Reader Poll: Who Will Bob Casey Endorse?

caseyDemocrats are beginning to take sides in the 2016 Senate Democratic primary.

Katie McGinty had the support of Rep. Bob Brady before she even jumped into the race and soon gained the support of former Gov. Ed Rendell, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Congressman Mike Doyle.

It is also a foregone conclusion that McGinty’s former boss, Governor Wolf, will also throw his support behind her.

Meanwhile, Joe Sestak received the backing of Congressman Matt Cartwright.

The biggest name still out there, though, is the man McGinty and Sestak are seeking to join, Senator Bob Casey.

There is no clear indication as to who the commonwealth’s senior Senator might choose.

Sestak has long had difficulties with local party leaders, but so has Casey. Ed Rendell beat him in a brutal gubernatorial primary in 2002 and that rivalry never really died. Therefore, Sen. Casey may be hesitant to join the McGinty chorus that has formed in the Rendell wing of the party.

Does that mean Casey would be willing to stick his neck out for Sestak?

Of course, the Senator could always choose to stay out of the primary altogether.

Still, with about eight months to go until primary Election Day anything could happen.

Who Will Bob Casey Endorse in the 2016 Senate Democratic Primary?

  • Katie McGinty (61%)
  • Neither (30%)
  • Joe Sestak (9%)

Total Voters: 798

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10 Responses

  1. Steve Todd: Many things are different. One big difference, Joe Sestak is his own man, not part of the Rendell/Clinton professional political/corporate class. Sestak “worked” the Commonwealth meeting voters and establishing loyalty. McGinty is a wannabe who apparently expects to be coronated without doing any work—and she cannot catch up now. Sestak v. Toomey will be the next big contest.

  2. “There’s an election? I’ve been in hiding all summer and know even less than usual.”

  3. I said he will endorse McGinty, but I echo the clarifier of Diano and Anonymous. He will do nothing at all until it is super-duper-extra safe to do so. And because of that, it will be inconsequential. And it is is a shame, because this is one of those times when he could really affect the outcome.
    I hope if / when he (or anyone else) endorses, they do what none of the other endorsers have done to date: give one concrete specific reason as to why and what led to that choice.
    The only thing missing from this race? One peep about what is different about the candidates. All the talk – in these and every other article and piece of campaign info from either side – is on which insider backs whom and who can raise the most cash. That would be bizarre if not most typical.

  4. Knowing Bob Casey and his characteristic aloofness, I really can’t see any conceivable scenario in which he endorses a candidate until one of them is well ahead, like a week before the primary.

  5. Casey’s endorsement might mean something in urban areas but in rural Pennsylvania Casey’s endorsement would be of little value. I live in a rural area Senator Casey visited this area exactly twice in six years in his last term. The total amount of time spent in the county was less than 2 hours for both events. In the last Casey Campaign he lost to Tom Smith in the County. Any endorsement from Senator Casey would mean nothing in Rural Pennsylvania. Casey has to learn this about Respect. Respect can not be given or bought. Respect has to be earned and he has a long way to go to earn that respect in Rural Pennsylvania.

  6. Casey will wait until petitions are in, state committee has voted, fundraising reports are submitted and polls have been published.

    When it’s clear that McGinty is well ahead, Casey will endorse her.

  7. If senator unibrow is smart he stays out of the race. The art of a good deal is to walk away when there’s nothing real to gain.

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