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Reader Poll: Who Won the Democratic Senate Debate?

You saw the debate. Now let us know who you think won the debate.

And why.

Please be respectful in your comments.

Who Won the Democratic Senate Debate?

  • John Fetterman (53%)
  • Conor Lamb (29%)
  • Malcolm Kenyatta (12%)
  • Undecided / Not Sure / No Winner (7%)

Total Voters: 59

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7 Responses

  1. Fetterman has run a positive campaign all along. He plays in every county and takes no special interest donations. He is a man of the people.
    Lamb and Kenyatta looked desperate at the debate. Lamb is too close to Manchin and not very impressive. We do not need another obstructionist. Kenyatta outrightly lied about the jogger incident and then demanded Fetterman apologize for the lie. If all Kenyatta has to throw down is the race card, he will never succeed in this state. We did elect Obama twice.

    1. And that guy hadn’t done anything notable before beginning his run for president but to be black. So, your point?

      He was Senator for about 2 years before his presidential movement started- again, note he did nothing before or during his senate run.

      People only care about his skin color.

      That’s the state of today.

  2. Lamb’s articulate style is obviously superior to Fetterman’s bouncer persona. Dr Oz is a highly skilled media guru and will deal with Fetterman like the Brady’s Patriots would an expansion team. Fetterman better say his prayers that hedge fund McCormick wins because it’s his only chance.

  3. Lamb looked more confident and polished than the other 2. But I think either he or Fetterman will beat Oz or McCormick in the fall. They are both carpetbaggers and shouldn’t even be in the running with Republican voters, but here we are with Oz in front because he has the endorsement of the orange criminal.

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