Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for U.S. Senate in 2022?

The battle for control of the U.S. Senate may come down to the Keystone State in 2022. 

Due to GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s decision to not seek a third term, candidates on both sides of the aisle have already begun to line up, while some are still mulling a run for the important race.

The Republican Party race to succeed Toomey is well underway. 

Jeff Bartos, a Montgomery County real estate developer who was the GOP Lt. Governor nominee in 2018, launched his campaign in March. Kathy Barnette, a veteran and conservative commentator who was the GOP nominee for Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District in 2020, declared her candidacy for the statewide race the following month. 

Sean Parnell, a combat veteran and author who was the GOP nominee for the 17th Congressional District in 2020, launched his campaign in May, while Carla Sands, former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark during President Donald Trump’s administration joined the race earlier this month. 

In addition to those candidates, who are currently widely-viewed as the GOP frontrunners, there are several other candidates that have filed for the race. 

According to the FEC, Sean Gale, an attorney, Everett Stern, a businessman and HSBC whistleblower, Craig Snyder, a political consultant and former chief of staff to Sen. Arlen Specter, James Edward Hayes, John Debellis, Martin Rosenfeld, and Robert Jeffries have also filed statements of candidacy.

Reader Poll: Who Should Republicans Nominate for U.S. Senate in 2022?

  • Sean Parnell (48%)
  • Jeff Bartos (35%)
  • Kathy Barnette (17%)
  • Someone Else (0%)
  • Craig Snyder (0%)
  • Carla Sands (0%)
  • Sean Gale (0%)
  • Everett Stern (0%)

Total Voters: 108,727

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Although the field is not finalized, pundits nationwide agree that the race in Pennsylvania is up for grabs. 

For the fourth consecutive ratings update, CNN placed Pennsylvania’s seat as the most likely to flip parties in the 2022 election in it’s latest Top 10 rankings released on July 5. 

The Hill placed Pennsylvania atop their most likely to flip U.S. Senate seats in 2022 in a story published in late May.  

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball rated Pennsylvania’s Senate race in 2022 as the lone Toss Up of the cycle in its initial ratings, the Cook Political Report listed Pennsylvania’s race as one of two states that are considered to be Toss Ups, and Inside Elections labels the Keystone State as a “Battleground” for the 2022 Senate election.

So we ask: Who Should Republicans nominate for U.S. Senate in 2022? 

The poll will close at 12:00 PM on July 27.

44 Responses

  1. Kathy Kathy Kathy. She is the woman for the job because of her patriotism in the long term, her charismatic and engaging personality, and her ability to speak to all Pennsylvanians and impress them with why being a constitutional conservative is the DNA of Pennsylvania and America writ large… I was ready to go with Kathy when she walked to Gettysburg battlefield and talked about who we are and where we need to go. Kathy is the perfect woman for these troubled times with her ability to Bring many disparate interests together!

  2. Craig Snyder – because it’s time to reject the spineless, dishonest political hustlers who grovel for the endorsement of the divisive 75 year old uber narcissist.Trump is a bottom feeding populist RINO who’s changed party affiliation SIX times. He is poison to the Republican party and the nation. Any half decent candidate could’ve beaten geriatric,bumbling Joe. Dump Trump , nominate actual “Republicans” and the party will retake the house, Senate and White House over the next big three years. Stick with Trump.and watch both the party and the nation go up in flames….literally.

  3. Kathy is my candidate! She’s smart and understands what Pennsylvania and the country really needs!! She also has the power to win statewide! You can count on Kathy!

    1. I vote for Kathy Barnette, heard her speak at a rally, she is informed and has so much love for her country and is a great inspiration to all ages. She surely has experienced the American dream!

  4. Kathy B seems to have the most potential in the general election. She is extremely personable and has a great story to tell.
    Bartos is unappealing and feels like I’m told to like him but have no reason to. There is no value proposition other than not a democrat?
    Parnell is appealing to most conservatives but he has an electability problem when it comes to a statewide race.
    Sands is an interesting dark horse option but may not be able to connect with regular PA’ians.

  5. Sean Parnell is a true American Hero and someone who will always put America and Pennsylvania First! If you want someone who will fight for election integrity, protect our constitutional rights, stand up to the radical left and so much more. Sean Parnell is that guy! Sean Parnell is a voice for the forgotten men and women of Pennsylvania and stands proudly with our great hard working families all across Pennsylvania! Sean proudly has my vote and support! We’re going to Win Pennsylvania and Save America! Let’s take our country back with a true fighter in Sean Parnell for United States Senate ! May God Bless and God Bless America ????????

  6. I will vote Kathy Barnette! And We need to Audit PA… Voter Integrity! Everyone knows Trump won and the election was stolen! Trump crushed it! Go Kathy!

  7. Are any of these candidates going to listen to the American people? Are any of them interested in what we have to say? So far none of them have shown me any desire to do so. If any of them stand with Mitch McConnell I’m out!

    1. If anyone is concerned with Kathy Barnette I would suggest reading her book. PA needs Kathy!!

  8. Kathy Barnette is a true conservative who will fight for election integrity, stand up against abortion, support law enforcement and school choice. She has my vote!

  9. Kathy Barnett has my vote! She is a fighter. She won’t back down or be bought. Not trusting Parnell- he’s marketing as book and is a smooth talker on radio shows.

    1. Right with you! Kathy will bring back commonsense solutions because we know Washington DC ideas are from another planet.
      …..and Kathy is a fighter for you and me….not big government.

    2. KATHY of course but the PA GOP will let us down again. PA GOP has no interest in what voters want. We elected KATHY for 4th district despite GOP. PA GOP is putting Parnell in and we have no choice. PA GOP is as bad as Dems. PA GOP sold us out long ago.

      1. If they won’t support Kathy, then we shouldn’t support them. Make donations to the candidate not the party. Clearly they don’t listen to the people.

    3. Kathy of course! Pity the PA GOP wont let her be our candidate. I do not want sell out Sean Parnell.

  10. How do we know that votes in Pennsylvania will be actually counted as they were voted. It did not happen in 2020. We will be hearing about an audit soon and this will be proven to be true. Philadelphia has always had extra votes and people whenever left their house or grave that has voted in every election. PA needs to make sure that this does not happen in 2022 then these candidates above will have a fair chance to win.

  11. Election integrity is important, but it is a state issue. Feds need to let this to states.

  12. It was between Carla and Sean Parnell for me, until I read that Carla did not mention election integrity at all at her campaign kickoff event speech in Mechanicsburg this week. It’s not mentioned on her website either. Election integrity is a very important topic. Sean’s website has his stance clearly put on his website.

    Sean is my preferred candidate as of today.

  13. It was between Carla and Sean Parnell for me, until I read that Carla did not mention election integrity at all at her campaign kickoff event speech in Mechanicsburg this week. It’s not mentioned on her website either. Election integrity is a very important topic. Sean’s website has his stance clearly put on his website.

    Sean is my preferred candidate as of today.

    1. “Election integrity”? Do you mean VOTER SUPPRESSION? Banning all Trumpsters from voting would be a good ides.

        1. Prove what you state- democrats suppress people. Prove it is with science, not a statement without factual substantiation.

          1. Love that! How can Democrats worried about suppression when they were digging up the dead to vote????

      1. Don’t you have a bridge to go hide under somewhere. Maybe harass some billy goats….

  14. This is an easy one. The honorable Tim Murphy should be everyone’s choice.

  15. Bartos has a chance. Parnell is the Titanic! If he gets the nomination Fetterman needs to start DC apartment hunting.

      1. Bartos is NOT a loser!! In fact, he is probably the only Republican who can retain Senator Toomey’s seat for our GOP.
        Jeff is smart, knows the Commonwealth well, and will act in a responsible, thoughtful way.
        Republicans who want a winner should support Jeff Bartos for the U.S. Senate.

        1. Jeff Bartos IS a loser. He already lost to Fetterman by over 855,000 back when Fetterman was a nobody. If he is the nominee, he’ll be destroyed even worse than last time

    1. Mr. Landon is correct. Bartos is the only Republican who can run well in the collar counties of Philadelphia and retain traditional GOP counties across the Commonwealth.

  16. How will hard line Trumpster Parnell flip enough D votes in Philadelphia to win statewide? Some of these other candidates may be much more equipped to do so and win the general election.

    1. I don’t think this survey did not gather much attention beyond the Parnell campaign.

      Check out Kathy Barnette, she has my vote.

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