Reader Poll: Who Will Be the Next Chair of The PA Republican Party?

rob-gleason2016 was a great year for the Pennsylvania GOP, in fact it was the best year.

In 2017, however, the PA Republican Party needs a new leader.

For months now, Chester County Chair Val DiGiorgio has been laying the groundwork for his own candidacy. DiGiorgio has since announced the endorsements of Pat Toomey, Joe Scarnati and Jake Corman among others.

Meanwhile, General Counsel Lawrence Tabas is also running for the position and may even be the choice of departing Chair Rob Gleason. It remains to be seen if anyone else will throw their hat into the ring.

So we ask our readers who they believe will win the battle to lead the PA GOP.

Who Will Be the Next Chair of The PA Republican Party?

  • Lawrence Tabas (65%)
  • Someone Else (18%)
  • Val DiGiorgio (17%)

Total Voters: 40,120

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43 Responses

  1. Val Digiorgio’s law partner is JOSH SHIPIRO

    Josh Shapiro (born June 20, 1973) is a Democratic politician. He served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 153rd legislative district, from 2005 to 2012. He currently serves as a member and Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. On November 8, 2016, Shapiro was elected to be the next Attorney General of Pennsylvania, replacing interim Attorney General Bruce Beemer.

  2. Bob Buzzoto needs to run. He has a wonderful gut and his nutty ass neckties drive me crazy.

    Don’t pull your Buzzoto out on me baby if you do then I think that maybe I’ll lay me down and eat donuts for another drank.

  3. Lawrence Tabas’ boss and law partner, from his firm bio:

    He currently is Chairman of The Casey for Senate Committee. He has also served as the Pennsylvania Finance Chairman for President Clinton and as Vice Chairman, Finance, for the Democratic National Committee. He was also Chairman of the Pennsylvania Finance Committee for the Democratic National Committee and chairman of the Ed Rendell for Mayor campaign and a member of the Finance Committee of the Ed Rendell for Governor campaign. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Conventions in 1976, 1980, 1992 and 1996. He was Vice Chairman of the Philadelphia Gas Commission from 1979-83.

  4. @ Pottstown Pete

    “Val’s wife quit her job in Montco.” LOL. On to the Attorney General’s office?

  5. im sorry I will not part take and be forced to sit at my desk at State Party Hq to vote for Lawerence. We have other things we need to do.

  6. I respect both Val and Larry. But the reality is that we need a chairman who knows how to win elections. While we owe Larry a tremendous debt of gratitude for all the pro bono legal support over the years that doesn’t translate into knowing how to run a successful political campaign. Val has led the Chester County GOP during an era of major population shifts and voter registration changes that have diminished many of the SE GOP committees. It can no longer be looked at as a Republican firewall. But in spite of all that, Val has kept the Chesco GOP strong and relevant. That’s what we need in our next state chairman.

  7. Pottstown Peter says it as well as I could in support of Val, so I won’t be repetitive. I will be voting for Val.

  8. Norristown Nancy, with all due respect, they both are connected with major democrats. Lawrence has some very important democrats as law partners. I’m sure that won’t influence his decision making process but it’s worth noting. Also, I think Val’s wife quit her job in MontCo.

  9. To Pottstown Peter: With all due respect, only one candidate is actually getting their paycheck padded by a “big time Democrat” aka Josh Shapiro.

  10. I like Lawrence a lot, and I think he would be a good Chairman of the party. However, Val has the inside track.

  11. Your comment shows you have no idea who pulls both of their strings (aka Robert Asher).

  12. Val didn’t support Rafferty. The county HQ didn’t distribute Rafferty’s lawnsigns all summer- but had everyone elses at events. He raised money under the table for his buddy Josh, who did give his 2nd wife a good job in Montco. Val put all his money into Jack London (now promises him the Treasurer’s job in CC in the next election…consolation prize or does Jack have something on Val?) and extreme right winger Eric Roe, to the detriment of Dan Truitt. Val lost all his conservative seats in the West Chester School District a few years back. He has his pets – he’s not thinking of the party.

  13. Lawrence is a great, principled man who’s always been ready to help county parties out with any issues we’ve had. I don’t know a county party he hasn’t helped when they needed it. He was – and is – a strong supporter of Donald Trump, and he spent the winter defending Trump from the Green Party’s ridiculous challenge. I am proud to support Lawrence for State Chairman.

  14. Look, let’s be honest. Both of these men have been involved in politics for a long time. Both have big name democrats as friends. Both have supporters in the current party leadership. Lawrence is supported by Gleason and Val is supported by an array of elected officials. Bottom line……..who will be the best grassroots chairman? That’s what it will take make and maintain a winning strategy in Pennsylvania. There’s no doubt, at least in my mind, that the person best suited for the job is Val. Val has had the responsibility of being a county chairman. Lawrence, to my knowledge, has never been a county chairman. While I think Lawrence is a very bright and helpful guy, perhaps he should focus on helping his home county of Philadelphia turn itself around before he takes on a role like state chair?

  15. “Just sayin” is right. Our local GOP county leaders have been far too cozy with the Democrats (doesn’t Val’s wife work for Montco?) and Val will only help Montco commissioner (and new AG Shapiro) into the governor’s chair next time around. I’m sick of GOP leaders forgetting what their job is and instead helping Dems because it’s lucrative for them personally. Between Val and Vereb the skids have been greased. Let’s get some new blood.

  16. If you are a Statewide Person Voting for the Next PA Republican Chair, you should Vote for Val DiGiorgio, Esquire!! And if your not, call those who are; have them Vote for Val!!! He’s Accomplished, Deserving, a Family Man, and Honorable.

    I have know Val since 1981–Yes, “1981”. His character and devotion to public concerns is literally lifelong.

  17. The Philadelphia G.O.P. is a joke, Gleason paid no mind to them Meehan worried about paving contracts, kept him in devil dogs for years, whoever wins this election needs to get Philadelphia involved. The philly G.O.P. NEEDS to commit fully, meaning the present chairmen and prior chairmen sell there souls to Dougherty. This is never going to happen..

  18. Val has what it takes to really drain the proverbial swamp and bring us to new heights. On the advent of Brexit, the repudiation of gloabalism & cronyism, and the rise of Trump, the people are demanding & finally getting what they desire. They desire change and that’s absolutely what you get with Val DiGiorgio. The trend has been established, that’s where this ship is heading; Godspeed to the helm Val.

  19. I’ve been a big supporter of Val’s for many, many years. He is a true leader and a good man. He lives and breathes GOP politics. He truly loves our party and has dedicated his life to the betterment of it. He really values the committee and will always return a call or text asap. I would support him for anything! He was the only Republican to support Trump on Inside Story after the Primary.

  20. Both are good men who have done a lot for the Party.

    Val is a leader, an organizer, a recruiter, a fund raiser, a cheerleader and a motivator who has built and maintained a great political organization. Lawrence is one of the best, if not the best, election lawyers in the state. Which set of accomplishments is more relevant to the post of State Chairman? Why not support Val for Chairman and urge him to retain Lawrence as General Counsel?

  21. Chester County was not even in the race for the Presidential race. Bad, bad returns!!!If you cannot bring in the candidate, why would you be made leader of the party?

  22. I have had the privilege of working with both men & find them both to be honorable, intelligent and wholly committed to the GOP.

    That being said, I know of no other individual who can motivate and rally the troops like Val does. Yes, he was in a tough spot with Trump and the Chesco voters, but seriously, Montco’s numbers were even more abysmal.

    Review the state-wide numbers in the Chester County elections over the years of Val’s tenure. He is ridiculously skilled at raising money & running a successful machine.

    Our state party needs to be inspired. Inspiration is not Lawrence’s thing.

    I’m with Val.

  23. Too funny. One Tabas flunky says in the comment section that we should not vote for Val because he supported Trump and another Tabas flunky says don’t vote for Val because he didn’t support Trump. Hey Tabas flunkys: Get your stories straight!!! Unlike you guys, Val is consistent. I voted for Val because of
    His stellar record and commitment to better Pennsylvania by helping to get the best qualified candidates into office.

  24. Val DiGiorgio is the clear right candidate-he has always done what is right for the party- incredibly unselfish- talented yet humble – he will keep the momentum going – look what he has done in Chester County, Pa!

  25. Tabas seems like he’s intelligent and a good guy, but at the end of the day I can’t remember a single judge, AG, treasurer, etc. race that Gleason and the boys have won. Politics is a results business and from everything I’ve read, DiGiorgio runs a successful operation in Chester. Let’s not forget that demographically the southeast is becoming increasingly blue. Ronald Reagan himself could chair Chester, Delco, or Montco and Trump still would have lost them. The greater issue is winning statewide offices in years where Dems historically don’t turn out. To repeatedly lose those is unacceptable. I hope DiGiorgio gets in and changes that.

  26. It does not matter whether it is DiGeorgio or Tabas, the same gang will still run the party for the benefit of themselves & their friends. If people figure out that the Harrisburg cesspool will never fix our fiscal/pension/lack of growth problems, they will look for someone with integrity & a track record like Joe Pitts. However Joe is too smart to take the job. Good luck.

  27. Re: LOL and Billable Outpost

    “I know, if I make the same accusation twice it’ll DEFINITELY win an argument on the Internet!”

    It’s that type of stand up leadership we can expect from Val’s fellow lobbyists.

  28. I wonder if all of the partners at Obernayer are using their billable time to vote for their law firm partner Tabas? Especially the Democratic Party officials and Philly elected officials who are employed at Obermayer. Cha-ching!

  29. LOL that post is hysterical! You want to talk about statewide races, let’s talk:

    1. Two out of the three statewide row candidates from last year support Lawrence.
    2. I seem to remember some pretty historic statewide victories including winning for President in spite of Chester County’s underperformance as seen here (Note the “Chester County is moving towards Democrats” line

    It’s really a shame Val’s fellow lobbyists and consultants have resorted to lying.

  30. Val was a strong and publicly vocal supporter of Rafferty last year, not sure what state you lived in. Bottom line: Val runs a transparent and honest county party and has demonstrated the ability to raise millions for the party. Toomey, Senate leadership, and countless others are supporting him because he delivers results. The current leadership delivers losses. Enough said.


  31. Val Digiorgio is an absolute fraud. In Chester County, he bullies any committee members who go against him and spends resources to vote them out. This past cycle he did nothing to help or promote Trump and it showed in the county results. He takes credit for local race victories which is supposed to happen in a county where the GOP has a 10% voter registration advantage!

  32. Val is done after his email claiming he won a straw poll at the Central Caucus. They didn’t even vote! Val’s true colors are shining through. The committee people need to really stand up for what is right and it’s certainly not him. Tabas is the clear choice in this race.

  33. Val fought against John Rafferty in favor of Josh Shapiro…yeah, great leader. He’s guided by money and a radical religious group who wants inexperienced puppets in elections, hoping they get in and he can control them. Now he wonders why Chesco is turning Dem!! True corruption! If you have a check, he may listen. Tabas is the only choice.

  34. Hi Rob!

    Oh look, someone working for Val is pointing fingers at other folks. Shock of shocks. I wonder what false smear campaign the Harrisburg lobbyists behind Val will come up with next?

  35. How many interns does PA GOP have running around to find computers so they can vote over and over again for Lawrence Tabas? If they put this much effort into our state row offices races as they are to making sure LT wins this poll, we may have actually won some of them…

  36. If the PA GOP elects Josh Shapiro’s law partner as GOP State Chair; Josh Shapiro is our next Governor. Josh’s model calls for a friendly GOP committee chair. Worked in Montco with Vereb.

  37. Hi Val!

    Remember all of that support you gave Donald Trump? Wait, there wasn’t any.

    It’s also great to see a bitter statewide candidate who couldn’t raise money point fingers at anyone but himself and his backers.

    Electing a lobbyist is the exact opposite of draining the swamp, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a false narrative.

  38. I’m with Val. It’s time to drain the PAGOP swamp. Gleason and Tabas couldn’t win a race if they were running unopposed candidates.

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