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Reddick Launches First Ad

Democratic Congressional candidate Rachel Reddick launched her first TV ad of the 1st district primary labeling her as “Bucks County’s own.”

“I am proud to be running for Congress here in Bucks and Montgomery counties to represent my family, friends and neighbors,” Reddick said.  

The 30-second ad pushes the message that Reddick is a native of Bucks county, the base for the 1st district, and that her opponent Scott Wallace moved into the district.  

“Who can we trust to stand up to Trump? A Maryland multimillionaire … Or Bucks County’s own, Democrat Rachel Reddick,” the ad’s narrator says.  

“Scott Wallace isn’t one of us. Until last year, he was registered to vote at his mansion in Maryland and directed ballots to his home in South Africa, in a gated luxury estate.”

Wallace’s campaign responded with their own allegations against Reddick.  

“This is a desperate, negative campaign from Rachel Reddick, who has never even voted in a Democratic primary.  Reddick knows this is the only way she can win and we fully expected her misleading attacks,” Wallace campaign manager Eric Nagy said.  

“Before switching parties to run for Congress, Reddick was a lifelong registered Republican and Republican primary voter. Scott Wallace is a lifelong Democrat and has been taking on Republicans and fighting for progressive change.” 

The ad, which will be playing on cable TV across the district, can be viewed below.


22 Responses

  1. While I wish she wouldn’t have gone negative I don’t blame her. Scott Wallace spent
    A LOT of money smearing her through the mail. This primary is going to keep getting uglier. I hope Reddick comes out on top.

  2. Just ask Andy Warren about the warm reception he got from the Bucks Dems when he switched from R to D to run in 2006.
    at least Andy VOTED in Bucks County in every primary and general election as far as the eye and computer records could see.

  3. Actually all this business about Buck County creds is 100% irrelevant to those of us who live in the Montgomery County part of the congressional district. When I have a better idea of which candidate gets an endorsement by, say, Our Revolution, I’ll have a better sense of whom to vote for in May.

  4. Maybe if she wins she can finally clean house at the Bucks Dems and send those losers packing.

      1. Yes and career politician/total loser Steve Santar-zero, who never really passes any bills or does anything yet seems to run every single year without fail. He’s literally ran for like every elected office possible at this point – supervisor, state house, commissioner, congress, state senate. He clearly doesn’t care as long as it helps himself and his long (taxpayer funded) political career.

        Desperate and sad. Clean house of these losers!

  5. This is actually kind of comical because Reddick just moved back to Bucks as well. From the BCCT covering her campaign announcement, “A sense of patriotism and duty… brought Rachel Reddick back to her home state to make a run for the 8th Congressional District seat in the 2018 elections…

    ‘Toward the end of the summer, my husband and I moved back home. I was looking for the best way to become involved, and this avenue stuck out. A Democrat needed to step up in this district, and I was willing to do it.'”.

    This led one of Rep. Fitzpatrick’s spokespeople to respond to her campaign announcement with the following, “We welcome [Reddick] to Pennsylvania and wish her well in her new residence…”, which is very interesting since Fitzpatrick moved back here from California to run for his brother’s seat in 2016.

    While Fitzpatrick and Reddick were out of the district for different and perhaps more patriotic reasons then Wallace (FBI and Navy respectively) it’s interesting they attack each other for something they’re pretty much all guilty of to a certain extent.

    1. Rachel Reddick was on active duty in the United States Navy. She cam back home to Bucks County upon her honorable discharge from active duty. Bucks County is where she was born and brought up.

      1. Active duty doesn’t mean one has to change address. Also NOT an excuse for poor voting record. Just own your past don’t blame clerical errors. Fitz, Reddick, and Wallace all moved to run.
        Let’s look at record. Let’s look at answers to questions about past. Does candidate own up or blame clerical errors, claim absentee ballots,were lost? Does the candidate dispute verifiable facts? If candidate can’t be truthful now, seems there’s little hope for future truthfulness.

  6. I think this ad will be pretty effective. Reddick, though endorsed, has the advantage of being a female in a cycle that wants to put them in office. Add that to the fair attacks on Wallace’s residency, I think this could push her closer to victory

      1. She advocated for victims of domestic abuse, prosecuted perpetrators of domestic abuse, served 6 years in the Navy, consulted with the House Armed Services Committee, and provided legal services to women and men in the Navy. Those principles work for me!

        1. …… and conventionally switched parties to run for Congress. A principle that doesn’t work for me.

          1. She was raised in an ultra conservative Christian and military household, so when she turned 18, she registered as a republican because that was what she was “supposed to do,” according to her family. She then went to Temple University, where her worldview changed. She worked on both Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. When she was honorable discharged from the military, she officially changed her party affiliation. She has been fighting for progressive values she attended Temple.

          2. While Reddick did advocate for domestic violence victims and that is admirable, how is it that an advocate for women does NOT know what the Global Gag Rule is? Her answer in Ottsville showed a lack of knowledge,plus much more importantly, her apparent unwillingness to admit she did not know. She could have asked the questionner for clarification, could have said I’m drawing a blank. Instead, she demonstrated her lack of knowledge.

      2. then you need to look at her positions instead of swallow whole and regurgitate Wallace’s trumpian smear on her. If he had real policy issues he would not go personal but he doesnt so he did and does.

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