The man is by definition a loser! He wasted the GOP’s money and chance to beat Bob Casey. He is as LAZY as they come. WE CAN DO SOOOO MUCH BETTER!

  34. Doug Mastriano all the way.
    Great man. He is a retired Colonel in the Army.
    Loves the Lord and works hard for Pennsylvania.

    1. Don’t you mean loves the Orange Satan? Sorry – Ding Dong Doug is a traitor and insurrectionist. Anyone who upsets the orderly transition of power isn’t fit to serve in elective office.

  35. Scott Martin should be our nominee. He is hard working, fights for us, always has our best intrest in mind and is an amazing leader.

  36. Doug Mastriano hands down is the only true conservative candidate. He has been fighting for the citizens of Pennsylvania from day one of the Governor’s illegal shutdown of our businesses, the closing of our churches & schools & supporting those that have been speaking out as well. We would be lucky to have a man of honor & integrity like Doug Mastriano in the Governor’s office!

    1. Mail in mastriano voted to put into place the voting methods the dems have used to cheat. He is a fake conservative.

  37. Doug mastriano is all around the best candidate for the job, no one else was here for us this whole pandemic and voter pandemic crisis, he’s the constitutional expert governor! We don’t just want him, WE THE PEOPLE, OF THIS REPUBLIC, NEED HIM!

      1. but he isn’t electable statewide. so you are just handing a victory to dems.

        1. Doug can’t win. Plain and simple. Neither can Lou Barletta. If you want Governor Josh Shapiro voting Mastriano or Barletta is a the best way to ensure another lib governor. We need someone who is actually electable.

    1. Do you not realize that Scott Martin wrote the constitutional amendment to limit the governors powers and he’s authored me bills that actually changed the law than any other senator with the small window of time he’s been in the senate?

      1. I agree! Scott Martin has been very active sponsoring and cosponsoring from the moment he started.

  38. Scott Martin! Hands down would win the election against the Democrats! But….that’s not why we should nominate him. Why is because he holds OUR values, he stands up for US, his constituents, he is passionate about his district he represents now, he has the enthusiasm, the drive…… all of those traits are what it takes to be a good leader!

  39. Jim Cawley or some other moderate who can build coalitions across the state.

  40. I believe Lou is the best candidate and the only candidate able to beat the democratic nominee.

  41. I would vote for Mastriano as biggest DBag. He dresses like a dweeb and would get his ass kicked in the General Election. He wears spurs on his dress shoes but is really just all hat and no cattle. He also likes to “big time it” by saying Trump is supporting him. I can’t believe that this idiot served in the Army. He would tell you every state secret he knew within 30 seconds if you just paid attention to him. Total classless loser.

    1. GT has endorsed Gerow. In fact, he believes in Charlie so much that he is the Chairman of Gerow’s campaign! You should check out Charlie.

      1. Don’t know Charlie. Was willing to give him a look until I heard GT was involved. The king Poobah GT is the swampiest, most establishment political tool in the PA GOP. Like a hound dog, GT can smell money a mile away. It’s a shame that what would have been a favorable candidate is now tarnished with GT slime all over him.

        1. LOL clearly you don’t know much about GT. The man’s character is beyond question

      2. GT is an amazing judge of character. If he is supporting someone they have my vote!

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