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Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Lt. Governor

Although not as high profile as the other Keystone State races … we’d like to hear your opinion on the lieutenant governor’s race.

Who do you think should be the Republican Party nominee for lieutenant governor?

Candidates are listed in the order they will be listed on the primary ballot.


Clarice Schillinger is Executive Director of Back to School PA

James Jones is CEO of Silverback Commodities.

Rick Saccone is a former state representative.

John Brown is a Northampton County council member.

Chris Frye is the mayor of New Castle, Pa.

Jeff Coleman is a political consultant and former state representative.

Russ Diamond is a state representative in the 102nd district.

Carrie DelRosso is a state representative in the 33rd District.

Teddy Daniels is a private security consultant.



So, who do you like? The poll remains open until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 24.


Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Lt. Governor?

  • Rick Saccone (53%)
  • Teddy Daniels (26%)
  • Jeff Coleman (5%)
  • Russ Diamond (4%)
  • Clarice Schillinger (4%)
  • Carrie DelRosso (3%)
  • Chris Frye (2%)
  • James Jones (1%)
  • John Brown (1%)

Total Voters: 1,952

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47 Responses

  1. Daniels worked in the pot business and lost a lost enforcement job…check out why! His honorable past is dubious. Look into the truth.

  2. I do not know which Lt. Governor candidate to support. My Republican Ward Leader has not decided yet.

  3. Both frontrunners appeared @ a voter integrity event in Newfoundland, PA, with Saccone promoting his book and Daniels now promoting his having been endorsed by Mastriano.

    Jane Toal’s comments reflect the impression received during a brief chat with Saccone, and Daniels has been unfairly maligned by [former Tea Party pal] Diamond; Coleman attacking Mastriano/Daniels was not justified.

    If memory serves, Schillinger won the PLC straw-poll and Jones has been a stalwart conservative for years; I don’t know the others, although it was too chilly to remain in the PLC tent Friday-PM long enough to ID and then to x-examine anyone who had shown-up.

    1. Teddy didn’t even go to PLC and he lost the straw poll by one vote

      Coleman and Frye were pathetic in their video

  4. The only candidate worth considering is Dr. Saccone! He served this country faithfully for 20+ years in the USAF. He has a track record of doing the right things for the right reason in the House of Representatives (looks at his voting record and the bills that he sponsored). He has been there and done that! He is NOT your typical politician running on lies and empty promises! He has a track record of conservatives views and principles! He even went so far as to build a Constitution and Godly Heritage center above his garage to help educate and inform everyone on the Christian influence of our founding. A vote for anyone else is a vote for the status quo. We are so far down the wrong path, that it will take someone of Dr. Saccone’s courage and commitment to right the wrong!

  5. Schillinger, Frye, or DelRosso would be my preferences.

    Daniels or Jones would probably be fine as well.

    Not a fan of Saccone or Diamond. Steer clear.

    Don’t know who Brown, Jones or Coleman are.

  6. Teddy Daniel’s is a war hero, and an honorable man. A good family man, and a man you can count on and trust.
    Teddy is like everyone else.
    Tired of the system. Tired of the politics. And Tired of the BS Pennsylvanians deal with daily.
    He is honest, trustworthy, and will fight for the little guy.
    Teddy Daniel’s is who WE need in office.
    Noone is better for the job

  7. Pennsylvania needs someone who will have boots on the ground to help make this state best state of the 50 states Teddy has that ability to do this. Teddy will not be sitting behind a desk Teddy will be out taking care of issues that need to be handled. Teddy has promised to be our EMPLOYEE and not your typical Politician who is all talk and no action

    1. If you think the Lt. Gov has the power or the ability to do any of that, you’re an imbecile.

  8. Snow, wind and rain. That sounds like the bogus Dem forecast for the future of PA if GOP are in govt. Truth is that GOP brings more good govt to PA without racism and demagoguery that Dems espouse.

  9. We love the 3 Amigos for PA Doug M , Kathy B , Ted D. they are America first patriots. We must stop this CRT, Anti freedom , anti Christian wave that has over taken PA. We need leaders who are leaders not rinos and bought and paid for scum.

  10. Ted Daniels is the only one for the job. He will fight for the people and will not go down without a fight.

  11. Teddy is General Patton, Hulk Hogan, and Thomas Paine rolled into one human being. We are lucky to have him. GO TEDDY

    1. This assertion may be the silliest I’ve ever read. WoW. Bonus points for the sheer absurdity of it all.

  12. Without question, Teddy Daniels is the man for the job during this critical time in Pennsylvania history. He is a true conservative with intelligence, integrity, energy and the backbone to secure our liberty & freedom.

  13. Teddy was the only one to stand up and fight right by the side of parents instead of just tweeting about it during the pandemic and so on. He has a background which proves him to be an overcomer who can handle tough situations without breaking or backing down. He’s a loving husband and father. A family man who is dedicated on making sure he can do everything he can to make sure this is the best damn country to live in.
    Teddy is not a “career” politician, just a man who wanted to live his life and raise his family in peace.

  14. A veteran who fought for our country n Was Wounded has my vote over anyone else. Teddy Daniels is a Christian, a patriot, husband, and father who loves his country and not afraid of the political wimps. This man will right the wrongs end of story

  15. Doctor Rick Saccone is the only candidate that has a proven and impeccable record while serving as a Public Servant in the House of Representatives. His virtue and integrity is nothing less then admirable; and his extraordinary leadership, experience, and content of character is of the highest quality. Dr. Saccone emerged after hand-crafting his… free of charge to the public with lunch included… Constitution and Godly Heritage Discovery Center on his home property, due to the downward spiral that our Commonwealth has fallen into. With a Christ-centered campaign, we can “Make Pennsylvania Godly Again” and resurface to our Founding Father’s intent.

    With his honesty and transparency, we will live in the realm of Liberty and Freedom. He once again will serve the people and be a true servant!

    1. hahahahhaaha Doctor Rick Saccone. Aint no one with a brain who wants anything to do with that quack.

    2. I am a 20-year combat veteran and Dr. Saccone has my vote hands down! There is no one else that I would love to have as my Lt Gov besides Dr. Saccone!

  16. Jeff Coleman understands the job is to be a coalition builder. His experience and push for civility will serve him well in this role. MOST of the other candidates seem to have their own agendas and don’t understand the role. Also as a Phillipino-American, he has a welcomed perspective needed in the PAGOP.

    1. Teddy Daniels has proven his grit and loyalty to this country he is by and large what this state needs

    2. Rick Saccone’s wife Yong is Asian American, so if Mr. Coleman being Phillipino gives him some kind of perspective I guess Rick has the same thing going for him.

  17. My vote is for Jeff Coleman. Saccone was mugging for a selfie with Ding Dong Doug on January 6th so he’s an Insurrectionist and is disqualified per the US Constitution. Unsteady Teddy is out because he’s part of the MAGA cult.

    1. Not really, he is a fake. couldn’t cut it at the federal level, so he backs down to the state level.

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