Reader Poll: Who Will Win the PA-Sen Dem Debate?

Dem Senate DebateIt’s almost here, we’re just one week away from the Pennsylvania primaries.

To celebrate the occasion we’re making our reader poll about the most anticipated April 26th race, the contest for the Senate Democratic nomination.

Last fall, we tested this question and former Congressman Joe Sestak finished first, followed by Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty.

Much has changed over the past six months, though, so we want to try again on the eve of the election.

So dear readers, who will it be?

Who Will Win the Senate Democratic Nomination?

  • Katie McGinty (68%)
  • Joe Sestak (23%)
  • John Fetterman (10%)

Total Voters: 3,239

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12 Responses

  1. Voting should be based on a candidates track record. Joe Sestak’s resume checks all the boxes qualifying him to be our next Senator. His record on protecting the environment is unequaled by the other candidates. He has in-depth foreign policy experience and expertise in combating terrorism. Contrary to the inaccurate opposition ads, he proposed a 90% tax on the bonuses paid from the bailout money in 2009 to enable the government to recover that money. He has voted 40 times in support of Social security and NEVER voted to raise the retirement age.

  2. Actually the tremendous KMG lead is thanks to all the Chuck Schumer staffers hammering this website.

  3. How come Vodvarka wasn’t one of the choices?
    The Supremes say I have a right to cast a vote for vodvarka!
    A vote for Vodvarka says I’m drinking Vodka!
    (My exclamation points will also vote Vodvarka!)

  4. I just heard: VodVarka back on ballot as of 20 minutes ago

    Supreme court opinion for ruling pending…

  5. McGinty is a joke of a candidate. Does she have other plans besides touting the fact that she’s a woman and that she was Wolf’s chief of staff for a second?

  6. Fetterman won the Pittsburgh, Erie, and State College debates. Sestack was less weird in the last Lancaster Debate and probably took that one.

    McGinty is consistently terrible und unlikable.

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