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Reilly, Toretti Elected RNC Committee Posts

For the first time in decades, the Pennsylvania Republican Party has a new National Committeeman. 

Andy Reilly, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Republican Party and former Delaware County Republican Party Chair, was elected unanimously according to the PAGOP. National committeewoman Christine Toretti was unanimously reelected; she has served since 1997.

Reilly takes over for Bob Asher, a titan of the Pa. Republican Party, who held the role since 1998. 

A press release from the state party describes Reilly as a “prolific fundraiser” and lauded his work with campaigns at the state, county, and local level. 

“I have worked closely with Andy Reilly for decades and have observed his success while running for office, managing campaigns, fundraising, and representing our candidates in the courtroom,” PAGOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas said. “He is held by his peers in deep affection and earned respect.  I am thrilled to begin working with him as our National Committeeman.”

“Throughout my service to our Party, my goal has been assisting and electing common sense Republicans who are devoted to service to our community,” said Reilly.  “I am pleased to continue working for candidates on the state and national level as our National Republican Committeeman.”

In June, Asher formally announced that he wouldn’t seek another term as it appeared he had a fight on his hands for reelection. Rumors first surfaced in November when PoliticsPA reported that former state Senator and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner was considering a run for the position. Asher and Wagner traded jabs over this possible showdown. 

During 2020, Reilly emerged as the frontrunner to succeed Asher and the PAGOP announced a “unity resolution” in late June when Asher and Reilly struck a deal. 

Asher served as Chairman of the PAGOP for three years in the 1980s. During that time, he worked with State Treasurer Budd Dwyer to steer a $6 million state contract through a no-bid contract in exchange for a cash payment of $300,000. Asher was sentenced to a year in federal prison. Dwyer famously committed suicide at a press conference.  

Asher and his family lead the Montgomery County-based Asher Chocolate Co.

Reilly and Toretti will serve a four-year term as Republican National Committee members beginning on September 1st.

19 Responses

  1. I like Andy, he will serve our party well. Hopefully he can replace Tabas in January. The party is doomed with Tabas at the wheel.

  2. If Reilly raises $1, he’ll raise more than Tabas. Unfortunately Tabas will add him to his island of misfit toys. Asher is smart for getting off of the sinking ship. Toretti is too drunk to realize it’s going down.

  3. Build the Wall !
    75% of all hooligans have stopped coming over the border . Another promise kept by Trump . Black and Latino Women For Trump . We love him !

    1. F*ck you . Stop stealing my name . I love Trump, but not no black or latinos !
      MAGA 2020 MAGA

      1. ” Pop Corn was a bad black dude but I changed him . I got a chain and then messed him up , come on man , I , I , I , oh forget it … I lost my train of thought ” –

  4. Wow ! Liz Warren representing the Native American Caucus at the DNC show last night was priceless. That and Bill ” The Abuser ” Clinton speaking ….. people are wondering why the ratings are down ..
    Social media is having a field day with Warren .

      1. “Yes , yes , we will defund the police , yes” . “Come in man , if you ain’t voten for me , you ain’t black”.

        ” Popcorn was a bad dude but I busted him up with a rusty chain , I’m bad Joe Biden”.

        “I would sit by the pool and black kids would touch my leg hairs , they would cruel up . Then the kids would sit in my lap , I liked that” -Joe Biden pool days

  5. Bob Asher did a great job over the years. The Republican Party has to avoid going too rightward because Pa is a centrist state. It is not a progressive state. It’s like things balanced and right down the middle. Both lefties and righties don’t like it but the fact is Pa is is not a politically zealous state and wants to keep things in the middle of the road.

    1. Quite right!! Bob Asher served our Commonwealth and its Republican Party as a distinguished citizen. He was a tireless worker for the GOP and we are all better off because of his service and commitment.

      Here’s hoping he will stay active. The GOP needs more citizens like Bob Asher. Pennsylvania needs more citizens like Bob Asher.


  6. Bill Clinton talking about Trumps behavior in the White House was priceless . Like any
    women would vote for Biden after Bill spoke . The wheels are falling off the bus .

  7. MAGA is looking better by the day . TV viewing was down by the millions and the polls are single digs. A repeat of 2016 with lots of sky screaming .

  8. I’m sure they will enjoy presiding over Trump’s defeat as much as Marcel did about Hillary’s defeat 4 years ago.

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