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Reader Poll: Will Kathleen Kane Be the 2016 Democratic Nominee for Attorney General?

KaneLast week brought even more bad news for Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

The Inquirer revealed that Kane’s ex-Deputy had warned her in an email against leaking grand jury testimony. The major issue with this revelation is that the Attorney General testified that her whole staff argued for disclosing the information.

Therefore, Kane may very well have perjured herself by lying under oath.

At the same time, the Supreme Court is currently deciding whether to allow the special prosecutor to proceed. Finally, her office has undergone another staff shakeup.

In recent weeks and months, there has been increasing chatter that Kane could face a Democratic challenger in the 2016 AG primary.

Speculation has mostly focused on two possible contenders. Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, a rising star (and fundraiser) in the Keystone State, and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who took on the corruption cases Kane famously passed on.

Given all this, it seems fair to ask whether Kane will be the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in 2016.

So we decided to ask our readers.

Will Kathleen Kane be the Democratic Nominee for Attorney General in 2016?

  • No (77%)
  • Yes (23%)

Total Voters: 785

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32 Responses

  1. Will Kathleen Kane Be the 2016 Democratic Nominee for Attorney General?…

    Only if He_l freezes over…This woman is NOT representing the PEOPLE OF PENNSYLVANIA…She is ONLY representing herself on our taxpayer dollars…I believe she should be made pay Pennsylvania back for at least $2M for the fraudulent Porn Contract with the Special Prosecutor she hired to represent her in her made up Porn Scandal…Of which Kane and her sister had done the same thing as the ones that she has accused and have lost their jobs…She should lose hers too…She is needs to be booted out the AG Office…

    And Kane should not be allowed to run for office again…Who in their right mind would vote for this idiot…She only had two people to stand by her in her own defense before the Senate Hearing…Her paid monkey, Duecker, Chief of Staff…And, Rendell, who his wife the Senior Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, for her own democrat conviction because of the Clinton, Slick Willy, putting her in Office…And in accordance with the “It takes a Village,” book; Its pay back time for Marjorie Osterlund, Rendell’s wife…

  2. @ DD:

    What is the basis for your claim the leak was “accidental” [and why should that matter]?

    BB said “Today” and not “everyday” [pending a divorce between the PA and Hamas]; also the Jews should be able to live wherever they desire, particularly because there has never been any legal history of Judea/Samaria being “Palestinian.”

    All your claims of “racism” [and the other tired/false charges] are typical of an anti-Semite who claimed Israel shouldn’t exist.

  3. Robert-

    There’s never been a question that the name was leaked. The question has been intent: accidental or criminal. I say accidental.

    On Netanyahu’s watch doesn’t mean just “TODAY” but EVERYDAY he’s in charge, for years to come.

    The settlements are illegal because they have pushed out Palestinians and stolen their land.

    The entire handling of Palestine by Israel is abhorrent. Rogue behavior, war crimes, and creation of humanitarian crisis.

    You can’t accept that Netanyahu is a racist without admitting you are too. So, no surprise. Hannity doesn’t think he’s a racist either.

  4. @ DD:

    You claim AG-Kane “didn’t catch the leak of a name that should have been redacted.” Thus, you admit a name was leaked following her having leaked the envelope that had the name within.

    You claim “Netanyahu declared there would never be a Palestinian state on his watch” incorrectly; what he said was that “TODAY” this was impossible because, after his Bar Ilan speech, the PA aligned with Hamas.

    You claim BB “keeps pushing forward with the illegal settlements” which is also untrue; you fail to cite any source that would preclude Jews living wherever they wish, just like anyone else. [And this includes the suburbs of Jerusalem, which are hardly “settlements.”]

    You claim this evinces “behavior of a rogue nation” without recognizing that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East and that she is surrounded by countries that would wish it demolished [and all its inhabitants beheaded].

    You claim BB is “a racist against Muslims and Arabs” again without justification; all this reflects your anti-Semitism.

  5. Robert-
    I didn’t say that Kane leaked the information. Rather that she didn’t catch the leak of a name that should have been redacted. Two completely different things.

    Netanyahu declared there would never be a Palestinian state on his watch. And, he keeps pushing forward with the illegal settlements. All the behavior of a rogue nation. And, of course he’s a racist against Muslims and Arabs, but you can’t see that without admitting you are too.

  6. @ DD:

    Fina has nothing to do with your admission that AG-Kane leaked the secret grand-jury data, particularly your [non-documented, legally] claim that this “type” of behavior isn’t criminal; she can explain her decision without uttering the word “Fina.”

    You and the lib-media fail to recognize that BB didn’t flip-flop; he is committed to a two-state endpoint, but “today” it isn’t possible when the PA has linked with Hamas [recognized even by BHO as a “terrorist” organization].

    BB also isn’t “racist” because he exhorts his followers to vote, citing the [true] claim that BHO’s GOTV-effort was busing anti-BB voters to the polls; the fact that he felt compelled to do this is illustrative of how suffrage for Arabs is manifest in only one Middle East country … Eretz Yisrael.

    BHO keeps trying to manufacture such petty “hurts” to justify his anti-Semitism, and you gladly sign-on … because you share foundations that are anathema to the great majority of Patriotic Americans [and even those who don’t necessarily identify with the conservatives on other issues].

  7. Bungy
    Netanyahu prefers killing non-terrorist Arab children. He revealed himself in the election to be as racist as the southern whites of the 1950’s and 1960’s. His admission against a two state solution is no surprise to those of us who’ve watched him repeatedly sabotage peace talks with settlement expansion to incite violence.
    Maybe now, the U.S. stop covering for him and treat him as the problem he’s always been.

    No she can’t, because Fina is at the heart of the problem. Read the article

  8. Davey Boy, Your Muslim terrorist Pals killed 20 more people in Tunisia. What do you think of that? Thank God Netanyahu Won. He’s not afraid to Kick some Muslim terrorist Ass.

  9. Kathleen Kane is a criminal and she needs to go to prison just like any other citizen who commits a crime and then commits perjury to try to cover it up.

  10. David,
    So when she says “white men” she really just means these 2 dudes? I can’t believe Lanny Davis signed off on this. Chauvinism is so 1980s.

  11. There is nothing stopping her from “explaining herself” – except she has a gag order about mentioning Fina.

  12. @ Dick:

    There is nothing stopping her from “explaining herself” — except the failure of her prior efforts to “explain herself.”

  13. WeConnectDots says:
    Why is the lynch mob in such a hurry? Eventually she will be allowed to explain herself. I am uncomfortable only with the fact that she can’t seem to select and hold together a staff.

    As for the remainder of this controversy, I would like to know more about why she wears such a large bulls-eye. Be patient.

  14. @ DD:

    It seems public-opinion is weighing-in against your gal AG-Kane.

    As per prior discussion, she really doesn’t have an excuse for what she did…that even you can rationalize legally.

  15. Are you kidding me – there are still Patrick Murphy haters out there commenting on PoliticsPA articles that are marginally related to him? Move on already.

  16. Kane is the most inexperienced political AG Pennsylvania has ever seen. She bought the office. There is no romm for her Ilk in the AG ‘s office.

  17. True republican while I differ with you in our sexual preferences I’m glad to see that we have a common bond. I would also love to attend your meeting to see how many gay republicans there really are and how much testosterone is oozing out there . I being the manly man that I am I’m sure all your boys will be eagerly trying to get me to switch teams but I’m pretty confident in my preferences which are hot chicks porn and conservatism. Btw what is your opinion on Kane which is the real topic here.

  18. As for Bungy and Dave i think you 2 are the same person but I am being a gay male who votex Republican I just want to let you know there are more gay republicans than you think and if you wanna see i would love to have you come to one of our political events which i have one in 2 weeks would love to see you squirm in your seat but i believe you have homosexual feelings deep inside if you wanna cum let me know would love to help both of you

  19. Better Kane than Shaprio or Murphy.
    Williams would be a possible improvement. Josh Shapiro and Pat Murphy are political hacks -even at a young age. Better the mediocrity we have with Kane than the mediocrity and hypocrisy from the Shapiros and Murphys. One is a loser the other should be.
    Williams might be better-otherwise better the mediocrity we have in Kane than relics of yesteryear like Josh and Pat.

  20. Observer you are obviously a clown of liberal persuasion. Kane will be prosecuted and found guilty . You will then be forced to put on your Ronald McDonald clown suit and chase after little fellas and men. But then again that’s what you liberal guys like. Us conservative MEN. Love hot chicks and hardcore porn.

  21. Most Men love Hot Chicks & Porn. Try it Observer you might even like it. I doubt it though if your a D. Most of them Don’t, if you know what I mean.

  22. Excuse me, but this whole Inquirer fantasy is based on what? THE SAME KIND OF GRAND JURY LEAKS that are supposedly ending Kane’s career. When it comes to trial, which I don’t think it will, Freaky Frankie Fina will actually have to testify, instead of crimminally leaking. And then the world will see what a sex freak and misogynist this is, and the jury will laugh him off the stand. This case goes nowhere.

  23. Steve, if she’s convicted of perjury, the constitution bars her from serving in public office. So at that point she either resigns or is impeached.

  24. Better question is…will she be charged with crimes? The answer is YES. Will Wolf then ask her to resign. I’m guessing…YES!

    She really needs to go. The facts of this case show she has incredibly poor judgment. Not good for an Attorney General.

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