Reader Poll: Who’s Your Favorite 2016 Presidential Candidate?

white-house-north-2007-djIt’s Election Day, and while there are plenty of exciting contests to watch tonight, we can’t resist looking ahead to November 2016.

Now, you may be asking “Nick, didn’t you already use this as a reader poll question?”. If so, you have a great memory because we did run a survey on the 2016 election back in July of last year.

The field of candidates, however, has changed since then and finally started to come into shape. Plus, it will be fun to follow along and chart the different results as we get closer to November 8, 2016.

It appears there is really only one possible Democratic nominee but to be fair we’ll throw the only other declared competitor in as well.

On the GOP side there are a multitude of potential choices but we’ve limited ourselves to eight for this go-round.

So we ask you our dear readers, which 2016 presidential hopeful is your favorite?

Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Do You Favor At This Moment?

  • Rand Paul (35%)
  • Hillary Clinton (27%)
  • Bernie Sanders (13%)
  • Scott Walker (9%)
  • Marco Rubio (6%)
  • Jeb Bush (4%)
  • Ben Carson (2%)
  • Ted Cruz (2%)
  • Chris Christie (2%)
  • Mike Huckabee (1%)

Total Voters: 1,159

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9 Responses

  1. You don’t have our next president listed. Where us RABD OAUL’S name? He is the only one worthy of my vote

  2. I don’t blame you, Mr. Independent, for voting third party, but do you really think Bernie Sanders is a “corporate owned scumbag?”

  3. I refuse to take part in the poll because every single one of the candidates in both parties are corporate owned scumbags. My vote will be going to Jill Stein for the Green Party. Unlike the corporate scum that are running, Stein doesn’t kiss the ass of every millionaire and billionaire for money and do their bidding in return when they get in into office. She has no corporate ties like Clinton or like the other candidates do. Whether it’s Hillary or a Republican, they will not change anything because they don’t serve us and they don’t care. They are serving us BS just get votes. I don’t believe in the myth that third parties screw up the election and give it to the bad guys. I also reject lesser-evilism. The lesser of two evils is always evil. I am not throwing my vote away but voting my conscience and against the Washington establishment. I am voting Green and no one is going to tell me to vote otherwise. Call me crazy, or whatever you want but I don’t care. It is my vote. Stein 2016.

  4. You’re missing about a dozen announced passengers in the Republican Klown Kar. Carly Fiorina? Rick Santorum? Linda/Lindsey Graham?

  5. Interesting that early totals show the polarization of America with a libertarian and a socialist leading.

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