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Reader Poll: Who Will Be the Top Vote-Getter in the State Supreme Court Primary?

Mundy WoodruffThe primary is fast approaching and we want to know who will get the top ballot position in the fall general election?

Update: Even though Republican Justice Salli Mundy and Democrat Judge Dwayne Woodruff are unopposed in their respective primaries, the vote totals can be a good predictor of how each candidate will do in the fall.  

So we put the question to you, who will be the top vote-getter in the state Supreme Court primary?

Who will be the top vote-getter in the state Supreme Court primary?

  • Judge Dwayne Woodruff (58%)
  • Justice Salli Mundy (42%)

Total Voters: 464

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17 Responses

  1. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running for Governor against Tom Wolf in the Primary 2018

  2. trial lawyer money to Wolf bought sally mundy a supreme court appointment. what a mistake, and of historic proportions. the trial lawyers would be supporting the gems beCASUe they need the gems to support the laws that support huge personal injury verdicts. wolf foolishly wasted a chance to put an extremely qualified judge who happens to be black onto the state supreme court. rank and file Dems are not inclined to let the state committee collet our money to run our elections with such vapid performance from the governor.

  3. Notsure, yes, Scott Wagner did contribute $25K to her campaign. The reason is because of her “connection” with Jake Corman. Wagner needs Corman and the other party hack Senators to support him for Governor. What better way to do that than to buy them. This is what the Corman and his cronies did with Val DiGiorgio in the chairman’s race. It is such a corrupt game and the Republicans are at the forefront.

  4. I see you “updated” it to take out the nonsense about the top vote getter getting the top ballot position in the fall. Except the first sentence– which still says “The primary is fast approaching and we want to know who will get the top ballot position in the fall general election?”

    So, the Answer Desk says: Paul, since you want to know who will get the top ballot position in the fall, we can tell you!!Dwayne Woodruff will have the top ballot position, because, you see, he is the Democrat. And the Democrat has the top ballot position in the fall because the governor, Tom Wolf, is a Democrat.

    Hope this clears it up for you. You’re welcome.

  5. Who is going to be the top vote getter in their respective primaries???? Really??
    It’s an uncontested primary!!! I guess you were struggling to find something/anything to write about. Primary results don’t usually reflect the outcome of the General.

  6. I support Judge Dwayne
    Woodruff for his integrity, commitment and experience. He is
    someone who will work hard, be fair but firm in rendering decisions for all citizens of the
    Commonwealth. Your vote for this
    outstanding person will be in your
    best interest.

  7. Who cares? They aren’t running against each other in the primary.

    And ballot position is determined by the party of the governor.

    Hey, Paul…do you know ANYTHING about politics or how elections work?

    The Answer Desk says: No. No he doesn’t.

  8. Grammar and editing errors are somewhat forgiveable for what appears to be a one man operation, but this sort of puts some real institutional ignorance on display, man.

  9. Expert analysis once again. In PA, party ballot position for a general election is determined by the party of the current Governor.

    Wagner hasn’t put in a landing pad for his helicopter at the mansion yet so…..

  10. I understand the deal Wolf cut with GOP, but it still rankle. Let’s hope Dwayne Woodruff can knock her out in November election, which is probably the calculation by Wolf in cutting this deal.

  11. This was a seat held by Michael Eakin, a Republican, who resigned. Wolf had to make this appointment in conjunction with other vacancies on the Superior & Commonwealth Courts. He made a deal to get all his appointees confirmed by a Republican majority in the Senate. Obviously, you don’t get it Eleanor!!

  12. Why did Wolf appoint Judge Mundy a Republican and now an incumbent? Why didn’t he appoint Judge Woodruff a Democrat? This Administration is not loyal to the Democratic Party. There are more Republicans in high positions then Democrats. I guess that tells Democratic State Committee where they stand. Help me get elected and I will hire as many Republicans as I can. Screw you Dems!

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