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Reader Poll: Who “Won” The GOP Senate Debate?

Did you watch the entire GOP Senate debate on Monday night? If so, who do you think “won” the debate? We’d like to know.

Poll closes Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM.





Reader Poll: Who Won the GOP Senate Debate?

  • Mehmet Oz (42%)
  • Jeff Bartos (34%)
  • Dave McCormick (13%)
  • Kathy Barnette (5%)
  • Carla Sands (3%)
  • Not Sure / Undecided (3%)

Total Voters: 379

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33 Responses

  1. Congressman Perry is a glorious MAGA leader and should be treated as such. Hold him up.

    1. Congressman Perry is gruesome MAGAot Insurrectionist loser and should be treated as such. Lock him up

  2. Wow! Bartos with a commanding lead and all of the sudden Oz lead. Still don’t trust our election problems and now these polls.

  3. Jeff Bartos is the only one who actually helped communities during the pandemic. He raised 3.5 million dollars in private charity to save over 1,000 small businesses from permanently closing. McCormick and Oz are carpet baggers. Kathy should’ve used her connections from when she ran for Congress to help businesses in her community. Instead, all she did was podcasts as a political commentator. She’s only good at speaking because that’s what she does for a living. Jeff raised his family here, lived here his entire life, helped our communities, and kept his business and jobs here in PA. The choice is quite simple when you look at it objectively.

    1. I’m sure Jeff has a good heart, but he couldn’t win a statewide seat back in 2018. I’m not too sold on the idea he can do so as the Republican nominee.

      1. Even if Ronald Reagan was the Lt Gov candidate in 2018, he couldn’t have elevated Wagner as an option Pennsylvania voters would have elected Governor. Bartos wasn’t the problem – Wagner was a loser and disaster. Perhaps the only bigger disaster is Ding Dong Doug the Insurrectionist. As a matter of fact, maybe Wagner shaved his head and changed his name to Ding Dong???

        1. This was a Senate debate not governor you ding dong dumb azz. Get it riggt and try again. BYE FELICIA

  4. Regardless of who won the debate, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be better off if Bartos wins the primary. Trumpism is a cancer that needs surgically removed from our democracy. Trump himself is a certified loser who has ruined everything he’s touched in his lifetime.

  5. It’s notable that, overnight, there was a surge for Dr. Oz in this spontaneous online poll, knocking Bartos from “majority” to “plurality.”

    1. It’s also notable that, despite the 7:30 a.m. deadline, the ongoing votes are tilting further for Dr. Oz.

  6. I think Bartos won, despite me finding him personally loathsome. I went in to the debate slightly supporting Barnette, but she turned me off.

      1. The fact that all she does is political commentating. Vote for the true Pennsylvania native in the race, Jeff Bartos. He’s done more in the past 2 years as a private business owner than Kathy has done her whole life.

  7. Bartos is the only lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. He was born here, grew up here, and built his business and family here as well. He should be our nominee no doubt. He is the best representation of what it means to be a Pennsylvanian.

    1. Bartos also believes that Biden was legitimately elected President. He doesn’t believe there was election fraud in PA—-that a biggie! He lost in a statewide election with Wagner which gave us 4 more years of Wolf. Carla Sands is who I support and the only one who has the experience both foreign and domestic to beat Fetterman in the fall. I watched last night afterwards, the Democrat Senate debate on PCN—TV and what a bunch of communists they have running for this seat.

        1. This could be an interesting documentary :

          More questions raised here:

      1. I x-examined Bartos @ Bradford County event in July and can confirm he refused to challenge 2020; I x-examined Sands @ MontCo GOP Picnic in Fall and can confirm she refused to challenge 2020.

        Unsure what experience either has in domestic policy beyond being businesspeople.

        1. And unsure how any of them would apply foreign policy training/knowledge/experience when fighting the Sino-Soviet threat to Western Civilization; @ one point, if memory serves, Barnette cited the need to push need to “walk free” of the CCP.

      2. Wow- I didn’t Bartos believes Biden was legitimately elected and that there was no election fraud in PA. Finally a sane, reasonable Republican! He has my vote for sure now! Thanks for the head’s up!

        1. You are invited to review selected memos I’ve composed during the past year …

          htt ps://tin m/ddxxpm3h

          …which document the PA/national fraud [noting, particularly, cites from the sworn testimony of the perps in memo IV].

        2. This could be an interesting documentary :

          More questions raised here:

      3. Biden was legitimately elected in 2020, same as Trump was in 2016. Don’t you idiots realize that you are just weakening our country by carrying on with this nonsense. History will rule Trump as one of the worst presidents in US history and his legacy will be even worse because he is a big spoiled crybaby that wouldn’t accept his fate at the hands of the voters. He’s a disgusting person who only cares about himself.

      4. You know what would happen when they take out Biden and Harris due to impeachment for fraudulent voting? Pelosi would become President. There is nothing in the Constitution that would make Trump President again. For God’s sake, stop with this asinine fraud crap and move on. Vote for blue collar business people. Dave White for Governor and Jeff Bartos for Senate if you want to win in November. Plain and simple.

        1. ????????????????????????????????????both are losers. Might as well vote democrat. NO MORE RINOS. You think you are going back to the normal? You are NEVER going back to normal. The power hungry can never loosen their grip. But hard to grip, when hands cut off….

    2. This isn’t a particularly potent syllogism when the non-carpetbaggers could match this claim throughout their adulthoods; pivotal are policies and actions, and the one Bartos highlight is his [correct] focus on helping small businesses survive Covid-19.

  8. Bartos was friendly, succinct, and above-the-fray throughout the hour
    they generally agreed on the issues, so intangibles were vital
    key-question is whether this will influence the race
    would like to have heard more anti-CCP concern
    moderators were very fair and balanced
    surprised no attention to law-and-order & guns
    Ukraine could have been raised in Senatorial contest
    no one spoke of Reagan’s City-on-Hill as America-First metaphor
    all shudda remembered aspiration to be a legislator with action-items

  • Reader Poll: Should President Joe Biden Step Aside?

    • Yes. He should step aside because of his age, declining ability to do the job. (45%)
    • No. He should not step aside. (39%)
    • Yes. He should step aside because he can't beat Donald Trump. (15%)

    Total Voters: 231

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