Reader Poll: Who Won the Second Gubernatorial Debate?

Corbett-Wolf-breakfast-debateThe first time went so well we decided to try it again.

After a record response to our reader poll on the first gubernatorial debate, we’re going to ask our readers for their thoughts on the second debate.

Instead of ballroom full of PA Chamber members, this contest took place in an audience-less studio in Philadelphia. Possibly as a result, Wolf performed much better than in the first debate, which many (including our readers) thought he lost.

Therefore, we want to ask you and compare the results to those of the first contest.

So, dear readers, who do you think won the second gubernatorial debate?

Who Won the Second Gubernatorial Debate?

  • Tom Corbett (69%)
  • Tom Wolf (31%)

Total Voters: 1,840

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9 Responses

  1. Tom Corbett is the one who is not ready to be Governor. If the last 4 years have proven anything, it is that simple yet powerful fact.

  2. Tom Wolf is not ready to be Governor.

    Pennsylvanians and our State Legislature need to take a very deep breathe and work with the devil we know than risk dealing with the devil we don’t know.

    And Wolf has been distressingly indirect and non-specific. Its a disqualifyer and we need to be clear eyed about this.

    Opinion polls don’t decide a race.

    We do.

  3. Judging by the lopsided results in this latest unscientific online Politics PA poll, it appears that sending porn videos is not the only digital activity in which state employees are engaged.

  4. I think your poll has been affected by the same people who are always crying that every voter should have to show three forms of ID, to prevent casting multiple ballots. Live by example, right?

  5. Kathy Kane was right and so was the Gov. in a have assed way. Saved the PA taxpayers alot of money.

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