Reader Poll: Will Corbett’s Budget Decision Help or Hurt in November?

GovernorCorbettIn case you haven’t noticed, we’re at a bit of a budget standstill.

The state legislature passed a budget plan just hours before the June 30th deadline but Governor Corbett shocked the state when he declined to immediately sign it.

We are now entering the second week of this stand-off and little has changed. The Governor has until Thursday to sign or veto the bill or else it automatically becomes law (the reverse of the pocket veto in federal law).

While this episode will end one way or another relatively soon, everyone of course is thinking about how this action will affect Gov. Corbett’s re-election odds in November.

So, we decided to ask what you, our readers, think. Will the Governor’s decision to withhold his signature help his re-election chances, hurt his re-election chances, or will they have no impact at all?

Will Corbett's Decision to Delay Signing the Budget Help or Hurt His Re-Election Chances?

  • Hurt (44%)
  • It Won't Matter (37%)
  • Help (19%)

Total Voters: 823

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7 Responses

  1. Barry – Rendell left Corbett with a surplus, which the Corbett Administration’s own documents show to be the case. The old “Tax and Spend” rhetoric is tired and inaccurate. Of course, tax and spend is far more fiscally responsible than borrow and spend, which seems to be the hallmark of the Republican Party since Reagan.

  2. Failure to sign budget will hurt Corbett. Good! The worst governor in Pennsylvania history, he needs to lose in November. And by the way, his & Turzai’s liquor privatization plan was always DOA!

  3. Tom ridge did major harm to the pa pension system.
    He took give always to a super level!

  4. Barry –

    The mayor of Philadelphia from 11 years ago is more responsible for the state of the Commonwealth than the current governor? Riiight.

  5. Agree- Corbett will lose BUT let us not forget
    That it was tax and spend democrats like Rendell and Street that have greatly contributed to the mess PA is now in. Corbett is a loser because he and his party haven’t helped- but let’s give Rendell and the Philly dens
    full credit for the mess they created. They sold
    This state to the Unions- and the people lost on that sell out!

  6. He is going down, no matter what. The only questions are, how much additional damage will he inflict on the state before he goes, and how much more can he feather his retirement nest via big oil before he becomes unemployed/unemployable?

  • Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

    Total Voters: 892

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