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Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Attorney General?

081025_gop_logoLast week, we asked who the Republicans should nominate next for Governor.

This week, we’re asking who they should nominate next for Attorney General.

Kathleen Kane is in the midst of a serious scandal and could very well face a primary challenge. As a result, the AG position could be the biggest opportunity for the GOP in 2016.

The Republican Party has a deep bench of potential candidates who may want to take the leap into statewide office.

So we ask you our readers, who should the GOP pick?

Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Attorney General?

  • Jack Whelan (31%)
  • Bruce Castor (30%)
  • John Rafferty (8%)
  • Pat Meehan (8%)
  • Todd Stephens (7%)
  • Ron Castille (6%)
  • Dave Freed (5%)
  • Mike Turzai (4%)
  • Tom Hogan (3%)

Total Voters: 1,346

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11 Responses

  1. Agreed, Jon. It clearly needs to be someone from the Southeast.

    PoliticsPA might want to use a different kind of survey. The “Vote” button doesn’t seem to work.

  2. It needs to be someone from the Southeast so Meehan, Castor, Rafferty, Stephens, Whelan and Hogan should be considered. I doubt Meehan is interested in leaving Congress for state Attorney General. Castor and Rafferty are disliked by members of their own party. Stephens, Whelan or Hogan are all solid choices. Whoever it is will have much more experience than the inevitable Democratic Candidate, Josh Shapiro.

  3. Bruce Castor: “You don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring out how to [screw} others.”

    No abuse of power is too large for this faux-Machiavellian jerk to perpetuate in order to exact political retribution against his perceived enemies. He makes Kathleen Kane look like Snow White.

  4. Bruce Castor would by far be the best choice but Jack Whelan may also be a good pick.

  5. And I’ll probably get some crap from the hillbillies living in the rest of the state about my double use of “already” while they fail to acknowledge the truth in my statement.

  6. If it wasn’t already clear already that all the greats come from the SouthEast, it is now. Except Castor. We’d rather not claim him.

  7. Don’t you know better than to include Bruce Castor with this group of nobodies, never was’s, and never will be’s? He is head and shoulders and then some above everyone else on this list. Just ask him…he will tell you.

  8. How many times did Bruce Castor call you to make sure you ran this poll and make sure his name was on it?

  9. hahaha John Rafferty. Didn’t he want to be a PA Supreme Court justice last week? I wouldn’t mind seeing him retired.

  10. Where is the option for someone else in this poll? How about Lancaster County’s outstanding district attorney Craig Stedman. He would be an excellent choice.

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    Total Voters: 112

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