Reader Poll: Will Katie McGinty Run for Senate?

Kathleen-McGintyThe landscape of the 2016 Senate race has changed drastically in the last few days.

An FBI investigation has caused Ed Pawlowski to suspend his campaign, leaving Joe Sestak as the only declared Democratic candidate in the race.

While Sestak is undoubtedly the front-runner in the Democratic primary, party leaders have never been fond of him and have actively tried to find someone else.

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro was the favorite for awhile, but he officially closed the door on a run back in May.

Now attention is turning to Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff, Katie McGinty.

A former Clinton White House official, McGinty was DEP Secretary during the Rendell Administration before running for Governor herself last year and finishing fourth.

Shortly afterward, Wolf backed her for party chair. When Jim Burn refused to yield, she headed up Wolf’s Fresh Start PAC instead. After the campaign ended, the new Governor chose her to be his Chief of Staff.

About a month ago, a grassroots movement to draft McGinty began.

Now, the Inquirer is reporting that she has talked to national leaders about a run. Will she do it?

We leave the question up to you.

Do You Think Katie McGinty Will Run for Senate in 2016?

  • Yes (60%)
  • No (40%)

Total Voters: 969

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19 Responses

  1. Not true at all. I rather like many Dems in PA, despite disagreeing with them. Wolf and McGinty, on the other hand, are smug and arrogant.

  2. BJ, maybe some therapy? Seems like everyone who doesn’t see things your way is arrogant and smug. Sounds like a problem to me.

  3. Hey Montco PA Dem – Since I also refer to Tom Wolf as arrogant and smug, am I still sexist if I call Katie McGinty the same? It’s so hard to keep track of how microaggressions work these days. I know it’s safest to only speak glowingly of female politicians, but Katie is just the worst. So how do I register my disapproval without offending the women of the world.

  4. Dick Miller, don’t kid yourself. Katie is all about what’s good for Katie. And she’s too divisive to be good for the people of Pennsylvania anyway.

  5. I am now a Sestak supporter who would also support McGinty if she became the nominee. However, Governors can only be successful if a bunch of talented men and women make a commitment to help make the administration reach its best potential. Katie owes that to the citizens of PA after accepting the position of Chief of Staff.

    Gov. Corbett is a recent example of assembling an administration that was a disaster. After more competent people kept turning him down, he ended up with a cabinet of large donors with little skills to contribute.

  6. The longer this woman stays with Wolf the less her chance of being elected to any office.

  7. Montco PA Dem: Oh, the horror, people are pointing out objectively true things about Governor McGinty that everyone in Harrisburg talks about, but let’s cast it as sexism! Kathleen Kane is the victim of a vast conspiracy of old white male Christian Republicans (did I miss any mortal enemies of the Left?)! Katie McGinty is just a sweet girl from next door and hasn’t demonstrated a long history of trying to grasp power beyond her position! You guys are using adjectives that are very troubling and, as the kids are saying these days, “NOT OKAY”. Grow up.

  8. No! Let’s not “make history” with the first female to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

    Problem #1: She’s a Democrat! Which means she’ll do all she can to raise Federal taxes, increase wasteful programs and join up with the other dingbat Dems in the U.S. Senate.

    Problem #2: She’s a Democrat! Oops, I already said that! But I digress! WE DON’T NEED MORE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS! They’re killing the U.S. Economy; decreasing our Military capability and weakening the U.S. as a World Power! Bottom line: NO MORE &^%$#@!! Democrats!

  9. Well, the “smug, arrogant, power-hungry” thing didn’t work, so now she’s a “tree-hugging dingbat”, eh? Everywhere you guys turn you smack your face into wall you’ve built yourself.

  10. Treehugging dingbat McGinty’s campaign for Governor was pathetic. She wouldn’t do any better as a Senate candidate. But go ahead and run her so you Dems can complain about her and Hillary losing because of sexism or whatever.

  11. Wow, another one to add to the mix:

    Male politician = Self-assured,in-control, assertive
    Woman politician = Smug, arrogant, power-hungry

    Keep ’em coming, the use of language here is truly eye-opening.

  12. MontcoDem, no, the budget is only part of the issue with Governor McGinty. She does not work well with others. John Hanger can’t stand her (not that he has any social skills at all). Wolf made a mistake by driving around the state in his Jeep while McGinty became the face of the administration. She is as power-hungry as they come.

  13. Somehow, the fact that fatcat Republicans have roadblocked the path to a sensible budget translates here to something Katie McGinty should be punished for. Weird how Repub minds twist things. Would make her win next year extra sweet.

  14. Guess her running for this is a good way for Governor Wolf to get her out of his administration without asking her to leave?

  15. I’d like to see what Katie could do, in the primary and in the general against Toomey. Especially if Hillary is at the top of the ticket.

  16. She is way to ambitious for her own good. I hope she runs. Toomey will blow her out of the water.


  18. Doesn’t matter if she runs, Toomey will run over her or Sestak just like Sestak ran over those kids.

  • Who Will Be Speaker of the PA House on February 28?

    • Joanna McClinton (68%)
    • Mark Rozzi (27%)
    • A Republican TBD (5%)

    Total Voters: 315

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