Rendell Critiques Lack of Firewall Between Hillary and Clinton Foundation

Hillary-RendellFormer Governor Ed Rendell remains committed to staying off-message.

This time, the talkative ex-Gov was discussing the recent controversy over Hillary Clinton’s State Department work mixing with the clients of the Clinton Foundation.

According to Christopher Massie of Buzzfeed, Rendell made these comments in an interview with Rich Zeoli of 1210 WPHT.

“I don’t know if it was a lie,” Rendell stated. “But it was pretty ineffective. But look, the bottom line is, what they did, I wouldn’t have done, it creates a bad perception. But will it hurt her? It’s obviously not gonna help. I think people have decided that they’ve made their judgment.”

“So, look, does it look good?” he continued. “No. Absolutely not. And they should’ve been more thoughtful about it. But is it a major problem? I don’t think unless there’s a connection, it’s a major problem.”

Last week Rendell asserted that the family should disband the Foundation if Clinton wins the election.

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16 thoughts on “Rendell Critiques Lack of Firewall Between Hillary and Clinton Foundation”

  1. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Rendell, just STFU. You sound dumber every day. Before long, you will be in the Cynthia Baldwin range, “dumber than a cafeteria worker”.

  2. PA Grandparent says:

    Has Donald Trump conceded yet?

  3. David Diano says:


    I think Trump’s long history of scams, cons, tax evasion, violation of building codes, hiring/firing, mob ties, Trump University, etc. make him the most corrupt to run.

  4. Humaa says:

    Trump is rarely right but on one issue he is spot on- Hiliary Clinton is the most corrupt individual to ever seek the Presidency. She and Bill represent a level of political filth unsurpassed in our political history. They are rotten to the core- Ed was just being polite and doesn’t want to cross them. Hiliary stinks up any room she enters/ but still with Trump as alternative she is a shoo in. Doesn’t excuse her arrogance and dishonesty

  5. David Diano says:

    Typo correction:

    Clinton Supporters Critique Lack of Firewall Between Rendell and a microphone.

  6. David Diano says:

    Clinton Supports Critique Lack of Firewall Between Rendell and a microphone.

  7. Pat Unger says:

    Ha3 – Looks like your groupie troll is back – pretending to be you again. His life must be really spiraling.

    Speaking of spiraling – how about that Seth Williams? Will he be the first ever big-city DA who gets indicted by the FBI/USAO?

    Agree that he will get more time in prison than Kane.

  8. HaHaHa says:

    And just to add on to my comment below: Expect Williams to get more jail time than Kathleen Kane (who’s conviction will probably be overturned anyway).

    The Feds don’t mess around.

  9. HaHaHa says:

    Patience, aaron. There’s a Democrat charged with a crime every day. Seth’s day is coming.

  10. aaron says:

    Has Seth Williams been indicted by the Feds yet?

  11. Philadelphian says:

    Maybe when Trump uses Rendell’s quotes in an PA TV ad, he’ll finally stop.

  12. What the? says:

    I’m assuming the last 2 comments were intended to be a joke…

  13. Sue says:

    And she will never become a sleazy lobbyist/pundit either!

  14. The Tuth says:

    Hillary will soon be President of the United States. She is the most qualified candidate in a long time. “Third Obama Term” sounds good to me!! And that is “The Tuth”

  15. HaHaHa says:

    Maybe Hillary will follow Rendell’s advice better than Kathleen Kane did.

  16. "not the real" joe hoeffel says:

    not a chance this buffoon gets a position in the Clinton Administration, that’s for sure

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