Reader Poll: Who Should The Republicans Support For Governor?

sad corbettAlthough Governor Tom Corbett is preparing to run again in the 2014 gubernatorial election, recent polling numbers show that he does not possess the advantage typical of incumbent politicians.

In a recent poll from Public Policy Polling, Republican voters in Pennsylvania said they would prefer “someone else” for the governorship by a margin of 49% to 37%.

The names Tom Smith and Bruce Castor were both floated as potential challengers for Governor Corbett in a primary race.  This week, Smith’s 2012 campaign spokesperson said that the Senate hopeful “has no plans to run for governor.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor has been busy lately, meeting with conservatives in many parts of Pennsylvania and even launching a website.  All signs indicate that he is serious about running against Corbett for the Republican nomination.

Who should the Republicans support for governor?

  • Bruce Castor (44%)
  • someone else (29%)
  • Tom Corbett (28%)

Total Voters: 854

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46 Responses

  1. Doctor, challenging the Governor in the primary only serves to suck up resources that he needs in the fall. I say again; problems aside, Governor Corbett is the best hope of conservatives and moderates in our party. The legislature is about as trustworthy as congress so I see no value sucking up to that group. Blair, balanced budgets without tax increases and new PA employers are the type of accomplishments we need in this state. Consider especially the financial position of the state after 8 years of Rendell. Pray, doubters you are not relying on the honour of AG Kane, who came into office with the expressed intent of hurting the Republican Governor. Will a Democrat Governor give you what you really want? Why work to elect one then?

  2. Pat Meehan clearly can put up quite the margin in Delaware County and I bet he’d play well in blue collar areas across the state. He’d be the perfect anti-Schwartz and, as an accomplished local and federal prosecutor, would be immune from Democrats’ attacks on how Corbett and Republicans handled the Penn State Scandal.

  3. The Corbett Camelot Knights of the Roundtable like PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason don’t care about Corbett, taxpayers, voters, the TEAPARTY. They care about themselves. They know the ship is sinking. They know that the Corbett Magic Shield no longer works. They know it is getting harder to enrich themselves out of their gig, sitting around the Roundtable. Oh AG Kane-trample out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

  4. Doug, notwithstanding your input, problems have been ID’ed that you have sidestepped; the Republicans who voice concerns are worried also that he has not been able to maximize his relationship with a GOP-led legislature.

    It is true, also, that Castor has fixated on his former commissioner-colleagues—perhaps excessively—but he is now positioning himself to the “right” of Corbett, as manifest by his admonition [for example] that he not flip on his current opposition to participating in Medicaid-expansion under ObamaCare.

    [There was also a typo in my prior post: “were he to emerge a year from how with such accomplishments to tout” should read “were he to emerge a year from now with such accomplishments to tout.”]

  5. Doug, if you consider those accomplishments then that’s pretty sad. I’ve identified fellow conservatives who are willing to abandon Corbett because they see how inept he is and, at worst, his level or corruption that is on par with Rendell.

  6. Those preaching replacement of Governor Corbett on our ticket are either Dems or Dem sympathizers. Why would you replace a Governor who was balanced two budgets, cut deficits, brought business into to PA, and is willing to take on unions and “big ed”? The guy has brass balls. The biased media’s behavior in this state is the George Bush strategy all over again. Seek and destroy an elected Republican. If you are a Republican and are joining in this garbage fest, you must miss Ed Rendell and his bankrupt administration or are stupid. Get wise.

  7. The results of this poll, thus far, are not surprising; nevertheless, Corbett knows what he must do to improve his chances for re-election.



    Consider the attractiveness of the view [as far as it goes] articulated [supra] two days ago [on March 16, 2013 at 9:34 am] by Blair, who averred: “I am a Penn State College Republican and I can say the disdain for Corbett extends beyond just the Sandusky scandal. What has he done the past 2 years? And all of the stuff coming out on his tenure as AG should give everyone pause. Furthermore, the GOP establishment can’t stand Castor which is a good thing. He has a history of standing up for what’s right and was correct on the antics of Matthews and Hoeffel.”

    First, as noted in prior postings, Corbett must aggressively address how he handled the Sandusky Scandal, lest he be tainted as a component of the “Tom and Jerry Show.” Furthermore, he must deliver on his campaign promises to tackle key-chronic issues [State Store & Pension Bomb]. Finally, he must send a strong message to the fiscally conservative “base” that he will push for PA to become a right-to-work state.

    This is NOT an insurmountable agenda and, thus, were he to emerge a year from how with such accomplishments to tout, he would be enthusiastically re-nominated by the GOP; yet, if he does not tackle such cognizable concerns, the “ABC”-concept will yield his displacement [if not by Castor, by other potent Republicans recalling, for example, how Gerlach toyed with the idea of running in 2008].


    Bruce has his own baggage [vide infra] but, if no one else enters the race, the binary character of a primary-campaign could yield a manifestation of chronic malcontent [stemming also from his statewide endorsements in 2012] that promotes at atmosphere which might encourage others to urge him to step-aside.

    Consider: “Pease introduced e-mails, apparently kept and provided by Marrone, showing Castor campaigning on state time and using his county office for campaign meetings and governmental e-mail account for political communications. Castor acknowledged telling federal investigators in a pretrial interview that he regretted using the county e-mail system for politics. ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that,’ he told the investigators.”


    Bruce also is controversial within the MontCo GOP for having led [invoking his personal name-recognition] a losing race to remain the majority commissioners; in this regard, the assumed-roles within the “party loyalty” paradigm could reasonably be reversed.

    Again, this is not insurmountable, but it may explain the strong showing in the polling [unofficial] for entry of a third-candidate.


    Essentially, as is often the case with incumbency, this is Corbett’s race to lose, although some suggest this is precisely what is impending.


  8. Kathleen, where’s your evidence of that? He stuck with prosecutorial activities for over 20 years. Did you ever see him running for anything in legislature etc.? You should direct criticism where it’s needed i.e. our inept governor.

  9. Bruce Caster is, and always has been, a self-serving career politician willing to walk over anyone in order to achieve the next highest office rather than perform the duties outlined in his current position.

  10. Give it up. PA has gone from Red to Blue, just like our country. Now is not the time to pick one over the other, we already lost and Schwartz’s election will be the nail in the coffin. #done

  11. Big Chieften fan, bigger Paul fan! saw two summers back at Consols first concert. Back to the Irish….an underrated favorite of mine!
    Can’t find a discouraging word about Arthur J. Gallagher either. Sincerely….Thanks for the education.


  12. It’s ST. Patrick’s Day and candidly, I’m intoxicated. I was at my local pub and doing Guiness and Jameson shots for every family member that might be in a Rob Gleason cabinet. It was such a prodigously long list of nepotism that the evening could have been called MAN versus Alcohol. Give Irish back to the Irish and give Pennsylvania back to public officials who care about its citizens and taxpayers.

  13. Tom Corbett’s recent alliance with CohenRendell Comcast Billionaire Obama Democrats means that, unless the Republicans nominate a real Republican, voters will only have a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat. One Party Rule has costs and consequences evident in City of Harrisburg, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia.

    The Turnpike Grand Jury Report demonstrates the perils of bipartisanship, another word for One Party Rule

    I voted for Bruce Castor.

  14. I am rallying for Castor. Corbett has shown himself to be the champion of everything that
    costs us as Pennsylvanians. The drilling tax free while destroying land and people, can only lead me to believe his pockets have crime stains. Castor is voting how he believes his vote will help people, no matter what a party side is, and it appears his thoughts are sound to a sound person.

  15. Basile: Have you ever known a braver Irish lass than Kathleen Kane? I’m going have a Guiness with a Jameson today in her honor. ABC, dear Basile, ABC!

  16. Basile: You are as wise as your Nom de guerre. I’m sure Jimmy Lee is concocting a poll for PAGOP Chairman Rob Gleason to show he has the right stuff for the likeliest of voters to bring back the GOP Camelot from the ashes of the failed Corbett administration and of course as always to dupe unsuspecting donors. Basile, please continue to drive the snakes out of Harrisburg like St. Patrick. Our fair Capital has more serpents than the great saint ever faced in the Emerald Isle. In honor of the lovely and zealous Kathleen Kane, I offer this St. Patricks tribute:

  17. What world are you living in? Most people I talk to can’t stand Corbett. And this applies to GOPers as well. The PA ruling class can’t stand Castor because he stand up for what’s right. Perhaps you’re one of Corbett’s cronies commenting on here.

  18. It appears to me that most of the people commenting on site live in their own hyper political world. As a suburban Republican township chairman, I believe Corbett is way more popular than people in this site would believe. I have only meet Castor a couple of times, but I do find him to be an attractive candidate; obnoxious jerk are the words I would best use to describe him.

  19. “Anybody but Corbett; it’s as simple as ABC Tom Corbett has surrounded himself with political operatives like Rob Gleason and family who want to use their position as party fund-raisers to promote their for-profit causes-themselves. It amazes me how TEAPARTY people hate government; but suddenly support government aid when it is for them. Yes but Chairman Rob is a MAKER not a TAKER-he sits with Corbett in Corbett’s Harrisburg Camelot as a White Knight at the CORBETT Round Table. Meanwhile the Corbett White Stallion is drowning in the Harrisburg SWAMP!”-Anonymous

    I like this.

  20. Gov. Corbett could redeem himself instantly by championing the Property Tax Independence Act (HB/SB 76) and working to get it enacted. His advisers are apparently asleep at the wheel.

  21. Castor has a record of getting things done and is honest and trustworthy. He’s the best candidate.

  22. Corbett is in the Santorum poll zone. For the good of the party he should step aside. Cawley can be tied to Corbett. Ward is unknown in the east where the votes are. Gerlach. Meehan, or Dent would be the strongest Rep. candidates. Especially if Schwartz is the Dem.

  23. Sid says Corbett will soon share a 9 x 9 with Coach Sandusky. Little advice for you Tom, sleep on your back.

  24. Jim Cawley is a far better orator then Corbett and unlike corbett has executive experience.
    Castor is a tool and if he was smart he would go after Schwartz’s seat.

  25. Dwight, Corbett has been a do-nothing governor and is blatantly corrupt at worst. You may want to follow Corbett into the abyss and sure defeat but not me.

  26. Stick with Tom Corbett. Ignore the ankle-biters who are trying to bring him down. His agenda will have him back on top come Nov 2014. The Democrats and their extreme right wing enablers know this and have ratcheted up the attacks on him to try to inflict damage while they can.

  27. Seriously, we need to get rid of Corbett. I hope he steps aside because unfortunately, he will likely win the primary because of name recognition. It is also unbelievable that a Democratic donor is supporting him. That donor should support a good guy like Chris Christie over in NJ. #RepublicanAgainstCorbett

  28. I am a Penn State College Republican and I can say the disdain for Corbett extends beyond just the Sandusky scandal. What has he done the past 2 years? And all of the stuff coming out on his tenure as AG should give everyone pause. Furthermore, the GOP establishment can’t stand Castor which is a good thing. He has a history of standing up for what’s right and was correct on the antics of Matthews and Hoeffel.

  29. Penn State Republicans will be out full force in an effort to oust Corbett in the primary. If that doesn’t work then a third party or voting for a conservative dem would be on the agenda.

  30. I suggest PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason: He works for one of the nation’s most ethical companies-Arthur J. Gallagher. You just don’t get a candidate but an entire energetic family. Chairman Gleason once served on the Turnpike Commission. He is more serious about economic Development than our current governor-his own. His persuasive skills have saved local officials so may taxpayer dollars around the state. Rob Gleason as Republican Candidate for Governor!

  31. For decades now, Bruce Castor has won high marks as a public servant with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Most recently as commissioner, engaging a bipartisan approach to serious budget challenges facing Montgomery county, the state’s 3rd-largest, most notably the retooling of a 2012 operating budget that began the year with a shortfall of more than $10 million. He is the right man to be the next Pennsylvania Governor.

  32. @Behonest Your full of it. Bruce’s record is clear. Read all about it at

  33. Bruce castor has sold the Republican Party out in his own County by voting with Democrats to salvage his own seat. Any conservative that backs him doesn’t know his past or is set to personally gain as well. It is a joke that conservatives would entertain him.

  34. The Castor website and Facebook page are really great. Obviously a first class IT team is working with Bruce. And he is so handsome. Like the cares of the world are there, but he shrugs them off. Compare that to Corbett who, looks puffy and old. The cares are not rolling off his back. Too bad Castor is married. That would be the end of the gender gap even if Mrs. Corbett looks nice in her new threads.

  35. Governor, just stick with it! Fair weather friends are a dime a dozen, and as successful leader you will have plenty!

  36. Need a woman. Kim ward is only republican with serious popularity in a base area of state

  37. Scarnati is a complete pinhead with an IQ of 30. Dominic Pileggi is the man we need!

  38. Mute point, after our new attorney general is done with Cover-up Corbett he’ll be sharing a 9′ by 9′ with Sandusky.

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