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Readers Poll: GOP Should Nominate Gale for Governor

Montgomery County commissioner Joe Gale finished first in the PoliticsPA readers poll for the Republican nomination for governor.


Here are the full results.


Joe Gale: 5,742 (45.2 percent)

Charlie Gerow: 3,885 (30.6 percent)

Doug Mastriano: 2,160 (17.0 percent)

Dave White: 332 (2.6 percent)

Lou Barletta: 132 (1.0 percent)

Undecided / Not Sure: 132 (1.0 percent)

Melissa Hart: 118 (0.9 percent)

Nche Zama: 97 (0.8 percent)

Bill McSwain: 78 (0.6 percent)

Jake Corman: 39 (0.3 percent)


There were a total of 12,715 recorded votes for the poll.

Thank you.


18 Responses

  1. Charlie is the Ronald Reagan Republican in this race. He is a great communicator and a life long conservative!

    1. Yeah! He and Mastriano are the strongest candidates in this race by far! I hope one of them is the nominee.

      1. Both are out of touch and Mastriano is an insurrectionist.I don’t know what extreme far right reactionary group was polled here but large swaths of Montgomery County have been trying to remove Joe Gale from office for years because of his racist views . I doubt his brother is any better.PA deserves better

    2. RR was a Democrat before he changed to become a Republican. Also, something people forget about RR is his poor trade deal that lost the US Steel business. I love RR but I will not overlook his fake or rewrite history for him.
      -God Bless and may he rest in peace.

  2. Just look at reliable polls like Trafalgar who has consistently pointed to Lou and Mastriano as way ahead. Central PA is plastered with Mastriano signs. Corman tanking is the biggest surprise and even though he tries to fawn over Trump he is the biggest loser in 2022. Trump boosted Lou and Mastriano and sank Corman who apparently is the Trumpers idea of a Republican.

  3. “…after my second interview with him, McSwain calls me back. Earlier, he wouldn’t tell me if he would be voting for Donald Trump next month. McSwain now tells me he’ll vote again for the President. When I ask if he has any misgivings about that vote, McSwain laughs, briefly; it’s a nervous — and honest — laugh…” Philly Mag, 9/26/2020

    Bill McSwain is a RINO Fraud! Appointed through his buddy Pat Toomey, should tell you all you need to know about the lib who voted Democrat through 2005.

    1. McSwain is just a Democrat pretending to be a conservative. He has NO SPINE! What a weak, sad little man.

  4. Obvious proof that Ding Dong Doug has peaked and the only thing in his future is a criminal indictment for the crime of insurrection.

  5. LOL “Not Sure” got almost double the votes of RINO Bill “McSwamp” McSwain!

  6. Gerow is the perfect candidate to take on Josh Shapiro! I am so happy to see him near top of the list & that he got there before Joe Gale flooded the poll with fake votes to hide Gerow and Mastriano’s strong support!

  7. Charlie Gerow and Doug Mastriano were the only ones receiving real votes prior to Gale clearly flooding the result over night. In my opinion the real winner here was Gerow, followed by Mastriano. Gale has no chance.

    1. So True! Gerow and Mastriano are the o Lt o es with real grassroots support. RINOs like Gale and McSwain are so elitist!!!! Keep their lib ideas out of our primary

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