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Reader Poll: Who Should the Democrats Nominate for Governor?

PA-Governor-Mansion2We are just a week away politicos.

Only seven days separate us from Election Day and the most high-profile contest is of course the Democratic primary for Governor.

Tom Wolf, a businessman and former Department of Revenue Secretary, has held a solid lead for a few months now but has been the recent subject of a myriad of negative attacks.

Rob McCord, the commonwealth’s State Treasurer, has accumulated the most endorsements from state, party, and union officials yet has chosen to accuse Wolf of lacking leadership in his handling of the Charles Robertson affair.

Allyson Schwartz, an influential Congresswoman, was the early front-runner but fell behind as her campaign remained silent as Wolf skyrocketed in the polls. Now, she contends Wolf is not ready and untested in contrast to herself.

Finally Katie McGinty, the former Department of Environmental Protection, has run a positive campaign throughout and is hoping the recent discord in the race will redound to her benefit.

So, we ask you our readers, who should the Democrats chose as their nominee for Governor?

Who should Democrats nominate for Governor?

  • Rob McCord (37%)
  • Tom Wolf (36%)
  • Allyson Schwartz (17%)
  • Katie McGinty (10%)

Total Voters: 2,135

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11 Responses

  1. @david just tring to make it a little fun.all of us who follow politics knows this race was over 4 weeks ago.wolf will win pretty easily.

  2. frank-
    If Rob’s staffers are scrambling to post votes for him on this online poll, that’s less time they are spending on GOTV. PoliticsPA readers aren’t going to fooled by Rob’s campaign tripling its typical poll rating while Wolf remains in the high 30’s and Schwartz hasn’t moved at all.

  3. Some of worst neg. ads ever run. McCord/Schwartz should be ashamed of themselves.

    How bad are these ads attacking Wolf?

    I doubt Corbett is going to use them against Wolf in November. That is DAM bad.

    And Corbett’s hit piece on Wolf is just as bad.

    Its OK to compare and contrast and to dredge up the Big Ugly, when its relevant…if McCord and Schwartz style of governing is similar to their campaign set pieces, they have disqualified themselves from ANY office.

    I do like how Wolf did NOT allow much daylight between the dirt and telling the voters the truth and nothing but the truth.

  4. Not worried at all. Just celebrating the Wolf momentum. Everyday Wolf is getting new endorsements and support from across Pennsylvania.

    And more and more Pennsylvanian’s see McCord for the arrogant bully he is.

  5. From Post-Gazette:

    Sen. Vincent J. Hughes, the longest serving state senator in Philadelphia”s delegation, is endorsing Tom Wolf for governor.

    A Hughes endorsement would be welcome in any statewide Democratic race. He is the ranking Democrat on the senate Apprropriations Committee and a former chair of the Legislative Black Caucus. But it is particularly noteworthy in the context of the campaign’s recent cut and thrust as state Treasurer Rob McCord, most recently in a debate Monday night, has accused Wolf of racial insensitivity and failure of leadership over his ties to a former York mayor who was forced from the ballot in 2001 after being indicted, though later acquitted, as an accomplice to the murder of a black woman in a notorious race riot in York in 1969.

    Hughes, along with York’s current mayor, Kim Bracey, who is also an African-American, is among several black leaders who seem unpersuaded by the McCord critique.

  6. State Senator Vincent Hughes and Philly Tribune announced endorsement of Tom Wolf today.

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