RedState: Tim Murphy Should Be Primaried

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Erick Erickson thinks Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Allegheny) deserves a primary challenge.

The managing editor of RedState, one of the most influential conservative blogs in the country, has a devastating post today featuring a laundry list of times that Murphy has strayed from conservative orthodoxy and calls on conservatives to give him a primary challenge. Erickson lists the 2004 vote on the Medicare Part D plan, votes to fund PBS, a vote for SCHIP and a vote for AmeriCorps among Murphy’s so-called sins.

Erickson writes: “His district voted for George W. Bush and John McCain for president, and Tom Corbett recently for governor. It is +6 GOP district. It is not a marginal Northeast district.”

“His name is Tim Murphy, and he needs to be primaried.”

Last week, PoliticsPA broke the news that Evan Feinberg, a 27 year-old former staffer of Sens. Tom Coburn and Rand Paul, is planning to launch a primary against Murphy.

At the time, sources close to Feinberg emphasized that his chances would hinge largely on the involvement of national conservative groups like the Tea Party Express. Expectations were strong that such support would materialize.

Whether that money and clout will come to bear against Murphy remains to be seen, but there are few more potent calls-to-action for national Tea Partiers than a Red State piece like this.

2 Responses

  1. Erickson has no clue. This is not a safe seat by any stretch of the immagination. It might lean Republican, but it is also pro-labor. The Republicans from the area are not militantly conservative as Erickson. If PA-4 could elect a Democrat, this less Republican seat surely can elect a Democrat.

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