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Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

While chatter among Democrats has been quiet so far for Pennsylvania’s 2022 Governor’s race, a few Republicans have already formally joined the race and several more are mulling a bid for the statewide office. 

The race for the open seat is well underway among Republicans and has heated up in recent weeks. 

Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

  • Dan Meuser (35%)
  • Charlie Gerow (15%)
  • Scott Martin (15%)
  • Dan Laughlin (11%)
  • Jason Richey (9%)
  • Lou Barletta (8%)
  • Doug Mastriano (4%)
  • Someone Else (1%)
  • Bill McSwain (1%)
  • Nche Zama (0%)
  • Joe Gale (0%)
  • Jason Monn (0%)

Total Voters: 60,212

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Former Congressman Lou Barletta, Charlie Gerow, CEO of Quantum Communications and Vice Chairman of CPAC and the American Conservative Union, Jason Richey, an Allegheny County resident and partner at Pittsburgh’s K&L Gates law firm, Dr. Nche Zama, former Corry Mayor Jason Monn, and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale have all formally announced bids for the statewide office. 

State Sens. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) and Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) announced exploratory committees for Governor earlier this month, while Congressman Dan Meuser (R-Luzerne), state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin), and former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain, are also reportedly weighing a run for Governor.

Although the field is still forming, national outlets agree that the race for the governor’s mansion in 2022 in Pennsylvania is one to watch. 

The Cook Political Report rated Pennsylvania’s Governor’s race as one of three Toss-Ups in the nation in 2022 in its latest ratings, while Sabato’s Crystal Ball has the Keystone State listed as one of five states in their Toss-Up category for 2022. Inside Elections also has labeled PA’s race under it’s “battleground” category.  

So we ask: Who Should Republicans nominate for Governor in 2022? 

The poll will close at 2:00 PM on July 1.

153 Responses

  1. Doug is still praying on whether to run for Governor. God will soon tell him to get on with his life’s work and write another fraudulent military book.

  2. I am so excited to cast my vote for Charlie Gerow! He is a class act. I met him yesterday at an event outside Philadelphia and he was so engaging! I can’t wait to see more from him through out the Campaign!

  3. I have to laugh at all these people who are finger pointing about votes. These comments are coming in the middle of the night which means all of them are associated in some way with one of the candidates. So basically all of these people are angry that each campaign is doing exactly what they accuse the others of doing?

    No one has uttered a word about Gerow or Laughlin’s spikes because they must be irrelevant.

    So the guys we need to pay attention to are clearly Meuser and Martin because neither would garnish this kind of support and hate in the comments if they were not viable candidates and feared by the other candidates and their campaign teams.

    Argue away. I’m just a stupid independent voter. What do I know? That’s right. My kind will decide who the next Governor will be.

    1. Laughlin’s spikes are extremely concerning but at least a bit believable. Conversely, Gerow’s lead has been steadily growing since the poll was opened. Its different. Gerow & Laughlin’s numbers didn’t double in the middle of the night the day before the poll closed. Maybe Meuser and Martin are being called out because they are/were BLATANTLY flooding in votes. Aren’t we the party of personal responsibility? Martin & Meuser got caught rigging the poll. Deflecting attention away from that fact won’t erase what everyone can blatantly see.

  4. It’s 2:00 am and Scott Martin’s vote total continues to climb. Didn’t move at all for 2 days and now it does in the middle of the night. Can you say fraud?!

    1. Who comments at 2:00am if not a candidate who is angry they can’t get votes? That’s actually really pathetic. Oh and I’m just here for the comments. I could careless about the candidates. I do find it laughable that with under 15% of the vote you all are saying some people cheated. Not very good cheats like this Meuser lad.

      1. Ahh yes because going from 7% to 15% in the middle of the night screams “legitimate votes.” You actually expect voters to believe that overnight at 1-2AM enough people decide “Hey, what I need to do right now is vote in the PoliticsPA poll!” To almost double Cheating Scott Martin’s numbers? He took a page right out of Joe Biden’s playbook — put in all your fake votes in overnight! I thought that Martin might have some integrity. However, if he is willing to cheat in some online poll with literally no stakes at all then he is just another ego driven politician. There are very many candidates—Barletta, Mastriano, Gerow, Richey, and McSwain—who have had consistent vote growth without massive, clearly fraudulent, spikes. At least those candidates are maintaining some level of integrity. We need someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. Clearly, Martin dislikes fake voting unless it is at 2AM and for him.

  5. It is so sad how much Martin and other candidates have tried to use fake votes! He clearly flooded the poll with fake votes. SHAME ON YOU SCOTT!!!! The ONLY candidate living up to their speeches about voting integrity is Doug Mastriano! #Mastriano2022 #WalkAsFreePeople

    1. You mean the Facebook senator who only plays a senator of the people on Facebook?

      Yes, “walk as free people” over these police barricades. But also “back the blue.”

      Guy is garbage and people like you are why Shapiro will be Governor. Morons

      1. Scott, you really need to control your anger. You cheated by flooding the poll with votes at 2am to feel good about yourself. Not everyone can have actual supporters like Doug. Good luck beating Josh Shapiro with your thousands of “bots!”

  6. How did Martins totals go up so much in one night? How many unpaid interns did he force to stay up and vote! XD

    1. “Bots” are a hell of thing! It seams like almost every candidate invested in them. Though, not as much as Meuser and Martin clearly did. 5% point swing overnight in a statewide poll? Like they actually thought anyone would buy that as legit? Crazy!

  7. Gerow already looks like a confused old geezer with his messed up hair and mustard stained shirts. Will he even have the energy for a campaign? Gerow is fit to do voice over commercials between his day naps and bedtime bingo.

        1. Ahhh yes, nothing screams “legitimate concern” like saying someone is so old they go to bed around 11 then saying they were up until 2AM. Y’all need to pick some kind of attack.

    1. Personal attacks are the last resort of the desperate. People attacked Reagan the same way they are attacking Gerow. It was an act of desperation then and it is an act of desperation now. I have seen Charlie at events all across the state. I haven’t seen these “younger” candidates at one event. Maybe they need to spend less time online and more time meeting voters.

  8. Go Scottie Martin!
    Asked everyone that came into the restaurant tonight to vote for you! Emailed all of my contacts as well. So glad you are my Senator and would love to call you my Governor!

    Not trying to down anyone else’s candidate but we absolutely love Senator Martin.

    1. You decide to post this at 11PM at night? You think voters are dumb enough to believe one restaurant of voters swung a statewide poll several percentage points? Seriously Scott Martins crew must think we are all idiots. We know all you political hacks cheat on these polls, at least have the forethought not to rush in your votes overnight. SAD!

      1. Do you think that voters are dumb enough to believe that this comment isn’t from a butt hurt candidate? No one is up at 1:00a.m to comment on vote totals but candidates with no movement. No one cares. But I do find it laughable how sad some of you people are and how you can’t get anyone to vote for you. And I’m voting for Dan but laughing at how pathetic you people are.

        1. No one is up at 1AM commenting but THOUSANDS of people are up voting for Scott Martin to almost double his vote total? Yeah, okay. Consistency is hard.

  9. Looks like Charlie Gerow finally went to bed and stopped voting for himself. Must be lights out at the home. I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Gerow. Guy is tacky and unappealing. Give him some apple sauce and change his depends

  10. LOL Scott Martin is so desperate to appear relevant in the race he had his campaign dump in votes over night to raise his standing!

    1. Fake votes from your campaign won’t count when you have to face off against Josh Shapiro in the fall. Maybe Meuser and Martin can start a support group or something.

    2. I’m not on Senator Martin’s campaign and I only voted once because that’s all you can vote. How about you write your real name instead of being an anonymous coward. Let me remind you that no Republican can win a general election if Lancaster stays home on Election Day. Disrespect our senator and you’ll see how relevant Lancaster is.

      Our Senator got more done in his first term in the senate than most get in their entire careers.

      The fact you took the time to comment about him shows how relevant you find him to be as well.

      1. “Vote for our candidate or else we will sabotage the election and allow Josh Shapiro to become governor.” You sound just like all those Never Trumpers who gave us Biden. We need to all come together no matter who the candidate it. Did we learn nothing from 2020???

        1. I thought Biden cheated? Now you MAGA people are admitting that Trump lost because even republicans were sick of him???!

          Making progress.

          1. Nice to know what Scott Martin people think about MAGA voters. Notes.

    3. 1. You do realize that Scott Martin is the only guy on here that’s ever down sized government, correct?

      2. Only guy on here to have dozens of bills signed into law in like one term?

      3. And I’m not on his campaign but I am a proud wrestling mom and our team moms are telling everyone to vote for Scott.

      4. You see in our county, we don’t breed participation trophy children. We breed champions and Scott Martin brought our county a national wrestling championship title and he helps coach my son.

      5. And our county hasn’t had a tax increase in over a decade because of Scott.

      6. Let’s have these fellas debate and compare resumes.

      1. I want a candidate who will run with integrity. Based on this poll, the only one who has any is Doug Mastriano! Martin may well be a good Senator and coach. He still clearly dumped votes into this poll then had his people deflect attention away from that in the comments.

        1. Hahahahahaha!

          Indictment Doug is your “integrity” candidate.

          Barricade hopper?
          Greatest do nothing in the senate?
          HE shames the military every time he speaks.

          Vote for Dan Laughlin.

          1. Awww Scott it’s so sad you need attack a man of true character like Mastriano. You’re so desperate to be a big shot in this race but everyone sees you for the mini man you are. Doug Mastriano is the ONLY candidate running who actually stands up for what he believes and sticks to his principles. Maybe sit down and take notes because you could learn a thing or two from a man like Doug!

  11. From 5-8% to 12% in the middle of the night the day before the poll closes? Gosh, for someone who hates voter fraud Scott Martin sure loves rigging elections. Audit the poll!!!

  12. My vote goes to “Chicklet mouth, Lou Baretta! Why not??!! He is as good as any sacrificial lamb.

  13. Typical politics pa article has like 3-4 comments. Put up something like this all of a sudden there are 100.

    I remember vividly that John Hanger did the same in 2014.

    That’s weird. That’s suspicious.

  14. Douglas Mastriano was the only one who was here for us over the past year. He kept us informed and updated and he taught us so much. He brought us together as family. He is the person we need in the Governor’s seat. Doug is a man of god with character. We need a person who follows god’s direction in his life and Doug is the man who does this. I support Doug Mastriano for Governor of PA.

    1. A man of God? He spends his entire day on Facebook tricking people that he gets anything done. He has done nothing as a Senator but trick kind hearted people into thinking he does anything. The guy is a con artist.

      What bills of his have helped you?
      What bills of his helped end the lock downs?

  15. Why is it so difficult for the PA GOP to have a strong bullpen of potential women to run for offices like this? So tired of seeing a bunch white men. Evolve the party.

    1. As a woman I would say stop looking at the body parts and vote for the strongest person!

  16. So here’s a thought-a lot of folks complaining that Muser has people doing this poll. Maybe instead of critiquing the guy for that, see it as an example that he at least knows how to get shit done to beat others, who lack his drive and killer instincts. If hes having interns vote, who cares? None of the others are ambitious enough to do what it takes to win. Beating Shapiro will be hard. The Rs should pick someone who will figure out how to do what it takes to win.
    I do feel sorry for muser interns though. He has a reputation for being cruel to the staff who work for him. He even got rated as one of the worst to work for in Congress. Why doesn’t politics pa ever cover stuff like that?

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    • No. He should not step aside. (39%)
    • Yes. He should step aside because he can't beat Donald Trump. (15%)

    Total Voters: 231

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