Real Estate Agent to Challenge Meehan

Elizabeth MoroDemocrat Elizabeth Moro is jumping into the race to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) in 2018.  

According to the Reading Eagle, Moro is announcing her candidacy today.  

“All the issues I care about are under attack. And you can’t be quiet when your liberties are at risk. I’m going to fight for people like me who want our progressive values preserved in this country and want our working families to have opportunities,” Moro told the Eagle.  

Moro is currently a real estate agent in Kennett Square.  She says that if elected she will fight for equal pay, affordable college, and strong environmental policies.  

“I think Congressman Meehan has forgotten that his job is to serve the people. His voting record shows he’s more beholden to President Trump and the Republican Party,” Moro said.  

According to FiveThirtyEight, Meehan has voted in line with Trump 92% of the time.  FiveThirtyEight analyzed 25 votes to get this number.  

Meehan was re-elected in 2016 by almost 20 points, while Clinton won his district by 4.3 points.

PoliticsPA has reached out to Meehan’s campaign for comment.

25 Responses

  1. She was very active with the George W Bush campaign and worked at the Republican Party in the state of Delaware not that many years ago. She must be a fairly recent convert to the Democratic Party. Her name was Elizabeth Roche back then. Must have gotten divorced and remarried in last few years.

  2. And now there are 4 candidates. but none with the obvious background of governing or government. This does not include if Mary Ellen Balchunis were to decide to run. the DCCC has picked 3 districts as possible that all fit together like jigsaw piece, the 6,7,16th. Of them Christina Hartman in the 16th is a real stand out. Houlahan in the 6th strikes me a potential. In the 7th unless a Sestak like figure shows up like in 2006 it will be difficult. Of the 4 declared now i believe Molly Sheehan will be the best by far. However is she decides to run Mary Ellen Balchunis will run away with the primary but not quite as much as in 2016 when well funded DCCC supported candidate Bill Golderer was crushed by Mary Ellen 74% 26%

  3. @Dave
    Nothing says blue-collar like a silk ascott.
    And which civil liberties? Yeah they’re under assault but coming over to Dem recently shows she couldn’t have cared less when my black gay liberties were under assault.
    This is not the year for a reformed republican to win a D primary.

  4. When a candidate appears in the 7 th that can win, wake me up. Otherwise, it’s all a bunch of malarkey. The 6th is no better. Only the 8th offers opportunities but there is always that pesky portion of Montgomery County in that district which is heavily Republican that can make the difference in a close race.

  5. It seems that we all get caught playing hero games about the rugged individualist who will save our world.

    I may be a bit preachy but:

    Let all of these people run but unless we have something more substantial how about we concentrate on a substantial platform that the Democratic Party has for progress and then judge the candidates on their ability to get the job done. And even let the Republicans propose some progress and then we can argue substance instead of dogma.

    Let them explain their ability to work on negotiating instead of posturing their weak resume’s around their unique cars and life styles. Ordinary people who have outstanding skills would be best.

    We need an active agenda and a congress that addresses the problems of our society and should not be about trying to build heroes.

    I would like to see Democrats and Republicans run a campaign that will speak to moving our society toward the simple idea that all people have to be presented with opportunity by the rebuilding of our nation to face the real economic and ecological problems we have. At the end of the day we must assure that all of us ordinaries have an ability to work and eat!

    Americans must have a congress that can move toward everyones opportunity to work hard at real jobs that allow our children to move upward to a better station in life.

  6. @ Ken – She may not, depending on where she lives in Kennett. Downtown Kennett Square is in the 16th, but many areas surrounding the downtown area are in the 7th.

    @ KSDF – You’re an idiot the article says DREW McGinty. No relation to Katie McGinty. Try doing some research before you pop off about a candidate you know nothing about.

  7. Ken,

    Kennett Square isn’t in the district….. Its in Joe Pitts district….So no, she doesn’t live in the district

    Dave, Please tell us about constitutional law while referencing blue collar-ness

  8. Elizabeth Moro is the only announced candidate who actually LIVES in the 7th Congressional District. She lives in Kennett Square!

  9. Another candidate that does not live in the district. Why hasn’t the Resistance leader State Senator Leach jumped into this race? He lives in this district.

  10. A few cycles ago, the Dems would be scrambling for a sacrificial lamb..I mean candidate… in December, and drawing to see who got the short straw.

    So, seeing people fighting to run is new.

  11. Elizabeth is down to earth and is probably more blue collar than the morons making comments with no knowledge of who she is and where she comes from. The civil liberties under assault are well documented and recognized by both red and blue folks knowledgeable in constitutional law. Sure she was a GOP…but the party is vastly different than it was a decade ago and we also change as we get older…

  12. This what Democrats need, a Survivor Primary to nominate a candidate who has no chance as long as this is the most gerrymandered district in the country. Wasted resources when the better chances are in 6 and 8.

  13. You mean the rich white lady who opposes land use rights and right to sell in Chester County by grandstanding in public bc it effects her property value is running for office to fight for our liberties? Switching parties a few years ago makes it clear that she only cares about helping other people that look like her or fighting for policies when they effect her directly. So you’re a republican when they’re anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-black and then come around to the dem side when fancy white lady liberty is attacked?

  14. KSDF–
    Good grief. So, the brother of perhaps the worst Senate candidate in the history of the commonwealth, a real estate agent, and a couple people who don’t live in the district. Yay, DCCC!

  15. @Guest, Reading Eagle article says that John McGinty is running as well. Shady Katie’s brother, I believe.

  16. What nonsense is this woman even talking about? Does this rich, white woman from Chester County really feel her liberties are at risk? Which liberties, exactly? It’s like she googled “generic political nonsense generator” and that’s how she wrote her press release.

  17. That whole “Voted with This Guy whatever% of the time” is such a crap statistic. That’s compounded by the fact only 25 votes were analyzed. So, he voted with the majority 23 times out of 25. How many of those were procedural votes? Yes, call him on the real stuff, but leave the bs stats out of it. It’s just misleading, regardless of party.

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