Reader Poll: You’ve Already Made Up Your Minds

Voting-boothMillions of dollars are set to be spent in the next two months. Yet according to our readers, they’ll all be for naught.

The traditional narrative is that campaigns don’t really begin until after Labor Day because voters aren’t paying attention. In order to test that notion we decided to ask whether you’ve already decided which candidates to vote for.

The results weren’t even close. 95% of respondents, 679 readers, said they know who they’re voting for in the major electoral contests this fall.

Just 34 respondents said that they were not sure yet.

This does beg the question of just how many undecided Pennsylvanians will bother to vote this November.

The full results are included below:

Have you already decided which candidates you're going to vote for this year?

  • Yes (95%)
  • No (5%)

Total Voters: 713

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3 Responses

  1. True, these readers are polarized and opinionated. They vote. Guess the headline should read, “Corbett boast 95% approval rating?”
    HA HA HA

  2. People made up their minds about Corbett 18 months ago. The Republican Party Bigwigs failed to see that and recruit another candidate. This election will be the biggest waste of money for the GOP since the exact same scenario presented itself in ’05-’06 with Santorum and Casey. Republican Party leadership has failed Pennsylvania, consistently, over the last decade and the GOP will never recover from poor candidate selection, leading to poor candidates and failed elected officials.

  3. 1) The readers of PoliticsPA tend to be rather polarized and opinionated. So, they aren’t representative of the general electorate and undecideds.

    2) Races outside of a 5-point margin aren’t likely to switch.

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