Readers Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Governor


You’ve seen the latest polls … now we’d like to hear your opinion.

Who do you think should be the Republican Party nominee for Governor?


Lou Barletta, former U.S. Representative and mayor of Hazleton.

Doug Mastriano, state senator from Franklin County.

Nche Zama, Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon from Northampton County.

Dave White, businessman from Ridley Twp., Delaware County.

Melissa Hart, former congresswoman from Allegheny County.

Bill McSwain, former U.S. Attorney from West Chester.

Charlie Gerow, political consultant from Cumberland County

Joe Gale, Montgomery County commissioner from Plymouth Twp.

Jake Corman, Senate President Pro Tempore from Bellefonte.

So, who do you like? The poll remains open until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6.


Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Governor?

  • Joe Gale (45%)
  • Charlie Gerow (31%)
  • Doug Mastriano (17%)
  • Dave White (3%)
  • Lou Barletta (1%)
  • Undecided / Not Sure (1%)
  • Melissa Hart (1%)
  • Nche Zama (1%)
  • Bill McSwain (1%)
  • Jake Corman (0%)

Total Voters: 12,715

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119 thoughts on “Readers Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for Governor”

  1. Craig Gothe says:

    Doug 4 Gov!

  2. The Huckabeast says:

    Holy crap, Gale is up to 50% now. Might as well save the taxpayers money and just swear him in a Governor now.

  3. The Huckabeast says:

    Officially announced on April 4th 2022, the supporters of Ding Dong Doug for Governor shall be known as Dougheads…. rhymes with Jugheads. They would also appreciate it if when you see them, you stop, point and holler “Ding Dong (PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT)….. Doughead”.

    1. JW says:

      How immature of you! What are you, 5 years old?

      1. PittsburghGal says:

        Huckabeast is a Gale supporter, may even be Gale himself. You can expect no less. Really reveals his toxicity.

  4. LG says:

    Go Dave White!

    1. Stephanie D says:

      The Best!!!

  5. Deb says:

    How many times are you going to issue this poll for the same thing? I’ve voted in at least 4 others. I guess you will keep posting it until you get the result you like…..

  6. Ld says:

    Dave White Al the way!!!only honest hard working candidate.

  7. Dodie says:

    Exactly. He doesn’t have that many supporters ….nor will he. He needs to throw in the towel and give up already. These polls mean squat

    1. Dodie says:

      Doug has been fighting for We The People this whole time! He’s a true patriotic and man of his word! I respect him and his beautiful wife Rebbie who stands by his side! Has been fighting for us since day 1! #doug4gov !

  8. Philly221 says:

    Only Mastriano and Gerow showed real support from the very start of this poll. They’ve been mostly consistent. Meanwhile some other guy comes along and wants us to believe he has half the vote even though nobody has ever heard of him.

    1. Lotus says:

      Gale’s team taking a page from the cheating democrat playbook and infiltrated this pole.

  9. Phil Showers says:

    Demorats Socialist Comies suck and all that believe 1/6 was a insurrection and nothing but a set up by you Comies.💩🖕🏼

    1. Doogie Bowser says:

      Your daddy set your mommy and they had you.

  10. GreenDome says:

    There is obviously some cheating here. But nobody is cheating for “None of the above.” If you’re below “none of the above” — RINO McSwain, Hart and Sellout Corman — it really is time to throw in the towel!!

  11. TurnpikePirate says:

    Joe Gale-if you’re going to cheat, at least make it believable. You’ve made a joke out of this poll!!

  12. The Huckabeast says:

    Interesting to see that Joe Gale’s bots are now outperforming Ding Dong Doug’s bots. I have no idea who the hell Joe Gale is, but I’m sure he’s not an Insurrectionist.

    1. TurnpikePirate says:

      Joe Gale is a cheating joke. The only people who had any actual support before the bots got to the poll were Gerow and Doug

  13. Janet says:

    To be clear, Clinton only won popular vote because the idiots in California voted for her in droves. I believe she beat Trump by 4 million, could be wrong on that number, but it is disingenuous to make that statement when we all know it was the votes from CA and NY that gave her that margin. And THAT is why we need to keep the ELECTORAL COLLEGE in place. Two big states full of liberal nut jobs don’t get to pick the president.

    1. Janet says:

      In response to the comment by nut job huckabeast……

  14. PittsburghGal says:

    I see Gale is usurping the poll. That little weenier is so desperate! Meanwhile, he got booed at the last debate…

    1. PittsburghGal says:

      I meant to call him a weenie…

      1. PolishAmericanWoman says:

        A weenier is a person who is more of a weenie

    2. Sean Guay says:


      1. Putin on the Ritz says:

        Здесь, в Матушке-России, мы все поддерживаем Дин Донг Дага, повстанца.

      2. Sean Guay says:


      3. Letsgobrandon says:

        Speak for yourself.
        I refuse to vote for a guy who voted yes to mail in ballots, voted to keep small businesses closed 21MORE days just hours after telling restaurants he’d fight to open them, a man who got caught on video stating everyone should be forced to show a vac card to get in establishments, and above all else his pompous attitude is as disgusting as his greasy bald head.
        None of my neighbors are on the doogie mastriano train nor am I

        Gestow it is!

        1. J says:

          Please share sources for these claims. I would very much like to see this.

  15. Cheaters Never Win says:

    Joe Gale suddenly goes up from 1% to 22% the minute the sun goes down? He is using bots for sure! The only people to have any real support in this poll are Doug and Gerow. They were the only ones who were actually getting votes before the sun went down.

    1. Lotus says:

      Wonder if Gale is getting cheating advise from the Dems.

    2. Karen says:

      My thoughts exactly! He is RINO and corrupt! His entire campaign is based on slandering other candidates.

      1. GreenDome says:

        He isn’t the only RINO — McSwain is a democrat puppet… he has been a Democrat almost his entire life and in 2020 said he wasn’t supporting Trump. He is a two faced RINO!

      2. Kristen M says:

        Joe Gale has campaigned by meeting in voter homes with 5-20 people at a time – all across the state. His message never varies and is anything but RINOlike. I have personally hosted him in my home with my neighbors and friends. His campaign is nowhere near as well funded as some of the others and these people voting are not bots. We are people who have hosted him in our homes and were surprised to find he never once asked us for a dollar after.

        Please explain how he is a RINO? Support from swampy county parties that have lost on repeat the last few cycles should be as meaningful as it is effective.

  16. Peter Kane says:

    Time for Senator Jake Corman to drop out of the gubernatorial race because this RINO has no prayer. Pennsylvania definitely needs an upgrade from the previous Republican Governor, Tom Corbett. Corbett’s 4 years as Governor of Pennsylvania (between 2011 and 2015) were just as bad as Governor Tom Wolf’s. While I personally like Senator Doug Mastriano, he voted for Act 77, which gave Pennsylvania 50 days of no-excuse mail-in voting. No one even knows when these bureaucrats start voting, which is why we need a candidate that repeals Act 77 after he/she is sworn into office. This is why I am supporting Charlie Gerow because he not like the rest of Harrisburg. Rather, he knows what is wrong in our state, which is being run by corrupt politicians. Charlie is sick and tired of the RINOS that have broken their promises they made to the people. This is why we need to elect Charlie Gerow as our next Governor of Pennsylvania.

    1. PittsburghGal says:

      Gerow is decent, but can he beat Shapiro if he prevails in the primary?? I don’t think he can attract the crossover vote he will need. Mastriano can, and recognizes his mistake in voting for Act 77. Wants to rectify it & is attempting now…legislature is ruled by RINOs, so difficult to get any reform done. Even so, Wolfie would veto.

      1. Paula says:

        The Act 77 that Doug voted for was changed by King Wolf after the fact so it wasn’t the what was voted on.

    2. Karen says:

      Please stop listening to the RINOs who are using Act 77 against the best candidate we have. It takes more than 1 person to pass anything in government not to mention all the branches of government. The Senator was a new Senator only weeks in office, when Act 77 was brought to vote on. Why aren’t these RINOs going after the Senior members who also voted yes. Furthermore there was nothing wrong with Act 77 until Wolf and Bookvaar changed it along with the Supreme Court.

    3. Connie says:

      I agree with 99% of what you said except for the part about Doug mastriano, yes he voted for act 77 as well as every Republican senator with exception of 2. The governor and his secretary modified the the bill Which added on the extra days amongst a few other things So the actual bill that caused all the problem was not what the senators were told that they had voted on. If you would like I can forward the exact information on this.

      1. TimetoRise says:

        I totally agree!! Doug4gov- he’s the man that can change PA. 🇺🇸❤️🤣

  17. The Huckabeast says:

    Hop on board the McSwain Train – a real patriot who actually fought in battle for this country and has been a crime fighter putting criminals in jail. In comparison, Ding Dong Doug is a likely Insurrectionist (photographic proof available from Rick Suckone) and his military claim to fame is he apparently plagiarized a book on Sgt York.

    1. TurnpikePirate says:

      Rino McSwain is just a fraud. He is a life long democrat who has supported and voted for DEMORAT politicians his entire career. He is a fake #MAGA!

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        It’s not fake Republicans that are ruining this country, it’s the real scum MAGAots that are electing Putin / Russia loving traitors. This country is weaker because you idiots are brainwashed. Look at fakers you align yourself with. Crawthorn who only cuddles up to Republicans exposed that they are the ones having orgies and snorting coke.

        1. Huckler says:

          Bill McSwain is a con-artist pretending to be a Republican. Both he and ding dong Doug are gritting frauds. We need real conservative leadership not self observed RINOs

    2. Stephanie says:

      Someone posted on Twitter a snippet of McSwains petitions with kitchen table signatures. He talks about election integrity but yet had forged ones on his own. I have a picture of that post.

    3. PittsburghGal says:

      McSwain is a zero in my books. He was US attorney in PA during the 2020 election & even though volunteer watchers went to him & filed affidavits, HE DID NOTHING, then blamed it on Barr, who was terminated as AG a month later. Yea, he wrote a letter to Trump, telling all, BUT NOT until June of 2021, when he announced his run for gov. What a piece of crap!

      1. Lotus says:

        Wow! The fact that he could have done something about the 2020 election fraud and didn’t is enough for me to say no way!

  18. Coal Cracker says:

    Need I remind everyone voting for mastriano that, both he and corman were duped by the dems in 2019 and voted YES to pass Act 77?


    These two schlubs should be at the bottom of this poll.

    1. Linus says:

      F off a hole
      You’re a democrat believer of the Menes by Joe Gail. A gay man who T 33 years old still lives with mommy (Epipus complex. You have no clue) and who hates veterans. Get lost Jack ass

    2. AC73 says:

      If you had read Act 77, you would know that it is not Act 77 that is the issue, it was the state guidance that was and continues to be the issue. That coupled with the leftist Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s interpretation. This is one of the most unintelligent statements that has been made over and over. By repeating it, you show your ignorance and inability to do your own research.

      1. Stephanie says:

        Love this response and I love Mastriano and everything he stands for and his 30 years he gave to this country in the Army. He helped us through the lockdowns and still continues to do live videos throughout the day. He’s the most transparent elected official. He has been on the forefront of the election integrity since day one. Where was everyone else??? Afraid to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist. Joe Gale as Commissioner voted for Dominion machines in Montgomery County. He needs to stop taking jabs at Mastriano and look in the mirror.

  19. theinspector says:

    The Dougbots swarm these non-scientific polls.

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      Actually it’s DingDongDougbots and they are probably Russian.

      1. Lotus says:

        Do you get paid
        To be an ignorant asshole or do
        You do it for free?

  20. Bill says:

    You’re am idiot

  21. The Huckabeast says:

    If y’all want a Republican to get a sniff of the Governor’s Mansion, y’all better hop aboard the McSwain Train…. Toot toot.

    1. Shirley Jacobs says:

      Ol’ 3% McSwain? No thank you, I want to go with the best, you can have the rest Huckabeast. God, Doug & Trump all the way!

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        Putin, Doug and Trump all the way. There I fixed it for you.

        1. MAGAMan says:

          Rino McSwain is a FAKE conservative! He is a liberal puppet who will say anything to get elected

  22. Nita says:

    Senator Mastriano all the way

    1. Beth bupp says:

      I’m behind Doug all the way we need him as our Governor

      1. gulagpittsburgh says:

        Gale guy with Doug right behind.

        1. PittsburghGal says:

          Gale stuffing the vote on this poll. He is drawing 3% everywhere else. What a loser…what a weenie…LOL!!

  23. The Huckabeast says:

    Ding Dong Doug is a REAL alleged Insurrectionist who does not understand nor support the US Constitution. The peaceful transfer of power is one of our greatest attributes, but Ding Dong Doug and Dumb Donald whipped out their incredibly small penises on January 6th and pissed all over our beloved Constitution.

    1. Christine Bechdel says:

      You my fellow human, are what we call a waste of precious oxygen. I hope you realize how radically, ridiculously stupid you sound right now… or are you selecting a quote from Pelosi. If you wanna talk about a Ding Dong Nancy or Chief Shit’em Pants Joe

    2. John says:

      You clearly need to stop watching CNN guy. Do you know how ridiculous you sound? You and your sheeple friends need to wake up. Ill pray for you because you clearly need it. Doug Mastriano will and can save this state from that POS wolf we have now. I bet you havent even read Dougs list of policies. Do your research before publically making an ass out of yourself.

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        It clearly appears Christine and John is the same person. Ding Dong Doug and Saccone were photographed together on Capitol Hill on January 6th. Only scammers, idiots and INSURRECTIONISTS were there that day. And it wasn’t to honor the Constitution it was to shit on it.

        1. PittsburghGal says:

          Are you Adam Shitty Schiff or Eric Fartswall?? Jan 6 is your only argument? OK, Einstein…LOL!

        2. Janet says:

          Nothing happened on that day to be called an insurrection. Simply the radical idiot left whipping up a frenzy over nothing and trying to impeach Trump yet again. Tired of this narrative.

    3. Sue DiLullo says:

      Dirty politics is not Doug Mastrianos thing. He’s got much more class in his little finger than you have. Doug, Teddy and Kathy will make Pennsylvania Great Again🇺🇸
      Also with Donald J. trump coming back as our President it will be Heaven on Earth. So take your dirty politics elsewhere. No one needs to read your low life comments. Doug will not get down and dirty.

      1. Doogie Bowser says:

        Sue, do you get wet dreams of Donnie grabbing your chipped ham every night?

        1. Shirley Ann Jacobs says:

          Keep it clean please. You can disagree without talking like a drunken sailor.

      2. Donald Dodson says:

        Could not agree more. When Act 77 was voted on Mastriano was a junior senator. He has grown from this mistake and will not make similar decisions again. By the people and for the people as we walk as free people, free indeed.

    4. Do says:

      How can one be “real” and “alleged” at the same time? Before you make a nonsensical comment, don’t.

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        REAL because there is photographic evidence of Ding Dong and Suckone on Capitol Hill and alleged because he hasn’t been charged yet. Youse people hear with your eyes Trump saying “grab em by the pussy” but deny him being a pervert and see with your own ears Ding Dong Doug acting against the Constitution yet deny he is an Insurrectionist.

        1. Sylvia says:

          Just because people were there on January 6th does not make them insurrectionist. You have a million people up there that day and only a couple hundred go in . So clearly you had people who had other agendas because the other 999,600 were standing outside protesting the election which is our right and and yes my friend we do stand for the constitution. Pennsylvania would benefit with someone like doug who has already fought for our country in the military now let’s bring him to harrisburg where he can make a difference even more

          1. The Huckabeast says:

            McSwain fought for our country. Ding Dong plagiarized a book about Sgt York.

    5. Lotus says:

      A REAL alleged? Do you even understand the definition of the word alleged?

    6. Lotus says:

      Real and alleged are a contradictory terms – ignoramus

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        Mastriano and Patriot are also contradictory terms – imbecile

        1. TimetoRise says:

          You have proven your ignorance by your foolish comments and foul mouth, you’re obviously a liberal. No one here needs you, you’re dismissed.

  24. Deb hains says:

    They say it’s the quiet ones you have to be afraid of ,lol Doug Mastriano my have a quiet demeanor about him but look out . Because he is the one who will be there for the people , by the people !!! He is the true American I want as our Gov. of this now corrupt state of PA. We won’t recognize PA. When he wins the position !! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. gulagputtsburgh says:

      Anyone who uses an insane amount of graphics and emoji’s clearly has it going on. Could not agree more Deb. Mastriano’s is the Aryan leader we need to lead us through the morass.

    2. MAGAMan says:

      Doug is a talker who never actually delivers. He supported main in voting and gave us this corrupt BIDEN administration. He is the LAST person we need to elect

      1. TimetoRise says:

        Doug is a retired army Colonel and has fought for this country. He put in over 30 years. Doug may have been there on January 6 but is NOT an insurrectionist, he is a Trump supporter and believes in America First. He may have voted for Act 77 but it was Wolf and the PA Supreme Court that twisted the laws. Do your homework and quit acting like uneducated schoolchildren.

  25. B Franlin says:

    Which candidate has the proven support of ALL 67 counties???! Doug Mastriano , the people’s choice!

  26. Pippa Bridge says:

    Mastriano a true Patriot and historian whom understands the groundwork our forefathers laid out for the success of our nation for the people to live freely. A man of faith that believes in protecting the future of our children. A man not looking to line his pockets by being a political figure. A man that wants our great state to prosper as it should. A man of faith. He’s got my vote.

  27. Misty says:

    I guess you haven’t met Mastriano 🤷

  28. AlliKate says:

    Senator Mastriano has the calm demeanor, confidence, integrity to become Governor of PA. He was present for citizens throughout the pandemic providing legislative updates and encouragement every day. Yes he is conservative which means that the liberals won’t be taxing and spending PA citizen money on frivolous ideas.

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      A statement so great its as though I could have written it myself. 100% agree

  29. TurnpikePirate says:

    I am on #TeamGerow!!!!

  30. Nate says:

    Charlie Gerow IS THE MAN

    1. Peter Kane says:

      The reason why Charlie Gerow is my choice because Josh Shapiro fears him the most. Josh Shapiro fears Doug Mastriano the least.

      1. Bye Felicia says:

        Facts!! Of all the candidates Charlie actually knows how things work. Many are prolife but have never attended a pro life rally. Charlie was the one that filled an amicus brief and did pro Bono to reopen pa and challenge the constitutionality of act 77.
        I understand many that voted for mail in voting were new , however the information was there we need people to do the homework.

        1. Janet says:

          Attending a Prolife rally isn’t a prerequisite to being Prolife. Silly statement.

          1. BYE FELICIA says:

            Absolutely! Charlie has the resume and knows the constitution; he knew that act77
            Was unconstitutional and filed an amicus brief. Charlie confounded PLC and is vice chairman of CPAC. I attend both of these events so it amazes me to see all the “conservative” candidates show
            Up this year. Charlie is also involved in every issue that is front and center, and it started many years
            Before GT Thompson reached out to ask Charlie to run for governor.

          2. Bye Felicia says:

            Sorry that is all you gleaned from that statement

  31. PAPatriot says:

    Charlie Gerow is the only guy who can actually beat Josh Shapiro!

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      Gerow is better than any libtard, but not nearly as great as Doug Mastriano

      1. MAGAMan says:

        Mastriano could never win statewide… I like the guy but he can’t win middle of the road voters… we need a candidate who can actually win

        1. gulagpittsburgh says:

          shut your mouth you sham MAGAMan. If you were truly MAGA you wouldn’t speak such nonsense about Mastriano. Mastriano will run circles around the libtards.

          1. Deb hains says:

            Amen !!

        2. Joshua says:

          You sound like the GOP when they said Trump could never win. Mastriano is the only guy who has the grassroots support and energy Trump had and that is what will get him across the finish line.

          1. Carrie Pie says:

            I agree! He is for the People. No special interests groups and no big company backing. Grassroots and 20 dollar donations.

          2. The Huckabeast says:

            Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2.9 million votes and in 2020 by over 7 million votes. Last time I checked, PA doesn’t use an electoral college vote to elect a governor. If Ding Dong Doug and Unsteady Teddy are the GOP candidates for Gov and Lt Gov, voters will turn out and deal them a bigger defeat than Wagner saw 4 years ago. McSwain is the candidate that will appeal to crossover votes.

        3. TimetoRise says:

          Mastriano has connected with 67 counties! A retired army colonel with 4 master’s degrees!! He’s the one to turn PA around, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      2. Patrick Mitsdarfer says:

        Gerow may be a good guy but the only person that can beat Shapiro is Col Mastrian…period…end of closed…I dont want a milquetoast weak Rino..not saying he is but we know we have a fighter with the Colonel!

        1. Nate says:

          I can say from my personal experience canvassing that there are a lot of people who have been turned off by Mastriano. I’m a committeeman, and I will support the nominee WHOMEVER IT IS, but I am telling you there are a great bulk of party activists who will not support Mastriano.

          1. Lotus says:

            What reasons are you hearing that they will not vote for Doug.

  32. Republican Freeloader says:

    I am bringing back the old and am going for Melissa Hart. We need experience and most of all integrity in Harrisburg!!

    1. Shirley A Jacobs says:

      Hey, Freeloader, your name suits you. Good luck on 1% Melissa.

      1. Republican Freeloader says:

        Shirley, your name sounds like something from the 19th century. I have a farm out in the middle of the state. I will hire you to clean out the horse stalls. I think you;are qualified!!

  33. Jimmy says:

    Bill McSwain

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      If Republicans want to win, McSwain is the best shot.

      1. TimetoRise says:

        Democrat McSwain? You’ve got to be kidding!! What year was it that he “changed” affiliations??

  34. Abe Lincoln says:

    Mastriano will get the R nod for Gov. Lou close second. Corman tanking and not picking up steam.

  35. vaughn says:

    I don’t see this poll on the homepage. The one that I see is:

    ‘How much does the PA-12 special election mean for the 2010 midterms?’

    1. Dr. Bob says:

      results thereof will supplant what’s on the homepage

      1. Marlene Wust-Smith M.D. says:

        We need a NON-career politician in Harrisburg and Dr. Zama has ALL of the attributes. He is highly intelligent, very well-read and speaks passionately and eloquently. He is a self-made immigrant who understands the importance of education and providing role models for those living in poverty and depravity. In this era of race politics we need a good human like Dr. Zama to boldly and fearlessly lead the way. Because of his medical training and his conservative principles he understands (like no layperson or politician can) the nuances of abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality and health equity). He loves everyone with deep conviction and he does not discriminate—but he calls a spade a spade and as a self-funded candidate who is NOT beholden to special interests he is in my humble opinion the ONLY choice.

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