Reader Poll: Who Will Win the Philly DA Primary?

District-Attorney-Seal-183px1The primary election for the Philadelphia District Attorney is under a week away, and the campaigns are ramping up for their final push.  

Incumbent District Attorney Seth Williams is facing Federal corruption charges, and is not running for re-election.  

The Democratic field is crowded with seven candidates running.  They are Teresa Carr Deni, Tariq El-Shabazz, Joe Khan, Lawrence Krasner, Rich Negrin, Jack O’Neill, and Michael Untermeyer.

So we want to know, who will win the Philadelphia District Attorney primary?

Who will win the Philadelphia District Attorney primary?

  • Rich Negrin (42%)
  • Lawrence Krasner (32%)
  • Joe Khan (11%)
  • Michael Untermeyer (7%)
  • Jack O’Neill (6%)
  • Tariq El-Shabazz (1%)
  • Teresa Carr Deni (1%)

Total Voters: 3,813

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22 Responses

  1. No one finds it ridiculously suspicious that Krasner is funded by a European billionaire? What interest does he have in Philadelphia? Vote for anyone else…

  2. In another forum, someone mentioned Leon Tucker running as an independent. Which is interesting, because if Williams is convicted in the next month or two, judges will pick a replacement. Presumably, Tucker would be on the short list.

    Which would bring us to an interesting place. Leon Tucker could potentially run not only as an independent, but as the INCUMBENT in November.

    Tucker would cut deeply into Krasner’s support, and even more deeply into any of the others should they suddenly find their personalities.

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight?

  3. Philadelphia needs to elect Larry Krasner. We need a DA who will bring real change to the office and not just carry on the failed practices of the Abraham era which Seth continued. We can’t just throw tons of money at locking people up – not prosecuting corrupt police – pushing for the expensive and pointless death penalty and think it’s going to work now when it hasn’t worked in thirty years. No other candidate has offered any real vision for the future other than Krasner. His record of standing up for justice and civil rights is unprecedented. No candidate has such a long track record of tirelessly working to help others pro-bono than Krasner.

  4. I have known Larry Krasner personally and professionally for two decades in law I am a lawyer) and have represented him and done business with Larry. He is smart, honest and a man of complete integrity. Although I am personally independent in my political views I will vote for Larry because of who he is as a person. He would sooner cut his own hand off then lie, respects people of all colors, sexes, religions and persuasions, and is simply a good and strong man. He is also wicked smart and street savvy. Smart enough to take on those who would take the city or its people down. I have been in hundreds of private conversations with Larry about politics, law and have seen Larry when he had the chance to do or say something “wrong” yet he always chose to do the right thing, whether it hurt or helped him financially or professionally. I don’t know the other candidates and am sure many of them are fine people. I do know Larry and can tell you he is a rare man.

  5. When you get past all of the political nonsense, Khan has the strongest resume for the job between his time as an ADA and US Attornet, and it isn’t particularly close. As an added bonus, he doesn’t have some of the obvious strings attached to him as do Krasner and a couple of others.

  6. Rich Negrin is the best fit for the DA office. The other candidates would be a better fit for the defenders office.

    +1 @cmartin

  7. Why does the poll chart not reflect the numbers? It visually has Krasner (the BEST choice) ahead, but the numbers suggest he is in 2nd place.

  8. Kinda hard to see how Negrin wins this in a Democratic primary. Like he looks and talks like a Republican to me. Krasner is a progressive and will put up a good fight because of all of his outside money. Khan seems like he’s capable but I just don’t think he’ll make the stretch. O’Neil if he was older I think would be walking away with this because of his Union backing.

    End of the Day I’m voting Khan. But I’m going to say Krasner will probably come out on top.

  9. Krasner is the guy for the job. all others are just in it for themselves. no lawyer has done more pro-bono work for the working class people of this city than larry.

  10. Krasner is all talk! He says what he has to say to the Philadelphia people, like a typical groomed politician, just to get his foot in the office! All because he has money and resources to spread out false hope! Someone like Rich Negrin will actually get the job done. The way he speaks and connects one on one, he does not need millions to put out ads in the media, making false promises! Negrin will actually do what is right for every person no matter if they are young, old, black, white, or purple. If Rich sees injustice he will fight it. He has been through tragedy himself and he will make Philadelphia a better place! Not only is he humble but like a parent protecting their young, he is ready to fight for the people of Philadelphia. DO NOT JUMP ON THE KRASNER BAND WAGON!! While Krasner makes all of these wonderful promises that sound great to the ear of the underprivileged Philadelphians, he is going back to his perfect privileged life, who knows what he actually thinks behind closed doors with no publicity. He has no idea what it is like to live through tragedy and what the everyday Philadelphian has to live through. Rich knows both ends of personal tragedy. To Rich, all life is precious, he knows first hand; At the age of 13, his own father was unjustly assassinated in cold blood. He knows what it is like for a child to lose a parent and he knows what it is like for a parent to lose a child. NEGRIN IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB! Experience, honesty, empathy, and caring are only a few words to describe Rich Negrin. Negrin will make sure that no more parents will have to bury their child as a result of drugs and gun violence. Negrin will make sure that no person spends a day in prison for a crime they did not commit. He wants every child, adult, and family to have equal opportunity. He wants to stop the violence and drugs that has been ruining this city for too long! Rich will fight for this city in order to make sure it will prosper instead of diminish over time. He will get the job done! Rich Negrin is the only man that will make a difference and make Philadelphia live up to it’s name, the city of brotherly love. #RichCares #Rich4DA #RichPhilly #Rich4Life #Push53

  11. This poll will have more meaning if people limit themselves to voting only once.

  12. I like Larry Krasner. He is the most beatable of the seven Democratic candidates in a general election.

  13. Billy Caye. …with his record of sleazy practicing and pornographic philandering, he would be a perfect fit as district attorney in either end of the state.

  14. Everyone voting for anyone but Krasner vote for Negrin. Otherwise Krasner will be the Next DA and Philadelphia is doomed.

  15. Joe Khan is the most qualified, hard working and high integrity candidate. A history of advocating for women and children. Endorsed by the National Organization of Women, Allyson Schwartz, and Ed Rendel.

  16. I’m voting for Khan. He seems to be the most qualified, and I don’t like unions, or billionaire funded PACs, or self-funded millionaires buying elections.

  17. My vote goes to Rich Negrin! He is by far the most qualified candidate with great integrity for the job.

  18. Rich Negrin is the man for the job!! Integrity, honesty and compassion!! He will do the city and it’s people a great service!!!! Get out and vote for “Negrin”!!

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