Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

Although Pennsylvania’s next gubernatorial primary isn’t until May 2022, chatter about the Republican race started up after Sen. Pat Toomey released a plan to reopen the state’s economy, fueling fire to the rumor that he is interested in seeking the Harrisburg office

Whether Toomey will run for governor remains to be seen, but the GOP has a deep bench of contenders. Current and former elected Republicans in the state could make a bid.

So we ask: Who Should Republicans nominate for Governor in 2022? 

The poll will close at 9:15 AM on May 6.  


Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?

  • Someone else (46%)
  • G.T. Thompson (13%)
  • Pat Toomey (13%)
  • Mike Turzai (9%)
  • Camera Bartolotta (9%)
  • Jim Cawley (5%)
  • Guy Reschenthaler (3%)
  • Jake Corman (1%)
  • Bill McSwain (1%)

Total Voters: 2,831

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79 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2022?”

  1. The Huckabeast says:

    C’mon G.T. you’re fading down the stretch big guy. Don’t lose to corporation Pat the stooge of the 1%ers at the wire.

  2. Western PA GI Joe says:

    Tom Corbett is still eligible for one more term.

  3. Julius S Robertson says:

    Doug Mastriano has my vote and support

    Declined the perks and is the only one in Harrisburg fighting for us

    1. Wott Scagner says:

      Probably because he has a huge federal pension he’s collecting. Will he release his tax returns?

  4. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Maybe the GOP should just disband in disgrace after giving us Trump.

  5. Montco Resident says:

    There is no option for “fold the party.”

  6. Jeff Hall says:

    Senator Mastriano is the obvious choice… have not seen leadership like this in years

    1. Wott Scagner says:

      I dunno. Reminds me of Scott Wagner – the guy that got 40% of the votes last time.

  7. Charlie Harper says:

    People are forgetting an obvious choice – Joe Scarnati. He’s retiring from the PA Senate this year and served as LT. GOV. That way, come 2023 we will have a Joe as governor and a Joe as president.

  8. Jeremiah Edmondson says:

    Mastriano. Already way ahead of the other senators. Only one calling Wolf out and fighting for our state. Most impressed by his energy and strategy. He runs circles around others and he implements his actions with multiple approaches He described it last night on a FB live and I was like I wish he was governor now,

  9. Jay Baroni says:

    Lynn Swann is rested and ready

  10. Harold Ericson says:

    Sen Mastriano. Watch his FB broadcast tonight. Simply amazing
    Wish he was our Governor

  11. Johnny says:

    Jim Cawley should be the clear favorite. He has the excperience and he’s by far the most electable statewide. Not to mention he could really reform our wasteful state government!!!

  12. Louisa Klein says:

    Senator Doug M is the people’s choice

    He has live Facebook discussions at 8pm every night on his senate page and I like what he stands for

  13. Paul Bradford says:

    Doug Mastriano for Gov

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      Joseph, Joey, Jules, Gerry, Jeremy, Ezra, Linda, Laura, Joedet, Jess… Now Paul… I see what you are doing here. Team G.T. All the way!

  14. Steven says:

    GT Thompson. LOL.

    1. Paul Mango says:

      Only guy “not ready to serve”

  15. Joseph Woods says:

    I’ve been disheartened that virtually none of our senators have stepped up… except Sen Mastriano. He’s the only one stepping out and stepping up. He’s not afraid to call the Gov out, offer reasonable solutions and communicate with his constituents like no one ever has in our state. His nightly FB live events draw some 20,000 people and is a life-line. We have not seen a fearless leader since as far back as I can remember. He’s actually doing what he said he would, imagine that

    I can see him as Gov.

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      Joseph, Joey, Jules, Gerry, Jeremy, Ezra, Linda, Laura, Joedet, Jess…. Etc. I think you are suffering from some sort of multiple personality disorder. It’s ok to advocate for Mastriano if you want, but no need to keep changing your name. NOTE my proper grammatical use of the word “your”.

      Me, I’m Team G.T. All the Way!

      1. Robert Edmondson says:

        Hey friends – Huck – is an anti military guy – he hates our troops – and does not support our military – he’s on record here for the past year spouting derogatory about our men in uniform and any veteran in public service – just so you know

        1. The Huckabeast says:

          Ahh no I haven’t been – Joseph, Joey, Jules, Gerry, Jeremy, Ezra, Linda, Laura, Joedet, Jess, Paul…. now Robert. All I said is Mastriano is Scott Wagner with military medals. Same policies and talking points. Wagner supporters claimed he was the greatest thing to hit Harrisburg when he got elected to the PA Senate. All Wagner wanted was a political launching point to get on the statewide and national scene. Once he bottomed out in the 2018 governor’s race and his past radical statements caught up with him – he’s vanished. I expect this is the same anti-government platform Mastriano is trying to spread. 2/3rds of Americans are done with the anti government BS – we want leaders who are going to build our communities, our infrastructure and help the middle class. That is not what radical right wingers support.

  16. Joey Tartu says:

    Well. Looking at this list. Too many swamp dwellers. Typical Harrisburg

    I’m throwing in for Sen Mastriano. He’s the only only working in Harrisburg and delivering results during this COVID crisis.
    His Subpoena speech today moved me to tears. This guy speaks truth with the sort of conviction that only a veteran knows.
    I’ve served in uniform and proud that he declined the big money in DC to represent us

  17. Snap Crackle and Pop says:

    C’mon everybody, keep the G.T. bandwagon going. A true dark horse from mid-state.

  18. Gerry R. Breit says:

    Mastriano. Hands down. Only guy to get anything done during this crisis. He’s advanced good legislation and is the only reason why the Gov got the subpoena.
    His military experience is really paying off. I respect his life of service.

    My family is military. I really am thankful he’s continue to serve.

    He’s rocking it in the senate. Even the Governor is trolling him.

  19. Melanie Brewer says:

    Senator Dan Laughlin from Erie should be on this list. Passing Sunday hunting gained him half a million votes in a statewide race. Bipartisan, teachers love him, trades love him, and so does the business community. Definitely a rising star in the GOP.

  20. Jake Edward Long says:

    Did you see Sen Mastriano today in the senate???? The senate only happened because of him. That was one one of the most powerful speeches given here in years. I’m putting my bets on him for Gov.

  21. Tony in Delco says:

    Former SEPA Congressman Gerlach?

  22. john says:

    toomey will run for governor. he does not wish to do battle with fetterman for senate.

  23. john says:

    toomey will run for governor. he does not wish to battle fetterman for senate. he will win bc of lots of $$$

    1. charliepont says:

      Toomey may run for Governor but not because he is afraid of Fetterman.

  24. The Huckabeast says:

    Mastriano is Scott Wagner with military medals. At this time we need people running for elective office, especially the executive branch / governor, who understand that county, state and federal government should be used to build community and infrastructure and bring prosperity to the middle / working class. The days of the far right, corporate welfare and give aways to the wealthy are OVER. In 1961 – Ike properly warned “beware the military industrial complex”.

    1. Jules Amberg says:

      Huck – Your nothing but a slim bag lazy lib – you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about Everyone on this sight things your a creep – and the worst thing you can do is to degenerate someone’s service. Your a total clown

      What’s troubling is that you piss on his honorable service – something that any normal American respects – the more you appear on PA Politics the clearer it is that your a misinformed and delusional fool

      Have you met mastriano? Have you read his bio? Have you seen what he’s done that past year in the senate? Obviously not You clearly have no clue about anything – go back to playing fortnight with your baby brother

    2. Jeremy J Arnold, Jr says:

      Hahahahahahah – you are a fool… Huckabeast –

      Eisenhower was a senior army officer – folks like you have no idea what he said means. LOLOLO – your a Biden without medals and half his wits

      You are out of touch – go back to dreaming about your gal Rachel Madow

    3. Ezra Johns says:

      Hucksbeast. What a dumb name. Obviously you picked this name to make up for manly short comings.

  25. Robert B, Sklaroff says:

    Regarding Toomey, it is unlikely he would run simultaneously for two statewide positions.

    Regarding Mango, he was always a gentleman, even when challenged [by me] for supporting ObamaDon’tCare.

    Regarding Cawley, it seems he’s quite content in his current spot with Temple U.

    It would seem that Turzai would be positioned to seek this, particularly when he’s entertained the prospect previously.

    I have no “horse” in this race, but wish to reply to the prior posts that were cogent [rather than tangential, too often what occurs on a site where anonymity obscures accountability].

  26. Howard A. Cohen says:

    Pat would not, as a matter of law, need to resign Senate seat to run for governor. As a practical matter, might be different outcome, BUT Democratic Wolf would then appoint a Democratic replacement and that would not be good for the Commonwealth or for the Nation.


  27. Joedet says:

    Senator Paul Mastriano has been working harder and getting more done than any other Politician I know. No he is not my senator but looks out for the whole state.

    1. Joedet says:

      Sorry I meant Senator Doug Mastriano

  28. Vito says:

    Jim Cawley is the most qualified and would attract a qualified cabinet. He is also a good family man.

  29. Jason A says:

    Senator Mastriano. Highly decorated 30 year combat veteran of Iraq snd Afghanistan

    1. Linda Mae says:

      I have a serious crush on him especially when in uniform A humble and kindhearted man who did not lose gentleness despite going off to war
      He’s my idea of Captain America

  30. Paul Mango says:

    Ready to serve.

    1. Tom Ato says:

      Paul, you aren’t ready to serve burgers at a drive-thru window. You have the personality of a rock. And not like a nice, decorative rock used for landscaping. But a rock that is jagged and has a bunch of mud on it.

      1. Jess Roberts says:

        Rather unkind. I did not support or vote for him but please keep it real.

  31. Rob hemmingen says:


    I’ve been concerned that Politics PA was out of touch… sorry to say the list you provided proves it…

    and you have no clue what Sen Mastriano is doing and the growing following he has. The dude has risen to the top in this mess – hope you check him out

    1. Laura Belle says:

      I agree. His nightly Facebook live usually has over 1,000 live viewers. How could politics pa be so out of touch not to know

  32. Frank says:

    Maybe Raja will take a shot at this. It’s been a whole year since he ran for something.

  33. TRUMP2020 says:

    Shouldn’t fmr Sec of Revenue and current congressman Dan Meuser be on this list? strongest member of R delegation

    1. Dog says:

      Ask all of Dans mistresses why he isn’t.

  34. Blue PA Continues says:

    I thought Jim Cawley would have been “someone else”. Hes the only one from SE PA and can attract Ds, moderates, and Rs.

    Good luck with those picks though.

  35. Jacob Neyers says:

    Senator mastriano has demonstrated great leadership and selfless service above all these in this crisis.

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      Ahhh no, he’s a TeePee’er that has received all kinds of military benefits but says he wants smaller government. We don’t need anyone as governor who fails to accept government should be making communities and society better for all. And isn’t he just a Wagner clone.

      1. Lou Jennings says:

        Huckabeast the petulant – the left leaning troll who never did anything for his country but grow fat off of the sacrifices of others. And cast aspersions at those who defended his freedoms… Typical self-righteous lefty

        Aren’t you just a an Anthony Weiner clone?

      2. Pam Williams says:

        You’re an idiot. The guys a freakin war hero you gutless piece of crap

      3. SergeantDavid says:

        Huckleberry. Jerk. I served And it’s cost me a lot physically. I honor all who served and give them my respect.

        Obviously your an ingrate snd sit around thinking more than you should of yourself
        What the hell would you know loser

        Crawl back into your mother’s basement
        You are what’s wrong in Penn.

  36. CentPA says:

    Sen. Doug Mastriano or Paul Mango

    1. Mark from Collegeville says:

      Ok these comments are skullduggery. Mango? Seriously that’s a water ice flavor not a Gov. Turzai? Talk about being washed up in Aqua Water. #fraud. Toomey the anti gunner , really? I mean these names are not only out of touch they beg for a reality. Nominate the milk man he has a better chance. If it’s Bartolotta does that make Deweese the first man ? Well he kinda already was first man.

  37. Gov? says:

    GT is a dirtbag. He was making fun of a combat wounded veteran in Congress this year. A lot of Rs know it and lost respect for him. They will not support him. If Rs were smart they’d pick a female and maybe finally win something.

  38. MontCo Courthouse says:

    How is Senator Mike Regan not on this list? Looking more gubernatorial every single day.

    1. Open PA Up! says:

      Real shame of closing the government is that Regan will now have to pay for a motel room to entertain instead of his office. Let’s hope he at least uses campaign funds instead of taxpayers’.

  39. The Huckabeast says:

    I vote GT – because…

    1. J cool says:

      You’re an overweight troll ???

  40. DPW says:

    State Senator Dan Laughlin from the Erie area needs to be added to the possibles.

    1. Howard Jefferson says:

      Way to liberal. He votes against every pro life bill. No thanks. Too many RINOs out there and they never deliver.

  41. Jake says:

    As far as Toomey is concerned, my guess is that if Biden is elected President this November, 2022 would look to be a very good Republican year so he might try it. If Trump somehow wins this November, he better stay put and run for re-election.

  42. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    None of them are worth shit, but I chose TurdsEye because it would be such fun to criticize him daily as he goes down to defeat.

    1. Huh says:

      I know what you mean. I love watching you fumble around posting your opinions when you thought Stack was a Republican.

  43. WTF says:

    The sad decline of this site continues. How the hell does an “insider” site not even know who is actually in the mix and who isn’t? Turzai, Corman, and Reschenthaler are nonstarters. They have ZERO interest. (Turzai did, but not anymore). Meanwhile, Mango and Barletta DO have a strong interest and would be as formidable as anyone on this list. Smart money is on Mango if he pulls the trigger because of money and geography.

    1. Camb Ria says:

      Mango burned too many bridges the last time around.

    2. Huh says:

      Yea. Maybe he can put that old Corbett team from Pittsburgh back together and take another trip to crash and burn.

    3. SweetMike says:

      Barletta is bigly overrated. He’s lazy. Blamed his team. Blamed Trump all over PA for not doing enough for him when he ran for senate. Blamed the RNC. Big blamer. He and HRC should have a blame party.

    4. Joedet says:

      The “insiders” need to look at Senator Paul Mastriano. It is amazing the following he is creating by doing his job.

      1. Joedet says:

        Sorry I meant Senator Doug Mastriano

        1. Hammertime says:

          Senator Doug Mastriano

      2. Laura Lehman says:

        He’s the only one on the senate leading during this crisis. He’s fearless. Engaged and is the voice of the people

        There has not been anyone like him in PA politics in years.

  44. Robert B, Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    He would have to relinqush his incumbent Senatorial seat and, thus, it would appear unlikely that he would seek the gubernatorial nomination; it would seem “safer” to run for re-election than to lose national seniority.

    1. Howard A. Cohen says:

      Dr. Sklaroff continues to say Senator Toomey would have to “relinquish his incumbent Senatorial seat” to run for Governor. Pennsylvania has no such requirement.
      The problem is that Pat would win and then Governor Wolf would appoint a Democrat
      to fill Pat’s seat. That would not be good for the Senate, for Pennsylvania, nor the Nation.


      1. Vinny Bartelloni says:

        Excellent point. We need him to stay where he is

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