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Rendell Endorses Fetterman for LG

Former Governor Ed Rendell endorsed Braddock Mayor John Fetterman’s bid for Lieutenant Governor.

“I am thrilled to endorse Mayor Fetterman for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. The Mayor is the type of Democrat our state and our party need right now,” Rendell said.  

Rendell endorsed Fetterman Monday at an event in Philadelphia City Hall.

Rendell’s endorsement is not surprising, after remarks he made about Fetterman leading up to Fetterman’s entrance into the race.  Rendell repeatedly spoke about Fetterman’s ability to win the seat, and to be a good Lieutenant Governor.  

The endorsement will likely help Fetterman, who is from the western part of the state, make inroads into Philadelphia’s Democratic activists that he will need to win the election, especially with current Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack and fellow candidate state Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) both coming from the southeast.  

Aryanna Berringer, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, and Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman are also running for the seat.

26 Responses

    1. Fetterman’s a good guy. (Too good to be associated with the likes of Rendell and Wolf.) Also, Fetterman is by all accounts a great husband and father (and mayor).

      So, don’t go after his character. That’s a losing battle.

      I think John is sincere in his run, but I fear that the Wolf-pack is going to try and use him to hurt Stack, then if John wins, push him aside. John cares about the poor/forgotten. Wolf doesn’t seem to, especially when it comes to fracking.

    2. You’re a scumbag coward for saying such a thing. Fetterman in one of the finest people I have ever met.

  1. It’s a good thing that serial women-abuser Rendell has endorsed Fetterman. It shows just how out of touch Fetterman is with his electorate.

    Of course, Feeterman could become a real contender by saying “No thank you, Eddie. I have morals!”

    You didn’t expect Fast Eddie to endorse a woman, did you???????????????

  2. Deer Park nails it: the only thing a LtG brings to a Gov is name recognition. Only Dean, Fetterman and Stack have it, and Stack is a liability.

    I did, however, expect Rendell to take fellow Hillary supporter Dean over stalwart Berner Fetterman. For that reason, this move is a bit surprising. But very welcome, and a certain game changer.

    1. Donald Trump thanks you Steven for voting for comrade Stein (she was at dinner with Flynn and Putin), wasting your vote in a swing state

  3. Rendell is beyond old news. He should be lying low and keep his mouth shut. Fetterman doesn’t want the job anyway – just gunning to run against Toomey in 2022. Why put him in there if that is his reason for running.

    Dean or Cozzone are much better candidates – esp. Cozzone, who has real governmental experience and would be a good fit with Wolf.

    1. Montco Maven-

      The problem is that Wolf is the bad fit.

      1) he throws down ticket candidates under the bus in 2014, and has negative coattails on his landslide win.
      2) he throws a childish tantrum when the state committee rejects his pick/suggestion for party chair. He refuses to attend state committee meetings/events. He creates the bullsh*t Fresh Start PAC to divert money from state committee (to punish them and Jim Burn).
      3) he repeatedly ignores the sound/knowledgeable political advice of his Lt Gov, and then goes out of his way to disparage Stack.
      4) he finally gets his way on chairman after starving the state committee of donations, and his pick loses PA’s electoral votes for the first time in 24 years. And he keeps him, anyway.
      5) he’s too big of a political p*ssy to endorse Fetterman himself, so he gets Rendell to do it, because John looks like the strongest opponent to Stack.

      So, I don’t see any good candidate being a good fit for Wolf, unless Wolf shapes up.

    2. Dean and Cozzone bring nothing to the table to help Wolf. Their name recognition outside of their own home town is 0.0. I had to google both of them.

      Stack is a liability that Wagner will use in the General, so Wolf should release the report already and sink his battleship. Fetterman is the only candidate that actually help Wolf in what will be a very challenging general election.

  4. Fetterman is such a fraud. He’d take an endorsement from anyone if it meant he could be part of the in-crowd. Where’s the real progressive in this race? It’s definitely not Fetterman.

    1. You’re the fraud. Fetterman was the only person in the state doing same sex marriages long before it was legal and when most of the party still hadn’t taken a side. He’s always been out in front.

      Nasty, nasty, woman.

      1. Did Fetterman reach out or was this endorsement un-solicited? He does not need it.

  5. I’m guessing for you agreed with me Ed Rendell is to get rid of Mike Stack in the primary and there could be a small chance or your candidate might win the primary against Stack in 2018.

  6. I think the question is whether Rendell will be raising money for the Mayor and if the poster child of Progressive PA will take corporate PAC money as well as contributions for the one percenters

    1. If Rendell really believes in Fetterman, he should donate the hundreds of thousands of dollars he took from the DNC money for “legal” consulting. 🙂

      As of the last filings:
      Keeping America Competitive PAC has $177,713 cash on hand
      His PA Future PAC has $29,000

  7. “Rendell repeatedly spoke about Fetterman’s ability to win the seat, and to be a good Lieutenant Governor.”

    Well. Good to know. I imagine they also talked about what their names are and the fact that they both live in Pennsylvania?

  8. Given the slew of sexual harassment allegations coming to light, Rendell’s “reputation” for hitting on anything with a skirt could be a liability for anyone he endorses.

    Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose were a shock, but if any women step forward with stories about Rendell, I doubt it would be a shock within political circles.

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