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Rendell Endorses Muroff in PA-7

Muroff RendellDemocrat Dan Muroff announced his campaign for the 7th Congressional district was endorsed by former Governor Ed Rendell.  

“I’ve known Dan for years and I’ve seen firsthand the passion and dedication he brings to every task he sets out to achieve,” Rendell said in a release announcing the endorsement.  

The endorsement comes much earlier in the election cycle than endorsements traditionally do.  Announcing the endorsement this early, especially in a crowded primary like the one in the 7th, can help secure donors and community activists behind a candidate to help clear the field.  

Muroff is one of four Democrats currently in the race to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) next fall.  The other candidates are Andrew McGinty, Elizabeth Moro, and Molly Sheehan.

20 Responses

  1. Dan Muroff, city ward leader who came in dead last in Philly primary for the 2nd district? No thanks, keep the Philly carpetbaggers for yourselves.

  2. Some years back Ed Rendell endorsed Lois Murphy in the 6th District, there was even a Murphy yard sign with Ed’s picture on it, that did not turn out too well either. After two runs at Gerlach she was elected Judge in Montgomery County. Around the same time Rendell also possibly endorsed a perennial candidate running for State Senate(?)in the Lehigh Valley; at least their pictures appeared together on a campaign poster, looks like it was taken at a campaign event, if I am correct Ed’s arm is around the candidate, that didn’t go so well either and Ed was the incumbent Gov. at the time.

  3. Dan is a great guy, I met with him to take a read and found him to be very similar to one of my favorites, John Hanger. I agree the endorsement from Rendell maybe be the kiss of death particularly in Delco where Rendell did his best to damage Joe Sestak. There are several good candidates announced and or showing interest. For me its a no brainer if Daylin Leach gets in the race he has my full support. Atleast Dan has been very involved with the job of Congress person. But like I said there are several potentials if he chooses not to in particular Molly Sheehan and Elizabeth Moro.

  4. Did Randell endorse early to prevent the possibility of the chance that Leach might decide to run. He actually lives in the 7th and is very popular with Delco Dems, a good part of their gerrymandered district. He has dozens of years actually legislating. A nice change from some of these recent candidates who think their background in business or other fields make for talent needed to actually introduce bills, and get them passed. Lately, Rendells endorsements don’t carry much weight.

    1. How did the Rendell endorsement work for Hillary, Katie, Joe Khan, Mary Ellen Balchunis, George Badey and Bryan Lentz? If I were Muroff, I wouldn’t publicize Hizzoner the Guv’s support too much…Has unintended consequences.

    2. Dan Muroff was born in the 7th district and is moving back there because he genuinely wants to put his talents and experience to use in public service. He actually has extensive experience in the legislative process, having served on congressional staffs, including several years as chief of staff to a Democratic member of Congress. Ed Rendell recognizes that Dan has unique talents for this job.

  5. Irene McLaughlin Clark
    Rating: Not Recommended

    After graduating from law school, the candidate has been employed in a variety of positions handling civil litigation and divorce and custody proceedings. In 1993, the candidate was appointed to the Pittsburgh Municipal Court, where she continued to serve until 2003. Since that time, the candidate served in a variety of positions and maintained a private law practice addressing the problem of municipal blight. Although the candidate’s record demonstrates a commitment to justice and a strong work ethic, she has minimal experience that would lend itself to an appellate court position. The candidate has little courtroom experience as an advocate. Her experience with the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure is limited to the time she served as a Pittsburgh magistrate and Housing Court judge. The candidate candidly admitted that she had very limited experience as a trial or appellate advocate and no experience in writing briefs or opinions. This indicates to the commission that her exposure within the legal system is very narrow. Given the candidate’s minimal experience as outlined above, the commission does not recommend her candidacy for the Commonwealth Court.

  6. This is the same guy who is currently a ward leader in Philadelphia and living in the Mount Airy section of the city correct? The same guy who ran last year in a four-way primary for the democratic nomination in the second congressional district and placed dead last? The ghost of Franklin Roosevelt could endorse this guy and he wouldn’t have a chance

    1. Mike

      Dan is not currently a ward leader in Philly. Chris Rabb took over as ward leader over a month ago.

      As it was, Dan hadn’t been a regular ward leader. He had just stepped in temporarily to fill the spot when the previous ward leader resigned mid term, until a permanent replacement was selected.

      1. So, he resigned his ward leader spot in Philly to run for Congress in a district that he doesn’t/didn’t live in?

        1. No. He was moving out of the ward, and gave up the position. He’s running for congress in the same district he’s moving to.

  7. I wonder if Dan Muroff will benefit from a Rendell endorsement at any time.

    1. No one else has recently. Dan could be the first.

      In light of how Rendell distributed ridiculous “bonuses” with leftover convention money, I wouldn’t advise any candidate to seek his endorsement.

        1. She won despite his endorsement. It worked more against her than for her.

          1. I don’t think for it would benefit him of getting Rendell endorsement because for him and I know of that Dan Muroff will win this race in 2018 in the primary and the general election.

      1. I turned sour on Fast Eddie when he and his pal Joe Lieberman called for Gore to concede the 2000 election even before Dubbayuh did. As Governor, he could’ve cleaned house and got rid of the doctrinaire right-wingers who his predecessor had appointed to a variety of positions… but he simply added new layers of bureaucracy, filled with equally dubious individuals (often sons, daughters, nieces, and so on of political figures). He ramped up privatization of government functions, which helped bring down prevailing wages and degrade services to taxpayers. Anyone who he endorses, I make a point to vote *against*.

  8. Good choice Ed and so did I because I know for he will win the primary and the general election in 2018.

    1. I think for he could be a great potential Democratic Nominee for this race in 2018 and win this race as well.

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