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Reader Poll: Who Should Run the Department of Health and Human Services?


Reader Poll 1Facing a massive budget deficit, Governor Tom Wolf announced a plan to merge four state agencies.

Wolf announced that the Departments of Aging; Drug and Alcohol Programs; Health; and Human Services would be folded into one. It will be called the Department of Health and Human Services.  

(The plan requires legislative approval but so far the response from Republican lawmakers has been positive).

The question for our readers is, assuming the merger takes place, which one of the four department leaders should take the helm?

The poll will be open until noon on Feb. 7.


Who should run the newly merged Department of Health and Human Services?

  • Dr. Karen Murphy, Secretary of Health (41%)
  • Ted Dallas, Secretary of Human Services (39%)
  • Teresa Osborne, Secretary of Aging (15%)
  • Jennifer Smith, Acting Secretary of Drug and Alcohol Programs (5%)

Total Voters: 664

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11 Responses

  1. whatever choice for tom wolf makes for this merged position and I will support him and that person all the way I can.

  2. or maybe for the other 3 might run for a political office in 2018 or in the feature.

  3. I think for ted dallas should be the right choice and have the other 3 people is to work for Tom Wolf’s reelection campaign in 2018.

  4. I share the worries about Wolf’s choice to head DHHS. He has lots of toadies that he’d like to reward. But Isuspect few of them have the bureaucratic skills needed to put the new DHHS together and make it work. This is a task beyond the capabilities of the ordinary political clients who infest the capital.

    Wolf has to get his proposed DHHS approved by the legislature’s Republican leadership. What support he has garnered from them so far could be endangered if he nominates someone who fails at basic management skills. A poor choice for DHHS could backfire on state legislators who wouldn’t want to be blamed for their part in a bureaucratic failure in the 2018 elections. And Wolf needs some accomplishments for his own re-election campaign. Perhaps a final deal will result in someone competent being put in charge.

  5. No fear some unqualified wolfpack will get a transfer, just keep moving them before they show the press finds them. Or get Tommy arrested while playing politics.

  6. That Ted Dallas photo is really photoshopped. That picture looks more like Alan Kennedy Shaffer than Ted Dallas.

  7. Wolf will pick another Rendell hack trying to get back to bump her/his state pension. So let’s stop acting like he would ever choose a young fresh professional with a great resume. Or someone from the energy industry.

  8. Perhaps “none of the above” might be the best answer. If Governor Wolf wants an effective DHHS he should put the new agency under a capable adminstrator, someone who can make it work effectively. And the new DHHS head should be someone Wolf not only trusts but who knows he or she has the Governor’s support in the event of bureaucratic or other problems. It certainly won’t be an easy job. Let’s hope Wolf picks someone up to the job, as the DHHS will touch so many Pennsylvanians’ lives. The drug mission alone is likely to grow markedly in the coming years.

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