Recounts Barely Budget Presidential Vote Totals

voting-boothWell so much for that idea.

Disappointed Democrats were holding out hope that a recount would unveil some massive fraud on the part of Donald Trump/Russian hackers etc.

These people were so passionate that Green Party nominee Jill Stein was able to use them to fuel her statewide efforts. Stein, though, has been generally unsuccessful.

Furthermore, those areas that have conducted recounts found little or no change.

A recount of 75 precincts in Philadelphia turned up just five more votes for Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, a search of 52 districts in Allegheny County produced no change at all.

Today Stein announced she is filing suit in federal court to get Pennsylvania (as well as Michigan and Wisconsin) to hold statewide recounts. This is likely her a last-ditch effort on her part.

4 Responses

  1. You sure as heck CAN hack machines that aren’t connected to the internet! Most of these goofball counties in PA don’t even bother to take precautions with their central tabulators and other election office computers that could carry a virus onto every machine. I am so sick and tired of hearing this crap from officials when they KNOW Pennsylvania’s voting machines are garbage, dating back to Fast Eddie Rendell and his henchmen back in 2005-2006. He wanted those touchscreens — why??

  2. You can’t hack machines that are stand alone machines. The Hillary strategy for PA was to ignore the rural areas and trust that Philly and the surrounding suburbs would pile up a big enough lead. They made no effort to reach out to rural Democrats and many either stayed home or voted for Trump. Rural Dems voted Bernie in the April primary.

  3. Not surprising.when you “recount”a paperless touchscreen machine, all you do is replicate whatever was programmed in to start with!

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